Chapter 3:

Chapter 03 Fun And Games

Hermit's Diary

As my memories completely faded I felt that their grotesque acts were the norm. It was clear that these creatures were like me, freshly hatched and trying to make sense of their newfound existence. Despite our diminutive size, there was a sense of connection among us, as if we were all part of a shared journey.

My new body felt strange, but I soon discovered that it had its advantages. My large ears allowed me to pick up subtle sounds in the cavern, and my green skin blended surprisingly well with the environment, providing a degree of camouflage.

As I observed the tiny green creatures, I couldn't help but mimic their actions, slowly and clumsily attempting to blend in with my newfound companions. My large ears wobbled as I tried to imitate their playful antics, rolling in the filth and clumsily chasing after one of the others.

I stumbled upon a scene in this gloomy cavern, a small group of gobbies engrossed in their peculiar game with maggots. It seemed like a delightful competition to see who could stuff more maggot larvae into their meaty ears.

Giggles and chirps filled the air as they gleefully attempted this whimsical challenge. With their tiny hands, they carefully guided the wriggling maggots toward their ears, the creatures squirming and tickling as they ventured deeper into the goblin's ear canals, competing to see who could stuff more wriggling maggot larvae into their meaty ears. Their wicked laughter filled the air as they gleefully shoved the squirming grubs into their ear canals, their eyes glinting with perverse delight.

One goblin clicked and chirped, "Chirp-click-chirp! I've got a few in there!"

Another goblin chuckled and chirped, "Click-chirp-chirp! Not bad, but I've got a few more than you!"

Innocently, I decided to join in the fun. I carefully selected a squirming maggot and attempted to follow their lead. However, the critters proved more adventurous than I anticipated. They wriggled deeper and deeper into my ear canal, causing me to shiver and tremble with discomfort as their slimy bodies wiggled inside.

Amidst the giggles and cheers of my newfound gobby friends, I couldn't help but chuckle myself, even though I still didn't understand their chirps and clicks.

The goblins, as I now understood we were, didn't seem to mind my awkward attempts at fitting in. They emitted a series of high-pitched chirps and clicks, which I soon realized were their form of communication. I tried to join in, emitting similar sounds, though I was far from fluent in this new language.

We clumsily played together, sliding through the filth and sometimes tripping over each other into a pile of teeny-tiny goblins. It was a strange and surreal experience, but there was a strange sense of belonging among us as if we were all bound by a shared fate.

As we tumbled and frolicked, our tiny forms barely leaving a mark on the cavern's floor, we clicked and chirped. It was a strange but endearing symphony of sound, expressing our glee and friendship.

Goblin one, "Click-click, chirp-chirp! Whee!"

Second goblin, "Chirp-chirp-click! Look at me go!"

Third goblin, "Click-chirp, click-click! Let's play some more!"

As I joined in the antics of the goblins, I couldn't help but notice some of the dimwitted and stupid things they were doing. One particularly foolish goblin tried to balance itself on a mossy rock, only to tumble off with a comical yelp. Another attempted to catch its own dim shadow, spinning in dizzying circles until it flopped over in a daze.

Another foolish goblin caught my attention as he dove headfirst into a buzzing swarm of flies. The flies were swarming around a pile of steaming dung, and this goblin had a bold plan.

With a gleeful chirp, he dove headfirst into the cloud of insects, his tiny hands reaching out to grasp a few of the flies' delicate legs. The flies, unaware of the goblin's intentions, lifted him gently into the air, carrying him on their miniature wings. The goblin's laughter, a series of joyful clicks, echoed through the cave as he dangled in mid-air.

But his grip on the flies proved to be less secure than he had hoped. With a comical slip, he tumbled from his high-flying adventure, descending headfirst towards the ground. With a soft, squishy plop, he landed face-down on the feces-soaked ground, his tiny form buried in the muck.

The goblins, witnessing this mishap, erupted in a chorus of clicking and chirping, their laughter a testament to their childlike nature. They rushed to help their fallen comrade, lending a hand, to rescue him from his dung-covered predicament. 

During our play, one goblin discovered a gleaming rock amidst the filth. Its eyes widened with fascination, and he hugged the rock possessively as if he had found a priceless treasure. This sparked the interest of other goblins, who quickly gathered around, chirping and clicking in curiosity.

The cavern became a chaotic playground as we, tiny goblins, continued our dimwitted and absurd antics. Some of us attempted to perform acrobatic flips but landed flat on our backs with a comical thud. Others tried to climb the uneven cave walls but usually ended up tumbling back to the ground in a heap of flailing limbs and a loud splat.

