Chapter 116:

Fall into the abyss

Elyon - Gods among us

Note: This chapter shows very difficult to read graphic scenes. If you are a person who is easily shocked, I recommend that you skip this episode and continue on the next one. Thanks for your understanding.

Ana's house had two guest rooms, and each of the rooms had two beds with straw mattresses. The gods decided to share the beds, but as Susanoo refused to sleep in one of them, they divided the beds among the remaining seven. Rodrigo with Anpiel, and Epona with Ana slept in one of the rooms. Menrva with Freyja, and Tul slept in another room.

Menrva tried not to sleep that night, but for some reason, she felt her body was very heavy, and she fell asleep.

Ana began to hear a noise, which woke her up. The Irish goddess opened her eyes but then started feeling her bed was moving.

—An earthquake?— thought the Irish goddess when she started hearing moans of pleasure. Ana turned to look at Epona, but when she saw her, she turned completely embarrassed. Epona was having sex with Rodrigo right next to her. The Celtic goddess moaned in pleasure as Rodrigo penetrated his partner.

—Why are they doing that here?— Ana thought while trying not to look at the couple having sex.

Epona moaned like crazy, while Rodrigo panted like a wild animal. Those noises were drilling into the mind of the Irish goddess, who felt she was in the way.

—Epona, aren't you supposed to be a virgin goddess?— Ana continued thinking, at the same time feeling envy and hatred. Completely red, the goddess wished to hit Epona for that, but she couldn't, she didn't dare.

—We know you're awake, Ana— said Epona seductively as she separated from Rodrigo and approached the distressed goddess.

Ana tried to pretend she was asleep and that she didn't hear them, but Epona started touching her.

—Ana— she said. —Don't you want to join us so Rodrigo can give pleasure to you too? You've already seen his member, and you know it's of a good size—

Epona then began to try to touch Ana's vagina, but the goddess slapped Epona's hand and turned angrily to look at her.

—We're in an emergency! How could you do something like this, and in front of me?— she shouted angrily.

—I told you Ana wouldn't join us. I'm sure her vagina is all dried up because she doesn't want to go out with men after her husband raped her— Rodrigo commented, laughing.

—You're right, Rodrigo. She's a prude who can't get over her past— Epona added, laughing too.

—What's wrong with you, Rui, Epona?— the Irish goddess asked, almost crying.

Rodrigo and Epona continued laughing, louder and more aggressively. Their laughter was piercing the goddess's brain.

—This is a nightmare; it must be a nightmare— Ana said as she covered her ears to try not to hear anything.

—But sister— a voice behind Ana was heard, a voice of a child.

—What about us? That man raped us over and over, while you escaped from Tuatha Dé Danann, and you never came back— the voice continued.

Ana turned desperately to her back and saw her two sisters with their rotting faces and completely white eyes crying blood. The two goddesses looked at her with their ghostly faces and torn clothes.

—You're selfish for letting them torture your sisters— Epona shouted.

—A fucking coward— Rodrigo shouted as well.

The girls, who seemed to be about fifteen years old, got up and started biting Ana's neck; while she bled and looked in horror at the mocking glances of Rodrigo and Epona.

—Die, you fucking nuisance— Epona said laughing as Ana began to lose consciousness.

Meanwhile, Tania woke up after falling asleep. The goddess was ashamed that she couldn't stay awake, even though she had to watch over Loki. However, when she turned to look at the couch where the dark god was, she didn't see anyone.

—Damn bastard, I hope he hasn't escaped— the goddess thought as she got up. But then, she began to hear murmurs that sounded like prayers.

—People here? Could they be local inhabitants that the man told us about?— Tania wondered as she prepared to open the door.

—No, wait. The room has been sanctified by Tul's exorcism. I must not open the door, or Coyote will surely enter— Tania thought to herself, realizing her mistake. But then, she heard the cries of babies and heard sounds with knives, as if they were cutting meat.

—Damn it, this must be a trick to get me to open the door— the goddess thought. But she couldn't even look out the window because of the wind barrier that blocked her view. But the moans grew louder, and the knife sounds were even stronger. The prayers continued and continued.

—If Coyote enters, I'll kill that bastard if he's killing infants— the goddess said to herself and opened the door.

Behind the wind barrier, there was a cult of men dressed entirely in red robes, with a high priest wearing a bull mask. He was the one cutting the babies, not mortally, but enough to make the infants suffer more, while naked women drank the blood that spilled from the altar.

