Chapter 115:


Elyon - Gods among us

—It's just chairs, Menrva. They must have shifted when Tania moved the cabin— Anpiel tried to reassure the distressed Etruscan goddess.

—Yes, you're right. That must've been it— Menrva said, her eyes still filled with anguish.

—Menrva, you're not suggesting Coyote is inside the cabin, are you?— Freyja sarcastically remarked, placing an arm around Menrva's shoulders.

—If he were inside, that idiot over there would've sensed him by now— the Norse goddess continued, pointing at Loki.

Loki then remembered seeing the sand rise instead of fall, but tried not to dwell on it.

—Of course, no spiritual being could fool my senses— the Norse god boasted.

—Besides, Rodrigo and Tania have become very strong— Ana added. —I'm sure they'll handle that ghost if it messes with us—

—It's not like you to worry, Menrva-san. Remember, you're the one who encouraged us to become stronger— Susanoo remarked as he sat on the ground, cleaning his katana.

—I didn't mean to make you all anxious, I just wanted to suggest being alert— the embarrassed Etruscan goddess admitted. The truth was, she felt more and more inferior to her peers and no longer deemed herself worthy of leading the group.

—How about we have a good dinner to calm our nerves?— Tul suggested, grabbing some pots to cook.

—That's an excellent idea, Tul-chan— Susanoo said with a smile, while the others nodded in agreement.

Ana then got up to go to the bathroom on the second floor. After finishing, she washed her hands and caught a reflection in a polished mirror. Instead of just her face, she saw two ghostly faces with black eyes crying blood. Reflexively, she turned around but saw nothing. When she looked back at the mirror, only her face was visible.

—This uncertainty is driving us mad— the goddess thought.

—Rodrigo, I'm at my limit!— Tania shouted as she landed again on the dunes of the Samalayucan desert. The sky, however, was already turning red, signaling the approach of evening, while orange streaks beautifully illuminated the vast desert dunes.

—I'm ready to keep going, Tania— Rodrigo shouted back, but was interrupted by Menrva.

—Don't overexert yourselves— the Etruscan goddess advised. —Let's rest here and leave tomorrow—

Suddenly, a whisper reached Menrva's ears: —Weakling—

Menrva turned around to find the source, but only saw Epona and Anpiel seated at the table. Tul was preparing food in the kitchen, Susanoo was seated in his usual lotus position in the living room, while Freyja and Loki had gone to the rooms on the second floor.

—Is something wrong, Menrva?— Rodrigo asked.

—No, not at all— Menrva replied nervously, then smiled at the young Tannin. —Let's eat and rest— she said.

Tania entered through the cabin window, clearly agitated. She'd lost her manticore transformation and was taking deep breaths.

—There's a mountain range further south, it looks like the end of this dune desert— she said.

—However, we don't know how extensive the territory of the Spider Grandmother's barrier is—

Menrva replied, glancing at a dreamcatcher she was holding.

—That man told us there were nomadic tribes in this desert. If we can find them, we might be able to communicate with their gods— Anpiel added.

Stretching her arms, Tania nonchalantly said: —Well, we'll look into that tomorrow—

Tania, then peeked into the kitchen where Tul was cooking.

—Need help, Tul?— she asked, watching the rabbit goddess prepare a soup in a large pot.

—Don't worry, ch'úupal, I can handle it— Tul replied. —Just sit down while I finish the soup—

—I'm not that tired— Tania said, pulling out another pot from the cabinet.

To her horror, she found a beheaded baby's head inside, bloody, with terrifying black eyes slowly breathing and then smiling at her. In fear, she threw the pot on the floor, and upon breaking, there was nothing inside.

—What happened, ch'úupal?— Tul exclaimed, startled.

—I saw something!— Tania exclaimed, terrified, as she looked around, hoping to identify the culprit.

Ana, who had come down from the second floor, also peered into the kitchen.

—Did something broke?— she asked.

—Just a clay pot, don't worry— Tania replied, noting the shattered pieces on the floor.

—What did you see, ch'úupal?— Tul asked, puzzled by Tania's pale face.

—I saw a baby's head inside that thing. That's what I saw!— Tania exclaimed, still catching her breath.

—You too?— Ana remarked. —I saw two girls with me in the bathroom... they were the ghostly faces of my sisters—

—No, this isn't a coincidence— Tania said. —Coyote is in this house—

—But that's impossible. Loki would've sensed him— the Irish goddess retorted. —It's probably that bastard playing tricks to scare us—

—No, I don't think it's Loki's doing— Menrva chimed in as she too entered the kitchen. —He's idiot, but not a complete asshole— she affirmed.

—Do you remember what the Speaking God said?— Tul interrupted. —That if we see strange things, it means Coyote is near?—

—But why hasn't Loki detected him?— Ana wondered.

