Chapter 118:

Tannit, Morrigan and Epona vs Coyote

Elyon - Gods among us

—First of all, we need to get Loki out of his stomach— said Ana as the three goddesses lunged at Coyote.

—Why? Let's leave him there— Tania replied indignantly.

—Is he your new boyfriend, Ana?— Epona added with a mischievous smile.

Ana shook her head.

—Are you going to let him die so easily without paying for his sins to the people of Denmark?— the Irish goddess challenged Tania with a defiant look.

Tania glanced at Coyote and said nothing, but showed a gesture of annoyance.

The three goddesses struck the grotesque creature. Ana, with her Excalibur sword, cut part of the monster's chest; Epona its neck, and Tania, with her claws, its jaw. The monster staggered back but was not significantly damaged. The three goddesses landed on the eternal dunes of Samalayucan.

The wounds the three goddesses inflicted on Coyote were tiny. The evil god healed his body almost immediately.

—We didn't even scratch him— Epona said worriedly.

—No, but we haven't used all our power yet— Ana added.

Tania took a deep breath and turned to Ana.

—Alright, let's prioritize rescuing Loki from that thing's stomach— she said.

—Thank you, Tania— replied Ana, as Excalibur shone with an intensity as strong as the sun. Two wings appeared on the back of the Irish goddess, one white and one dark, as she prepared to attack again.

Suddenly, three ropes emerged from the sand dunes and latched onto the necks of the three goddesses, but as quick as lightning, Epona cut the ties with her scythe.

—You won't trap us in one of your dreamworlds while I'm here, Coyote!— Epona shouted, pointing her weapon at the grotesque god.

Immediately, a deafening noise began to resonate all around. Tania and Ana dropped to their knees, feeling like their heads were going to explode, but then, two yellowish spherical energy shields covered them.

—He's trying to use mental power to destroy our brains— Epona said. —It's lucky that I can now use mental powers just like Loki—

The equine goddess had her left hand raised towards Coyote, while she was also covered in that energy. Tania and Ana immediately got up, surprised by their friend's new power.

—You saved our lives, Epona— Tania remarked in astonishment to the equine goddess.

—Thanks, mare— Ana added.

—The thanks will come later if we survive this fight, girls— Epona commented, then raised her scythe.

—He can't use mental powers, so let's attack with everything we have!— Epona shouted.

The others nodded and lunged again at the monstrous beast.

Ana, in mid-leap, slashed the air with her massive weapon, shouting: —Slais naofa—. A beam of pure energy emanated from her sword and hit Coyote in the pit of his stomach.

Epona, at the same time, made her giant scythe shine and cut Coyote on the left side of his stomach, shouting: —Bíthu'éithra servath—. Will-o'-the-wisps set her weapon's edge ablaze, leaving a ghostly light trail on the creature's belly.

Both goddesses withdrew to see Tania hurling herself at full speed towards Coyote's stomach, yelling: —Rahafu Sharshi

The goddess collided like a powerful saw into the creature's stomach. A dull explosion emanated from the impact; Tania jumped back, watching as Coyote again staggered back from the blow.

—We didn't do anything to him again— Ana said worriedly.

—No— Tania replied. —When I hit him with my body, it felt like it was made of a very resistant, yet flexible material—

—It feels... like dough— Tania added. —We hit it, but it returns to that shape... like rubber—

Neeznáá ooljééi adáátłizh— Coyote said with his eerie voice, raising his grotesque claws to the sky. At that moment, ten massive moons with mocking faces appeared in the sky, which quickly began to descend towards the earth's surface.

—Is this some kind of joke?— Tania asked in surprise, watching the satellites approach. —If just one of those moons hits Earth, it will become uninhabitable—

Epona and Ana leaped up to try attacking the massive satellites, but the damage they inflicted was so minuscule it wasn't even noticeable. If the goddesses were outside the barrier, they would have destroyed the moons easily, but the power difference was abyssal.

Ana and Epona crashed back into the dunes, despairingly watching their inevitable end.