—What the hell is this?— shouted Tania, as she watched the women tear apart the baby and begin to eat it like cannibals.

Tania, enraged, ran towards the priests of this macabre ritual but was held back by several hooded men and immobilized.

—They're so strong, what's going on?— Tania wondered, struggling to break free.

The high priest then removed his mask, and Tania recognized his face. It was Baal Hammon, her former husband from Qart-Lel. The god, still dressed in his orange robe, had eyes of a similar color, a thick black beard, and slightly tanned skin. His nose was pronounced, Mediterranean style, and two red horns protruded from his head.

—What are you doing here?— Tania angrily asked, still struggling.

—My dear— said the Punic god, —It's time for you to fulfill your destiny again— signaling to the men.

The men then began to stab Tania several times in her chest while the goddess began to run out of breath. Gulps of blood emanated from her limp body, as the priests continued to torture the grieving goddess over and over again.

—This... this is a nightmare like the one I had on Mars— the goddess thought, but knew her injuries were very likely real.

—I mustn't... lose consciousness... I swore to it— Tania told herself as her vision started to blur.

Meanwhile, Susanoo continued to doze off, sitting in his usual lotus position. He then heard a noise behind him, grabbed the handle of his katana, and unsheathed it, pointing it behind him.

Behind him stood a beautiful woman with long, dark hair and beautiful red eyes. She was dressed in a white kimono with red stripes, similar to Susanoo's, and wore a golden diadem on her forehead.

—Onee-san?— asked the eastern god in surprise.

—Yes, Susanoo, I've been looking for you everywhere— the woman replied. —I'm your sister, Amaterasu Omikami—

—But why is Onee-san here?— Susanoo asked, puzzled, as he lowered his weapon.

—Well, when I banished you from Takama-no-hara, I didn't expect you to end up on the other side of the world— the goddess replied with an annoyed look.

—Gomen gomen, but I met a group of fantastic people who made me reconsider the words you said to me— Susanoo commented, moving her hands nervously towards her sister.

—Fantastic? You're just wandering around the world when all you had to do was behead that tannin you met— the Oriental goddess continued speaking annoyedly.

—Mate! Do you know Rodrigo-san, Onee-san?— Susanoo asked, surprised.

—Of course, I've seen how you're now friends with that Ryujin instead of bringing me his head to my royal palace— Amaterasu replied. —Don't you want to come back to me, ototo?—

—Mochiro, Onee-san, but I've decided to follow the path of the warrior, and get stronger together with my nakama before I return— Susanoo commented as she made a slight bow to her sister.

—You don't love me, ototo... you despise your family— Amaterasu sobbed, covering her face so her brother couldn't see her tears.

—Iie, Onee-san, don't do that, please— Susanoo commented trying to stop her sister from crying.

—So, if you love me, kill that ryujin right now— Amaterasu demanded, showing a wicked gleam in her eyes. Susanoo was taken aback by his sister's appearance.

Rodrigo's bed then appeared behind the eastern god. Rodrigo was deep in sleep.

—If you love me, you'll kill that ryujin right now— Amaterasu insisted.

Susanoo walked towards where Rodrigo was lying and brandished his katana, but just as he was about to deliver the fatal blow, the god stopped.

—Iie, this would be a cowardly act, and my sister would never dishonor the warrior's code— the Oriental god commented, and turned to see his sister.

—Who are you?!— Susanoo demanded, pointing his weapon at his sister.

Amaterasu raised her hands and smiled nervously. —I'm your dear Onee-san, Susanoo. Are you planning to abandon me too, to wander with these gaikoku hito?— she asked.

Susanoo stared at her angrily, but his hand trembled as he pointed his weapon at his own sister. The Oriental god was confused and didn't know what to do.

—On the other hand, dear ototo...— Amaterasu commented. She immediately moved at lightning speed behind the Oriental god and sliced his neck with a golden mirror, its handle ending in a knife.

—Choosing the life of that disgusting ryujin over mine is an act of betrayal against me, and you deserve nothing but death— the goddess said furiously as she watched Susanoo fall to his knees, clutching his bleeding neck.

—Why... Onee-san...?— the eastern god gasped as his gaze lost its luster.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo continued to sleep peacefully when he felt someone moving him with their hand. He opened his eyes and saw Bellona sitting next to him. The Roman goddess looked just as she did when she had captured the young man.

—Bellona? Are you alive?— Rodrigo asked in surprise as he sat up excitedly.