In the midst of our clumsy play, the goblins began to exhibit behaviors that ranged from dimwitted to downright foolish. One goblin came tumbling toward me and started to lick the feces off of my skin, seemingly unaware of how revolting it was.

There was one goblin who stood out as a beacon of silliness. With his elongated tongue, which resembled a tiny whip, he would spring into action, running up to his fellow hatchling goblins with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

As he approached, his tiny tongue would snap like a miniature whip, and with a joyous cackle, he would playfully lash at their buttocks. The targeted goblins would respond with a chorus of clicks and chirps, their way of expressing both surprise and delight at the whimsical whipper.

"Chirp-chirp-click! Oh, it's you again, you rascal!" One of the startled goblins clicked and chirped.

Another startled goblin giggled, clicking back, "Click-click-chirp! You got me, you little trickster!"

Seeing these tiny creatures engaged in their playful interactions was nothing short of heartwarming. Amidst the oddities and the grotesque, there was a place for simple, adorable moments of joy among the goblin hatchlings.

Then, another goblin, with a comically misshapen head, attempted to invent a new way of walking. He slapped his face into the feces-covered ground and, with his hands tucked behind his back, began to push his face across the muck, mumbling unintelligibly through the manure.

Yet another goblin had ambitions of grandeur and decided to climb the cavern wall. With an ill-conceived leap, he launched himself upward but quickly came crashing back down, landing with a loud splat in the putrid mess.

Beside me, another goblin seemed to have a particular fondness for the slimy moss that grew on the rotten eggshells. He stuffed his face with the foul vegetation as if it were the most delectable delicacy.

Further down, a goblin took it upon himself to dig a cave of his own, burrowing deeper into the mountain of filth and feces. A mission that could only be described as absurdly ambitious. With a single-minded determination that bordered on the fanatical, this goblin decided to dig his very own, personal cave within the vast expanse of excrement.

A miniature goblin, not much larger than a newborn chick, armed with nothing more than his puny, spindly arms and unyielding resolve, squared off against a mountain of feces that stretched into the murky abyss. It was a sight of sheer absurdity.

This goblin heroically plunged his grubby hands into the muck, his tiny fingers clawing at the compacted filth with the vigor of a seasoned miner. With each scoop, a cascade of feces rained down upon him, burying him in a fresh layer of muck.

The goblin's progress was nothing short of glacial, and the very walls of his would-be sanctuary were prone to sudden and catastrophic collapses. He'd dig and dig, only to be smothered by a torrential onslaught of excrement, leaving him to start anew but his spirit unbroken. With each painstaking dig, he inched closer to his dream of a personal goblin cave.

In one particularly dimly lit corner of the cavern, a cluster of goblin hatchlings had formed a rather curious gathering. Their large ears, each comically oversized, twitched and wobbled as they huddled together. It seemed they had devised a unique form of entertainment, or so they believed.

"Grrzzzk! Ears, big ears! Click, chirp!" yelped one goblin, his ears flopping clumsily onto his neighbor's head.

"Whirrr, flappy, flappy, flop!" chimed in another, enthusiastically slapping his ear against his face.

Their antics were met with a chorus of high-pitched chirps, clicks, and squeals. It was a scene of sheer goblinish absurdity as they engaged in their peculiar pastime. Each goblin attempted to outdo the other, their ears flapping wildly in all directions.

"Screeeee! Itchy, itchy! My ear hurts, click, chirp!" cried a particularly distressed goblin as he accidentally smacked himself in the eye.

The commotion escalated, and soon, it became a dizzying whirlwind of ear-slapping madness. They chirped and clicked in distress, but their determination to continue their peculiar game remained unshaken.

"Ears, ears, ears! Flap, flop, smack!" they cried in unison, completely absorbed in their odd endeavor.

In their peculiar way, they were forging bonds and making sense of their newfound existence, even if it involved a considerable amount of ear-slapping-induced chaos as they slapped each other with their unwieldy appendages. The consequence was nothing short of chaotic, a tumultuous symphony of screeches and yelps as their gigantic ears lashed at their delicate and susceptible skin.

Meanwhile, most of the goblin hatchlings were content to swim aimlessly in the slimy feces, their tiny limbs propelling them in no particular direction. In these putrid urinal lakes these tiny goblin hatchlings learned how to swim.

Their feeble strokes created ripples in the noxious sludge, and their tiny heads bobbed up and down in the vile waves. To them, this foul concoction was their playground in their subterranean world.

Some goblin hatchlings floated belly-up, their gurgling laughter echoing eerily through the cavern as they splashed their fellow hatchlings with foul fecal waves. Others engaged in aimless races, their miniature bodies wobbling through the murky waters with no clear finish line in sight.