—It's all over— Ana muttered, assuming a defensive posture. The other goddesses did the same, just as the first moon collided with Earth, followed by the others.

A deafening atomic explosion radiated across the Samalayucan desert. The sand crystallized, and the sky turned red. When the colossal explosion ended, a huge crater filled with magma remained in the vast desert. A massive smoke cloud blocked out the moon and stars. The cabin where everyone rested had been entirely vaporized by the onslaught, with the three goddesses lying face down at the bottom of the huge hole created by the satellites.

—The difference... is too vast— Ana whispered weakly, trying to rise with the aid of Excalibur. Her face was burnt and bloodied, and she could only open her left eye due to the damage.

Tania, who had lost her manticore transformation from the impact, tried to push herself up with her arms on the ground. The Punic goddess was also covered in blood, her face charred, and she was breathing heavily.

—He drained almost all our ichor with a single strike— she said.

Epona could barely move her hands as she lay in the vast crater.

—When we were in the Haida realm— Ana began, —I saw their raven god use a combination of fire and water, making his attacks far more potent than if launched separately—

—An antipode of power with opposing elements?— Tania inquired.

—Yes, if I can use my sacred element combined with the Death element that Epona's wielding, I might inflict greater damage with my sword— Ana pondered, struggling to her feet, leaning heavily on Excalibur.

—Ana, I don't think Epona can get up after that— Tania countered.

—I can... just give me a few minutes— Epona whispered faintly.

—Though, when I attacked the King of Tula, I combined Light and Darkness— Ana recalled. —I think that could also be an antipode—

—Tania, can't you wield water with fire?— Epona questioned, painstakingly trying to rise.

—I've never... tried— the Punic goddess admitted with a puzzled look.

—You said you only mimicked that Sekhmet to harness fire. Isn't it time you forget her and embrace your Moon goddess side too?— Ana probed, finally standing, though her legs still quaked.

—I've lost much of the strength of my water element— Tania revealed. —At most, I can produce a few droplets, and that's it— the fire goddess murmured as she stood, hunched over.

—I have some basic healing skills that only work on humans and animals. If this death element combines with them, could I launch more devastating attacks?— Epona speculated, slowly pulling herself up with her scythe.

—Let's bet our lives on it— Ana declared.

The three goddesses leaped out of the pit made by the satellites' impact, noting that the explosion had razed the house. Their friends lay unconscious amidst the dunes. Luckily, they had only been hit by the shockwave, so their injuries weren't severe.

—My house is in shambles— Ana lamented.

—At least our friends are still alive despite that immense power— Tania pointed out.

—It's as if Coyote is only interested in us, or he would have harmed our friends more— Epona deduced.

Coyote stood where he had summoned the ten massive moons. The three goddesses mustered their utmost power.

Tania resumed her manticore form, and Epona transformed into the goddess of death. Meanwhile, Ana's Excalibur shone intensely, and her two wings sprouted anew.

—Thanks for your patience, Coyote, but we're back— Tania mocked, eying the monstrous god sarcastically.

—This time we'll get Loki out of your stomach— Ana shouted, pointing her immense sword at the wicked deity.

—Brace yourself for our combined might!— Epona cried, and the trio lunged at Coyote once more.

Ana created a clone of herself with dark matter, which held the sword Gram in both hands. As the goddess approached Coyote's stomach once more, she sliced it with all her might, shouting:
Sgàile agus solas X-chros —. Right behind her, her clone struck with Gram with the same intensity, drawing a cross on the wicked god's stomach, made of light and shadow. Coyote groaned and staggered back from the impact.

—Ana pointed out where we should strike!— Tania exclaimed, as she tried to create water with her fiery claws, which caused them to fill with steam.

The Punic goddess then struck the spot where Ana had attacked hundreds of times, shouting:
Regesn qepu

Coyote howled in pain, and then, a massive crack opened in the demon's stomach where one could see Loki's feet.

—The final blow will be mine!— Epona shouted angrily as she enlarged her scythe massively.