—What if he's stronger than Loki and deceives him too?— Menrva speculated, raising her arms in exasperation.

—I can perform an exorcism if needed— Tul suggested. —But we would need to place a barrier around the house to prevent him from entering again—

Suddenly, the soup began to burn, prompting Tul to scream and turn off the stove immediately. But a flame shot out from the stove, narrowly missing Tul. Tania quickly stepped in front of her to block the fire. With her bare hand, she stopped the fire from harming them.

—We know it's you, Coyote! Show yourself, damn coward!— Tania yelled furiously, clutching Tul.

All the members of Orniskem gathered around the kitchen door to see what had happened.

—Coyote is inside!— Tania declared, still holding Tul.

—But I don't sense any presence— Loki said, frustrated.

—That monster might be overpowering your psychic abilities— Tania continued, looking worried.

—I also believe we need to address this— Menrva said.

Loki closed his eyes and tried scanning all the rooms of the cabin mentally, but felt no presence at all.

—Tania, kitchen accidents are common— Ana pointed out.

—No, Raven. It's one thing for you to burn your cooking, but my Tul is no incompetent— Tania retorted, frustrated.

—You didn't need to insult me, Salamander— Ana snapped back.

—Folks, let's calm down, please, and think rationally about what's happening— Anpiel interjected.

—Remember, we're all on edge and expecting 'things' to happen, but it might just be a mind game— he concluded.

—What do you mean by a mind game?— Epona asked.

—When we're stressed or want to believe something, our mind shows us what we expect— Anpiel replied.

The angel then turned to the rest of the team.

—Has anyone else experienced anything, besides Tania's and Tul's kitchen incident?— he inquired.

—I saw my sisters' faces in the bathroom— Ana stated.

—And I saw a baby's head in that shattered pot there— Tania added, pointing to the broken pot pieces on the floor.

—A voice whispered to me— Menrva revealed.

However, everyone else shook their heads.

—If needed, I can perform an exorcism— Tul reiterated.
—I believe that's our best option— Menrva said, then turned to the rabbit goddess. —Do you need anything for it?— she asked.

—Yes, we need to seal all the openings in this house, and in the center, we need to boil a large cauldron with water and herbs— Tul explained.

—Wait, are you thinking of doing a Roman steam bath?— Menrva asked, puzzled.

—I don't know what that is— Tul said, —but in my land, they're called Zumpul-ché, and they purify people's bodies and souls, as well as the places they're in—

—I can easily seal the entire house with my wind power— Susanoo said.

—I'll handle the fire, but what about the cauldron?— Tania asked.

At that moment, they all turned to look at Ana.

—Ana, do you have a huge cauldron for this? They're quite common in Ireland, right?— Anpiel asked.

—NO! I hate cauldrons!— Ana snapped, and no one understood why.

Then, Loki crafted a cauldron from adamantium.

—Here's the cauldron— he said, tossing it to where Tul and the other gods stood. Rodrigo caught it and handed it to Tul, who thanked him.

Using his water power, Susanoo then filled the cauldron. Tul began adding various strange herbs from her bag to the water as Tania kindled a concentrated fire beneath the cauldron using logs that Ana had stored in the kitchen.

To prevent the fire from spreading through the house, Ana used her dark matter to create a grate to contain the flames. At the same time, Susanoo sealed the house with his air power.

—Alright, now let's all sit around the steam— Tul instructed, taking a ladle of boiling water and dampening the walls of the hut with it.

—Will this work?— Rodrigo wondered aloud.

—It'll serve as a temporary solution, chan Rodrigo— Tul assured. —It's usually done in smaller, pre-purified places, but I'll make sure it works here. Trust your kiik— she added, giving the young Tannin a big smile.

—So, once the spirit is driven out, I should immediately seal the house with a mental barrier?— Loki asked.

—Yes, the strongest one you can make— Tania replied.

As the house filled with steam, Tul sat in front of the cauldron and began chanting a mantra in Mayan over and over. No one understood her words, but they had faith that she would drive away the evil spirit. Suddenly, Loki sensed something and looked to his left. Behind Freyja was a dark, smoky apparition with malevolent eyes.

—That's him, that's Coyote!— Loki shouted.

All the gods turned to look at the dark cloud, which was trying to escape from the house purified by the steam and Tul's medicinal herbs. Loki trapped the dark smoke and teleported it outside the house. He then immediately created a mental barrier to prevent the being from re-entering.

—It worked!— they all said in amazement.

—What would we do without you, Loki?— Freyja joyfully said, appreciating her fellow Yggdrassil's actions.

—Well, I made this barrier with all the strength I can access in this crappy world— the dark god mentioned. —So, as long as I'm conscious, it'll hold—

—Tul, quickly, we need your energy drinks for Loki— Tania told the rabbit goddess. She nodded.