—Shh, don't make any noise— commented the Roman goddess, making a hushing gesture with her index finger.

Rodrigo turned and saw Anpiel still asleep, and then he looked back at the goddess.

—How did you survive? I was so worried that you might have died— Rodrigo said with a voice filled with both concern and excitement.

—Hey, I'm stronger than you think, young man— the Roman goddess replied with a thumbs-up.

—Wait, you didn't come here to attack us, did you?— the young tannin asked, puzzled, as he got out of bed stealthily to avoid waking his companion.

—No, I've only come to show you something— the Roman goddess said with a smile that eased Rodrigo's concerns.

The Roman goddess got up from the bed, and the young man, for some reason, didn't notice Epona or Ana sleeping in the adjacent bed.

The two of them went down the stairs and saw light coming from the kitchen. An nauseating smell began to fill Rodrigo's nose, causing him to make a disgusted face.

—Wait a moment, I recognize this smell— Rodrigo said with a disgusted expression. —It smells like when... I lost control and saw my mother die in Coimbra—

The Roman goddess didn't respond or even turn to look at him but continued walking down the stairs until they reached the door.

—I brought Rodrigo— Bellona said as she opened the door. Rodrigo stepped down and looked inside, but what he saw left him in shock.

There, Tania and Ana were devouring naked corpses drenched in blood as if they were food. But what horrified him the most was seeing Almanzor among them, also feasting. As Rodrigo looked closely at the corpse, he realized it was a woman in her forties. The woman had the face of his mother.

—Oh, Rodrigo. We didn't tell you, but we feed on the blood of the wars in Spain— Ana commented as she eagerly tore flesh from the arms of her deceased mother.

—Yes, as you may know, we still receive energy from human sacrifices, and wars are special for that— Tania said. —That's why I stopped you on your crusade to kill my friend— Tania said, gesturing toward Almanzor with her eyes.

—Pardon me, young man, but it wasn't personal— Almanzor said. —This beautiful goddess allowed me to slaughter anyone I wanted in Spain, and when you could have stopped me, she prevented it—

—No, this... must be an illusion— Rodrigo said when he turned to look at Bellona. To his horror, her face had become disfigured and looked like that of a decaying corpse, with one of her eyes hanging out. Rodrigo was startled by the vision as Bellona lunged at him. The decaying goddess held him with Herculean strength, not allowing the young man to break free from her grasp.

—You left me like this, just as Almanzor left your mother, and you dare talk about morality, young man— the Roman goddess said, as putrid drops fell onto Rodrigo's face.

—I didn't want them to kill you— Rodrigo said, terrified and almost in tears.

—But you didn't prevent Menrva from stabbing my heart, you bastard— the Roman goddess commented as she felt someone's hand touching her face. It was Almanzor's hand.

—You're a murderer just like me— the Muslim warlord said. —And your friends are just like you. Accept your reality, young man—

In that moment, the Moorish conqueror bit off a piece of the young man's cheek. Rodrigo groaned in pain when he saw Ana and Tania approaching and began to tear parts of his body with their hands, devouring them like animals.

—Rodrigo, you're a murderer like us— the goddesses laughed, their faces distorted, as if they were spirits full of sadism.

At that moment, Epona appeared in the doorway.

—Rodrigo, I've wanted to do this for a long time— the goddess said as she slowly advanced towards the young man, who was being torn apart more and more by Almanzor and the goddesses.

Epona then tore off Rodrigo's right leg. —I am a goddess, and like your friends, I accepted human sacrifices— she said, starting to eat his foot while Rodrigo felt himself losing consciousness from the pain.

Then, Bellona brought her face close to Rodrigo's agonizing face. —Life for life, Rodrigo— she said as she took a huge bite off the young man's face. Rodrigo's world went dark in that instant.

In another room, Menrva woke up abruptly, realizing she had fallen asleep.

—Damn, when did I lose consciousness?— she wondered.

Then, the goddess tried to look out the window only to realize there were no windows. In fact, she wasn't in the room in Ana's cabin. She knew this room very well; it was the room where she lived when she was younger.

It was a sumptuous room, filled with towering bookshelves and statues of the goddess Athena. The ceiling had a beautiful painting of the judgment of Paris. On the highest bookshelf, there was a copper owl with blue eyes looking at the goddess.

Menrva was lying in her bed, and in front of her was a massive oak door, completely sealed with a gold beam. The goddess reached for her totema, but realized it was just a plain mirror, and her face looked like when she was an eight-year-old girl.