Menman selgheth— She yelled, splitting Coyote with her weapon at the spot where Ana had struck. As Coyote was split in two, Epona, while delivering her attack, pulled Loki from the grotesque being's stomach.

Epona threw Loki to the ground, near where her friends had fallen, but she was drained of energy. The equine goddess fell face down on the sands of the great desert, losing her transformation again.

—It worked!— Ana exclaimed with joy as she saw Loki naked and covered in dark acid, having been inside the creature's stomach for so long. The god remained unconscious.

However, when the three goddesses looked at Coyote, he appeared unchanged from his initial form. The wound the three had inflicted had vanished, and his divine power remained as high as ever.

—I just wanted to see if you could get him out of my stomach, so congratulations. Excellent teamwork combining elements. Huhuhuhuhu— the monstrous god commented with his terrifying voice.

—That bastard... he keeps mocking us— Ana remarked, barely holding herself up on Excalibur, which was planted in the ground.

—I can't keep on... I'm as good as dead— Epona remarked.

Tania approached Loki and touched the back of his neck.

—The bastard is still alive, but we need to get him out of here— she remarked.

Ana, using her sword as a staff, kicked Loki to where the rest of their companions were.

—That should keep him safe— she commented.

Ana and Tania turned their gaze to Coyote, while Epona lay on the ground completely exhausted.

—I think it's time to drink ambrosia with that chocolatl drink Tul prepared— Ana remarked.

—It wouldn't be wise— Tania replied, biting her lip. —If we haven't hurt him at all, using it will leave us in the same condition—

—What about Tul's energy concoctions?— Epona inquired.

—Either way, it will only prolong our deaths— Tania pessimistically remarked.

—But if we do nothing, he'll defeat us regardless— Ana retorted, nearly collapsing from leaning so heavily on her sword.
—It's better to try everything before giving up— Epona added.

Tania then conjured three bottles.

—Go ahead, drink up. I only have these three I kept for emergencies— the goddess said, handing two of the bottles to the other two goddesses.

Ana and Epona swiftly opened their bottles and drank the contents. It tasted awful, but it was effective enough to give them a bit of energy, allowing both to stand again at full strength.

Coyote then raised his arms indifferently.

—Done chatting? Ready to fight again? Huhuhuhuhuh— he said.

—Damn bastard, he keeps mocking us— Tania said angrily, finishing her energy drink.

—No, this time I'll start attacking too. Huhuhuhu— Coyote replied, then chanted: —Áłtsé Hashké

From the ground emerged massive dark blades with white and red lines, painted with eyes that seemed full of hatred.

The goddesses evaded the onslaught of the massive blades, but then, Coyote stretched out his grotesque claws and attacked the goddesses. Epona and Ana sliced off the monstrous god's two arms, while Tania screamed: —Esh Kela - Safar: Beth-resh—. Charging her gigantic fireball, she shot it at Coyote, causing a massive explosion.

Ana flew above Coyote and yelled: —Súil Balor—.

Suddenly, the illusion of the giant appeared behind the goddess. With Excalibur, she struck the monster's right shoulder with her red-hued thrust, emanating from the titan's eye.

From his horns, Coyote produced several dark knives with grotesque coyote faces painted in black, white, and red. However, before they could impale Ana, Epona appeared and cut them with her scythe.

—Ana! Let's do the combined attack!— Epona shouted to the airborne goddess. The Irish goddess nodded.

Epona then screamed: —Bíthu'éithra ép—. Epona summoned her yellowish horse, which raced toward Ana as if descending from the sky.

—I get it, Epona— Ana said, and the goddess mounted it and hurled herself at Coyote's head, charging her sword with all her might.

—Ana, use this too!— Tania shouted, throwing another gigantic fireball. The horse Ana was riding caught it, bursting into flames.