—Can you stay awake all night?— Ana asked, approaching the dark god.

—If you stayed awake for a month for your friend, this will be a piece of cake for me— Loki replied with a smile. Then, Tul brought her energy concoction in a cup. Loki drank it and gradually felt his strength return.

—We're sorry to ask this of you, Loki. After how we've treated you, we're now leaving our lives in your hands— Ana said, looking somewhat melancholic.

—As I told you, Ana, I'll do anything to protect your smile— Loki replied, words that made Ana blush. Choosing not to respond, she walked away.

—Rejected again? I should get used to it— the dark god sarcastically muttered to himself, settling into a living room chair.

After an hour of nothing happening, the gods finally started to relax. Tul returned to the kitchen and finished cooking the soup she had prepared. Everyone dined on soup with corn tortillas. After eating, Ana suggested they should sleep to regain energy for the next day.

—Do you need anything from us?— Menrva inquired.

—No, you all go and rest. Tomorrow, once we leave this dreadful desert, you'll let me sleep all day— the god replied.

—Can we trust him?— Tania asked, puzzled.

—Ideally, let's stay on guard in case the barrier fails— Menrva advised.

—It won't fail; you can trust me— Loki reassured with a broad smile.

—If anything goes wrong, remember to scream so we can come help— Freyja said as she too retired.

—Alright, Loki. I trust you, so I'll leave— said Epona. Rodrigo nodded in agreement.

—Loki-san, you have shown to be a true man of valor on this journey, I can entrust my life in your hands— added Susanoo, who also retired.

—I'll be keeping watch from the window in case anything strange happens— remarked Menrva.

Tul turned off the fire from the large cauldron, and then she bid her farewell. Anpiel did the same.

—I'll stay close, if you don't mind— mentioned Tania, lying down on one of the living room armchairs.

—It's no problem; it's not like I'm going to masturbate here— Loki said with a smirk.

—You're disgusting— responded the Punic goddess with a look of disgust, and closed her eyes, positioning herself to stay alert.

—Well, at least most of them trust me now— thought Loki, smiling. —I achieved more than in Asgard—

It became completely dark. It was around three in the morning, while Loki stayed awake with the energy drink Tul had prepared for him. Tania, who had settled on the couch in front of him, was loudly snoring in her sleep.

At that moment, he saw a very beautiful woman sitting next to him on the couch. Her long hair was dark but shimmered with purple tints, tied up in two ponytails. Her skin was brown, and she was dressed in a red and black blouse and short skirt, which had geometric figures resembling a dog's head. On her head, a black feather adorned her hair.

The woman sat cross-legged and had a seductive look, and her red eyes were so beautiful that Loki couldn't help but be attracted to her.

—Hello, handsome traveler from Yggdrassil— said the woman, touching Loki's goatee with her finger.

—Impossible— protested Loki, —no spirit should have been able to enter with my barrier up—

—Why are you upset that I crossed your little barrier?— asked the woman, continuing her seductive touch. —Don't you see, since I saw you in the desert, I wanted to be with you?—

—Forget it, I won't fall for such a simple trap, Coyote— Loki responded, removing her hand.

—And after all the trouble I took to come here, and you reject me. You make me feel unwanted— continued the mysterious woman.

—Besides, you're a man. This would never work— Loki continued resisting the woman's advances.

The woman lifted her dress, revealing her huge breasts and approached Loki again in a sensual way.

—Man? Why do you assume I'm a man? — said the woman while she touched the neck of the Norse god with her face, who couldn't help but have an erection.

The woman touched Loki's penis and began to massage it sensually.

—Your friend front of us sleeps peacefully, and the other girl you look at so longingly always rejects you. But I'm here ready to love you for the rest of our lives— the woman commented.

In that, the woman pulled out Loki's penis and began to give him fellatio. Loki couldn't help but feel aroused by those acts, although he tried to think that it was the infernal spirit that he trapped after Tul's ritual. Loki, then, between the pleasure of fellatio and the fear, tried to scream, but the woman covered his mouth. He was too nervous to be able to send an alert mental message to Freyja as well. Involuntarily, he had an orgasm in the woman's mouth.

The woman, then, with her mouth full of semen, licked Loki's body while removing his clothes, and then licked the nipples of the conflicted god.

—You didn't like it, Loki? We could do this every day forever if you stay with me— the woman commented as she took off her clothes and was completely naked. Loki had a second erection.

The woman laid Loki down on the coach and she lay face down on him.

—They don't appreciate you, they don't love you. They use you as a mental tool. But I love you— continued the goddess.

—Stay with me for all eternity—

Loki then stopped fighting his instincts and kissed the woman, while she sat on the god's erect penis and inserted it into her vagina. The two then began to have sex.