—Why am I here? Is this an illusion?— she wondered as she got out of the golden bed with crimson sheets and put her feet on the carpet that covered the floor.

The goddess tried to find something or someone in her circular room but saw nothing.

—Hello? Is anyone here?— the goddess asked. —Father Tinia? Mother Uni? Brothers Laran, Hercle?—

There was no response. The goddess then began knocking on the door.

—Father Tinia? Mother Uni? Brothers Laran, Hercle?— she called out again, but there was no answer.

Menrva began to feel anxious.

—No, please, get me out of here, I don't want to be locked up here again— she cried out, banging on the door with growing desperation.

—I promise I will abandon these fantasies of being a goddess of war, Father Tinia, I don't want to be locked up here again— she shouted in despair.

Suddenly, the door began to open. Behind the door was a familiar figure looking at the Etruscan goddess with disdain.

—Brother Laran. Have you come to help me escape?— Menrva asked.

Laran wore a bronze helmet with two horns on its sides and a large red feathered crest. His chest was covered in a shining bronze chest plate, and he wore a reddish linen skirt covered by a bronze loincloth. Both his legs and arms were covered with bronze greaves and bracelets. The god had beautiful blue eyes, dark hair, and a conciliatory smile.

—Fool, what's this noise you're making?— Laran asked with a smile.

—Brother, I don't understand, why am I back here again?— Menrva asked, puzzled.

—Well, I realized letting you escape was a mistake— the Etruscan god replied with his usual smile.

—But... why? I escaped from Man as you asked and never set foot back here— the goddess said, puzzled.

Laran then slapped his sister, causing her to fall backwards onto the floor.

—I am the god of war for the Rasenna, not you. Yet everyone adores you more because of your obsession with looking like Athena's bitch— the Etruscan god said with tears in his eyes.

—Wait, brother, why are you doing this?— Menrva said trying to get up, blood on her lips. —You were never like this with me—

—Women in Rasenna are not allowed to do activities that we men do. That's why father locked you up here, because you only wanted to be a warrior— Laran cried, hitting Menrva again. This time he threw her against one of the bookshelves, which broke on impact.

—Stop, brother! It was you who would sneak into this room to teach me to fight, to wield thunder because our father refused to do it— cried Menrva.

—I only feel love and admiration for you!— shouted the Etruscan goddess.

—Lies, you only love Athena and not me— said Laran, kicking the goddess, causing her to crash into the bookshelves. They broke apart, and the books fell on the Etruscan goddess, who was buried beneath them.

—I should've been the most worshipped god of Rasenna, not you. Just a poor, pathetic woman— said the god with tears in his eyes, as he pulled Menrva out from among the books, badly injured and bleeding from her mouth.

—Brother, this isn't you. You're being manipulated by an evil spirit... Coyote— whispered Menrva, her eyes nearly shut.

—But what I hate the most is that, despite everything I taught you— said Laran, —you've become a burden to those whores who are with you— He shouted angrily, throwing the goddess against the wall, causing cracks while Menrva bled profusely.

—, Laran— whispered Menrva, tears in her eyes, as the Etruscan god dropped his sister onto the pile of books, staining them with blood. The goddess took deep breaths, her vision blurring.

—There's no forgiveness, fool— said Laran, as he began to crush her repeatedly with his foot, while the Etruscan goddess started to fade into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, Anpiel felt a cold breeze, forcing him to open his eyes. But upon waking, he wasn't in bed but crucified on a massive wooden cross.

—How did I get here?— the angel wondered, realizing he was completely naked and full of wounds. The cross was raised above the roof of the cabin.

—Anpiel, I'm sorry, but you're just in the way— said a woman coming out of the cabin.

When the malak looked closer, he realized it was Tania, looking at him with disdain and disappointment.

—Wait, Tania, what does this mean?— asked the angel.

—I've helped you so many times in the past because you've always been a weak, useless malak— Tania remarked. —Do you really think knowing foreign languages makes you any more useful?—

—Forgive me, Tania. I didn't mean to be a burden— said the embarrassed angel.

The angel then saw all the members of Orniskem who had traveled with him to Vinland, exiting the cabin. They all laughed and mocked him.

—Is this some nightmare by Coyote?— the angel pondered. —But it feels so real— he thought, trying to close his eyes and hoping to wake up.

—What are you doing, Anpiel?— asked Epona, approaching the angel from behind.

—Epona, help me get down from here— the anxious malak pleaded to the goddess, desperation in his eyes.

