Chapter 7:

Normal or Paranormal

Grinning Nightmare: Clown's Haunt

After 10 days, Kasumi's school reopened following her Christmas holidays. After experiencing a horrifying murder during Christmas, all parents dropped off their children, including Kasumi, at school. Upon arriving at school, she clutched her doll tightly and made her way to her classroom. The entire class was abuzz with talk about the gruesome murders of Tooka and Rei, and the students were consumed with fear, worrying that they might be the next victims. It was at this moment that Kasumi entered the classroom, wearing a disturbingly eerie smile as she took her seat with her doll in tow.

As time passed, the teacher, Sensei, entered the classroom. The other students promptly stood up and greeted him with a cheerful "Ohayo sensei," but Kasumi remained seated, engaged in bizarre actions. Sensei addressed the students, "Ohayo students, as your winter vacation has come to an end, it is with heavy hearts that we acknowledge the tragic events that befell our class. Two of our classmates lost their lives in the Christmas massacre. It's a somber reality, and we can only hope that the police investigation will swiftly apprehend the culprit. Now, let's commence our class. Please take out your Japanese grammar textbooks and begin reading."

While all the other students dutifully retrieved their textbooks and started reading, Kasumi paid no attention to Sensei's words.

Meanwhile, a police team was on its way to Kasumi's house. After a few hours of searching, they finally located her residence and began ringing the doorbell. Ann and Haro, Kasumi's parents, answered the door and stepped outside to talk with the police. Kogoro initiated the conversation.

Conversation between Kogoro and Kasumi's Parents:

Kogoro: I am Kogoro Mouri, and this is my team. We are from the police, and we have come here to ask you some questions related to Aki Yama and the serial killings that have occurred in Tokyo.

Ann: Certainly, but how can we assist you in this case?

Kogoro: Have you visited Machiko Hiraku's clinic?

Ann: Yes, sir. I went there to consult about my daughter. What's the matter, sir? Why are you asking about this?

Kogoro: Well, actually, Machiko was killed in the same manner as the children. When we checked the clinic's register, you were the last person to visit him before his death. You are the main suspect because of your last visit, and you are also the ex-wife of Aki Yama, the killer who targeted so many children in a similar manner.

Ann: Yes, I am Aki's ex-wife, but does that mean I killed them all? I went to the clinic to consult about my daughter, and I stayed in the car. My daughter went in. (She said this in a defiant tone.)

Kogoro: I see. I forgot about your daughter. Maybe she is the killer. Can you tell us why you wanted to consult her? What was her issue?

Haro and Ann: How can you accuse our child of being the killer without any evidence?

Kogoro: Well, we can only find evidence by searching her room. You still haven't told us what happened to your daughter.

Ann: Very well, you can check her room. She has been acting strangely for a few days, and one day she was found unconscious in a church with clown-like makeup on her face. I thought it best to consult a psychiatrist.

Kogoro: Okay, we will search her room. And you mentioned the same clown makeup on her face? She is definitely connected to this case. Officers, go search her room. We may find something valuable for this investigation.

After a thorough search, one officer discovered a box hidden under Kasumi's bed.

Officer: We have found a box under her bed.

Ann: How did that get there? We have never seen it before.

Kogoro: Open it quickly; there's a strange odor coming from that box.

The officers began to open the box and uncovered horrifying evidence within.

Officer: Sir, this is clown makeup, a bloodied knife, and a videotape.

Kogoro: We now have evidence that your daughter may be the killer.

Ann: How is this even possible? She's only 14 years old. Why would she kill them, including her friends?

Kogoro: We have the evidence, and all our questions will be answered after we watch this videotape. Officer, play the tape.

One of the officers began to play the tape, sending shivers down everyone's spines as they braced themselves for what horrors it might reveal.

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