Chapter 8:


Grinning Nightmare: Clown's Haunt

In a chilling video, a sinister clown emerged and began to speak, "Konichiwa, happy birthday Kasumi-san. I am Aki Yama, and I am your real father. I died when you were just two years old, but now, I've been given a chance to meet you. I understand that you may never trust me, but what I'm about to tell you is the truth. God has reincarnated me as a clown doll with peculiar powers. Inside that box, you'll find one such clown, which is my reincarnated body.

I've come here to seek your help on a mission. If you truly love your real dad, you will consider it. I promise to help and protect you to the best of my abilities. My mission is to create a world filled with clowns, where all children become clowns. To achieve this, you must do something unsettling – on Christmas Eve, you must take the lives of children and separate their heads from their bodies. Strangely, the bodies will vanish after the heads are severed. Then, you must paint their faces like clowns and leave them as such.

You might be wondering why, and the reason is simple: revenge. I seek vengeance against all the children of the world because their existence led to the loss of my family. Now, it's time to exact that revenge, by turning them into clowns and building my own clown-filled world. After you've done this, you must take your own life, and I will paint your face like a clown. In return, you'll become the queen of this clown world and have the chance to reunite with your real father. I know you will do this for me."

After watching this horrifying video, Kasumi's parents were asked about her whereabouts. In shock and disbelief, they wept, revealing that she was at school. Without wasting a moment, officers rushed out of the house and piled into their vehicles, speeding toward Kasumi's school. After 50 agonizing minutes of driving, they arrived and combed the school in search of her. However, it was too late. In a grim discovery, they found a note scrawled in blood on the restroom wall, which sent shivers down their spines: "I will turn this world into a clown world. Stop me if you can. Hehe."

Terrified, the officers burst into the restroom, only to find Kasumi standing there with clown makeup on her face and a knife in her hand. Desperate attempts to apprehend her proved futile. She only uttered one ominous phrase: "MY FATHER WILL COME HERE, AND YOU ALL WILL DIE." Suddenly, the room burst into flames, and an enormous clown-like shadow loomed over them. It whisked Kasumi away, and in an instant, they both vanished into thin air.

Meanwhile, in a mortuary where the severed heads of the victims were stored, an eerie phenomenon unfolded. The lifeless bodies inexplicably became visible, their eyes opened wide, and they formed unsettling smiles. In unison, they cried out, "We are coming to hunt you all."

As the night descended, an unsettling feeling settled over the officers. The dread that had gripped their hearts was far from over. The question loomed: Would they ever discover the truth behind this nightmarish series of events? 

Achu B