—Do you think I haven't noticed? Haven't seen how your crude and filthy eyes look at my breasts and my legs?— the horse goddess retorted.

—I don't know what you're talking about, Epona. I don't see you that way— Anpiel responded.

—Sure, that's what they all say— Epona remarked. —But I'm disgusted that a vile malak looks at me with lustful eyes— She jumped onto the cross, staring directly into the tormented angel's face. Epona clung to the cross's armrests, her feet resting on the malak's knees.

—You're dying to kiss this face of mine, aren't you, son of a bitch?— the goddess taunted.

The angel then heard his companions laughing, claiming that the act was disgusting.

The horse goddess then kissed Anpiel, who got carried away. But as the angel introduced his tongue into Epona's mouth, she bit it off.

The horse goddess spat out the tongue onto the roof, and all laughed. Anpiel tried to speak, but couldn't because he had lost his tongue, signaling pain.

—What's wrong, Anpiel? Did the mice get your tongue?— the goddess mocked. —Now, without a tongue, you're totally useless. See how little you're worth, piece of shit?—

Epona then spat in Anpiel's face and descended from the cross.

—Just stay there and bleed out— said the goddess, turning away as everyone else continued to mock the angel.

Anpiel closed his eyes and began to lose consciousness.

On the other hand, Tul woke up startled by noises throughout the house.

—What is this? What is this evil oppression I feel?— pondered the rabbit goddess, getting out of bed to check if everyone was alright. Still, she found it odd that no one was in bed with her.

—Freyja? Menrva?— the goddess called out, noticing a shadow by the door. She approached cautiously, but the shadow quickly retreated as if it were a wild animal.

—Could wild animals have entered the house?— wondered the rabbit goddess as she opened the door, but saw nothing.

—It must have been my imagination— Tul thought and closed the door. Just as she did, she felt 'something' behind her. She quickly turned around, only to see a white wild rabbit.

—Oh, so it was you!— she said, smiling, approaching the little animal, but it remained motionless. However, just before getting completely close, Tul remembered they were in the middle of a desert, and it was impossible for a wild rabbit to live amidst the dunes outside.

—It probably wasn't hiding in the cabin— the goddess thought, slowly backing away. The rabbit continued to watch her, not even blinking or making a sound.

—Is that you, Coyote?— Tul asked but received no answer.

—No, that rabbit is you— she heard a woman's voice behind her. Tul quickly recognized the voice.

—Kaansaj Ixchel?— Tul asked nervously, turning to see a woman standing at the doorway.

The woman was breathtakingly beautiful with long blue hair reaching her knees. Her eyes were aquamarine, and her skin was tanned. At the top of her head, she wore an ornament resembling a large snake, and she had heavy, intricate earrings. The goddess's clothing resembled the clothes Tul had worn when she was imprisoned in Cahokia. As she had changed since then, that outfit had been stored away due to being torn and stained with blood and feces.

The woman leaned confidently against the doorframe, her beautiful eyes fixated on her nervous disciple, wondering why she was there.

—Yes, Tul. I had to come all the way here to find you— said the Mayan goddess, moving closer to Tul.

—I'm sorry for running away, kaansaj, but I genuinely wanted to explore the world, as I always told you— the rabbit goddess said apologetically.

Ixchel began to caress Tul's face.

—Why didn't you tell me about your exile? I was so worried...— the goddess said.

—I'm sorry, kaansaj, but I'm still set on traveling— replied Tul, meeting her mentor's gaze with determination.

—Of course, I was worried, for about five minutes. By then, I had found someone else to handle your duties— said Ixchel, shooting a sinister, angry look at Tul.

Tul pulled away from Ixchel's grip and looked defiantly at her.

—You're not my kaansaj!— shouted the furious rabbit goddess, trying to find her bag, realizing it wasn't nearby.

At that moment, Ixchel slapped Tul, causing her to crash into the bed where she had slept.

—You leave for a few months, and this is how you treat me, you pathetic rabbit?— yelled the angry Mayan goddess.

—My bag, my bag— the rabbit goddess began to search the mattress for her bag when she saw the rabbit holding her bag in its mouth.

—This rabbit will make better use of that raggedy bag than you— Ixchel remarked with a defiant look.

Ignoring Ixchel's words, Tul tried to retrieve her bag from the rabbit, but to her horror, the rabbit bit off one of her fingers.