—Thanks, Tania!— Ana shouted, and as she reached the massive beast's head, the fire horse turned into energy that the sword absorbed. The Irish goddess then yelled: —Bantiarna an Locha

Behind Ana, a giant and stunning blonde woman in a unique blue dress appeared. The colossal woman placed her hands on Excalibur's blade and created an energy sphere, which emanated from the powerful sword. Then, as if wielding a hammer, the woman's hands went down in sync with Ana's sword. It radiated a massive column of multi-colored energy, reminiscent of a marine torrent, created by sacred power, dark power, fire, water, death, and green energy. The power struck the monstrous being, splitting it in two as Ana landed on the dunes of the great desert.

However, then the dark knives resurfaced from the desert sands. The goddesses flew away to evade them, but in the air, they saw the sand where Coyote's body had fallen start to shape into a colossal coyote made of dark matter.

—Now, it reminds me of Fenrir— Ana commented on seeing Coyote's new form. Its eyes were white with red stripes, its teeth consisted of three rows of fangs, and it bore a grotesque smile.

—I'm afraid... to say it, but his divine power has increased massively, and I don't feel like we've damaged his ichor— Tania pessimistically replied.

—Are you kidding?! After that combined attack?— Epona exclaimed with an uncertain look.

The goddesses looked up and saw the massive moons above them once more.

—No, I'm not joking— Tania said pessimistically. —And this time he'll be like ten times stronger—

The massive moons fell on the three goddesses, who unleashed their greatest powers upon the satellites without affecting them. The moons struck them, and another atomic explosion obliterated the remaining desert landscape.

In a new magmatic crater, the three goddesses, with their broken totemas, lay nearly unconscious. However, Coyote gave them no time to recover. The god peeked into the vast opening caused by his impact. From his sides, he summoned two darkness snakes which entered the pit and, squeezing the goddesses, stood, exposing the tormented deities to Coyote's eyes.

—You have potential, but you are hundreds of thousands of years below my level. Huuhuhuhu— Coyote commented, watching as the goddesses began to suffer, their bones breaking from the tight bind of the grotesque horned, red-eyed snakes.

In that moment, amid their struggle against the two serpents, the three goddesses began to radiate a light from their chests. It was a pure, white light.

—You... bear the power of Tawa within you... That's astounding! Huhuhuhu— remarked an excited Coyote. However, despite this, the goddesses couldn't free themselves and started to lose consciousness.

—Although its power is exceedingly faint and low. These three have managed the necessary conditions to bring forth the power of Tawa, the creator of the universe. Huhuhuhu— Coyote continued, looking intently at the three goddesses.

Then, the two serpents tossed the three goddesses at the feet of the grotesque creature, who examined them more closely. Only Tania remained somewhat conscious, while both Ana and Epona had already passed out.

—Tell me, girl, how did you manage to bear the universe's blessing within you?— Coyote inquired, intrigued.

—I... don't... know what you're talking about— replied a battered Tania, her bones broken and devoid of ichor to heal.

—Huhuhuhu. This is amazing. The power of Tawa in goddesses from another continent. Not even the useless gods of this region have managed to awaken that— Coyote said excitedly, looking sadistically at Tania's face.

—Now, I'm eager to see just how strong you can be. Huhuhu— Coyote remarked as he began crushing Tania with his paw.

Tania screamed in agony as Coyote continued to torture her.

—Do you believe that weak power of Tawa can harm me? Huhuhuhu— taunted Coyote. But then, despite her broken bones, Tania lifted Coyote's paw with her arms, with the light in her heart turning red.

—Her bones are shattered, and yet she can still move her arms. Impressive! Huhuhuhu— Coyote exclaimed, increasing his pressure, breaking Tania's recently healed arms and crushing her again.

At that moment, Epona and Ana pierced through Coyote's paw with their weapons. Their totemas were shattered, but they kept fighting despite their injuries. Ana's chest glowed dark, while Epona's shined a greenish hue.

—And still, without any hope of winning, you oppose me. This is astonishing. I adore this willpower! Huhuhuhu— said Coyote, as he flung the three goddesses to the opposite side of the crater caused by the falling of the ten moons.

—Alright, I'll grant you another chance. Recover with that thing you call ambrosia and face me once more— Coyote shouted sadistically. —I want to destroy your bodies harnessing that power of Tawa in your hearts!—