Chapter 0:


Cosplay Elf: Another World Elf's Journey as my Little Sister and a Cosplayer

A modern TV variety show named Imitation Judgment raised its popularity for criticizing cosplayers based on their costumes, their body figures, and worse, their faces.

In the said TV show, three cosplayers stood in line on stage, facing the judges who were sitting behind their respective tables.

On the far left was a pretty lady wearing a bunny girl suit. A well-built man in the middle wore a wig and a girl’s suit in XL size.

On the right, a hideous teenage girl in a magical girl suit held a magic wand colored by watercolor with gaps on it. Her clothes were vibrant and revealing, but they were obviously made of plastic.

The host of the show walked through the stage and began the ending of the program with enthusiasm.

“And now… for our finalist in Imitation Judgment! Who will remain the most outstanding character imitation from our current participants!? Who will be the star of cosplay in this session!? Who will be awarded the best cosplay ever!? Who will—”

“None of these retards would win,” a voice with a heavy volume shouted from the judges’ table. Its solidity silenced every person within the studio.

“Uhm……I’m sorry, but… we aren’t in the finalization yet, Mr. MagnusK,” the host said in his microphone.

“You’re finalizing those obvious results!? Are you retards!? These outfits were budget school projects, not cosplay! Cheap shit!”

The shout overtook the speaker’s volume and resonated throughout the room.

The camera shifted to where the judges sat. The shouting man, named MagnusK, stood up from his chair, furrowing his eyebrows towards the contestants.

MagnusK surrounded himself with shiny jewelry, shouting expensiveness and originality. His thick jacket made from the finest leather resisted him from moving freely.

His thick shades hid his eyes, while his azure blue hair stroked up the back to his nape. His thick furrowed eyebrows amplified his anger.

His fellow judges hung their mouths open at him. He continued arguing while gesturing his arms and hands.

“These shits aren’t even worthy of being called cosplayers! Their level of imitation is far too low, lower than hell! You’re the only negatives of everything absolute! You are shit… you are shit… you are very very shit!

“You, the lady on the left, what are you even cosplaying!? Mai Sakura from ‘The Bunny Is My Senpai?’ Heck! You’re cosplaying a pornstar! Cosplaying wasn’t for you! Go to a love motel or a red-light district and grind semen! Your clothing harbors too many loose fibers! I would’ve accepted it if you said you’re cosplaying Spiderman.”

The bunny lady kneeled on the floor and held her chest. Tears crawled down her cheeks as her red eyes stared at the ground.

Not caring about her, MagnusK pointed his finger at the next person.

“That stunt punk, in what touch of pedophilia from this world decided you to cosplay a little girl? You’re showing your fetish to the world, through a TV Show? You didn’t even shave your beard! Moreover, how did you become the finalist in the first place!? Is this TV program bugged?”

With his gritted teeth and clenched fists, the man stomped his feet toward MagnusK and growled. “Huh!? Do you have a problem with me!? What’s your problem with doing what I like!?”

Before he reached MagnusK, the TV program bouncers blocked him and gripped his body, pulling him out of the stage.

“You, dumb brawn, are the problem! Your disgusting sentiments infect the art of cosplay! Don’t you have a shame in your dick hanging out your miniskirt!?”

“Let me go! I will kill this delusional! GET OFF ME!” The well-built man’s shouts faded as he vanished on stage.

Hmph! MagnusK’s critic list continued to the last one.

“And you, ugly bitch, are you making fun of cosplaying, showing yourself in public without even a touch of makeup, and flexing how deformed your face was!? Magic girl Aella’s face was never this awful! If you couldn’t fix your face, blame you and your loathsome family genetics!”

The girl bit her lips, covered her face, and sobbed. Her loud breathing and whimpering echoed throughout the silent studio.

“Why…Why are you harsh to us cosplayers!?” The girl cried. “Why do I need to become perfect to become someone I wanted to be!?”

“Don’t cut school, you bitch ass motherfucking fuck face of all fuckers! You can’t imitate without perfection! Even your anus duplicates your assmucus’s odor and color perfectly!”

“Y—You’re the worst!” The girl squealed and cried. She accidentally swiped her elbow on her clothing, causing a wardrobe malfunction.

After that, the TV program concluded with a hanging end.