—Tuul, go ahead and feast upon this useless rabbit— Ixchel said as the rabbit grew in size, taking on a demonic, hideous form. Faces protruded from its body, its mouth filled with fangs, and its white fur now bristled. Its red eyes turned black with a white pupil. Then, the rabbit gave a devilish smile.

—Coyote! I won't let you take my life— shouted Tul, trying to get up when she felt a kick from Ixchel in her belly. Doubled over in pain, Tul watched the monstrous creature approach, jumping toward her, starting to devour her chest.

Tul tried to push it off, but her hands were gruesomely torn off. The rabbit goddess screamed in horror as the monstrous rabbit bit her neck, causing her to lose consciousness.

Freyja woke up in a panic, covered in sweat and fear.

—Menrva, Menrva, I think I heard a noise— said the Norse goddess, trying to touch her companion who had slept beside her, but what she felt was not the body of her friend but the body of a man.

Startled, the goddess turned to see the man behind her. He had a thick black beard and green eyes. The man was completely naked, and his body was covered in dense body hair.

—Ah, beautiful, you're awake— said the man, resting his head on his hand.

—I don't know who you are, but please, leave— Freyja responded, still frightened.

—But we just did it last night, and I want to do it with you again— the man said, rising to embrace Freyja and began kissing her body. The goddess then realized she was naked.

—No, this can't be real— she whispered to herself. Pushing the man away, she declared, —I don't do those things anymore. Please, leave—

—What things?— asked the man. —If it's known that you're just the easiest whore in all of Asgard— the man commented, this time forcing Freyja to lie down on the bed.

—No, stop it! I don't want this!— Freyja yelled furiously, but the man held her arms with herculean strength and she couldn't get away.

—If you don't calm down, I'm going to have to force it, whore— the man said as he inserted his penis into Freyja's vagina, even though the goddess was trying to get free by moving her legs.

—Hey, why only you have fun with the whore of Asgard?— another voice was heard. The goddess turned to see, and she saw an innumerable number of men along with dwarves and elves; all naked with their erect penises looking at the goddess.

—No, no, no!— Freyja yelled, but before she could do anything, they all mounted on the goddess, nearly drowning her. They all raped her where they could, while Freyja could do nothing but cry in horror.

—I need to put my cock somewhere— one of the dwarves yelled, and then, with a knife, gouged out the goddess's left eye, who screamed in horror in pain. The dwarf then sexually abused Freyja's eye socket, while other dwarves and elves ripped holes in Freyja's wounded body to abuse her for her injuries.

The Nordic goddess felt that she was losing consciousness, when she saw her husband Odr in the distance with a disappointed look. Freyja could not speak, but she was trying to ask her husband for help.

Odr was a man dressed as a Viking general and had a brown beard and honey colored eyes. Then, said person drew his sword upon seeing his wife in such a state.

—So these kinds of acts were what you did when I went on trip. You're just a disgusting whore— the man said, while Freyja shook her head as best she could.

All the beings that violated Freyja shouted in unison: —Whore, whore, whore—

Meanwhile, Odr was raising his sword to deliver a clean blow to the neck of his wife. Freyja closed her eyes, and in that moment, she accepted her fate. But before the sword could separate the goddess's neck from her body, something in her stopped her as she collided with it, making a clang.

Freyja opened her eye and saw that it was a scythe, but this one was peculiar because it emanated a kind of greenish and yellowish energy. It was as if it was the sickle of the lord of death.

The beings that violated the Nordic goddess ceased, and Freyja turned to see where such a weapon came from. In front of her, there was a ghostly figure holding said weapon. She was riding a greenish horse that emanated an energy similar to that of the scythe. The being had stopped the Odr's attack, saving Freyja's life.

The men, elves, and dwarves hissed at the mysterious being, but with a swift motion of his weapon, it sliced them all in half. They disappeared as if they were illusions made of dark matter.

Freyja stared deeply at the being in front of her, her breath heavy. She wanted to act, but her body was so injured and battered that all she could do was watch.

Odr let out a deafening scream at the apocalyptic rider, but once again, with his scythe, he beheaded Freyja's husband, causing him to vanish in the same manner.

—You are safe now— the rider said, approaching the Nordic goddess who couldn't respond due to her injuries and weakness.

—Tha...nk you— Freyja managed to say, trying to see the face of the mysterious rider. Suddenly, the rider raised his scythe towards her.

—Now, rest— said the rider, and the last thing Freyja saw was the swing of the scythe coming down towards her neck. The goddess then lost consciousness.