Cosplay Elf: Another World Elf's Journey as my Little Sister and a Cosplayer

Kou is a high school student who is a tough cosplay critic and is determined to manage his favorite cosplayer, Mimirin. His skills make companies chase him for a management offer, but he rejects it all.

However, when Mimirin quits the industry, Kou feels lost and is determined to bring her back before the Cosplay Contest ends. The problem is that Mimirin is under contract and will be banned forever if she misses the event.

Just when Kou is at his lowest, a teenage elf named Sera appears in his room. Sera has just fled a brutal massacre in her hometown and is traumatized. She wants to return home and away from humans that harmed her family.

Soon, Kou will realize Sera’s potential to become a cosplayer. The story takes us on a friendship, cosplay, and adventure journey as Kou and Sera work together to save Mimirin’s career and overcome their struggles.

Warning: Contains Profanity

Warning: Contains Profanity

GenreComedyDramaFantasySlice of LifeIsekai
UpdatedOct 03, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count26,190
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