Workshop Contest

Polish your writing skills with Honeyfeed's Writing Workshop Contest!

If you're an aspiring writer eager to enter the world of Japanese light novels and manga production, look no further than this contest! Honeyfeed Writing Workshop is offering its winning authors a unique opportunity to elevate their writing potential under the guidance of professional editors from renowned light novel and manga publishers from Japan.

Winning this contest grants you the exclusive opportunity to ask two questions aimed at enhancing your writing skills. Consider it your personal writing counseling session with the pros!

Honeyfeed Writing Workshop will recur multiple times throughout the year, with a chance of featuring different professionals from the industry.

This time featuring: [Yasunori Inokuma]

Yasunori Inokuma

Yasunori Inokuma

  • 1990 Joined Kodansha Ltd. Assigned to Monthly Shōnen Magazine Editorial Department
  • Dec. 2004 Appointed Chief Editor of Monthly Shōnen Magazine Editorial Department
  • At the time, he was 37 years old, making him the youngest chief editor of a Kodansha manga magazine in the Heisei era.
  • 2010 Transferred to launch a light novel department at Kodansha
  • 2014 Appointed General Manager of Light Novel Bunko Publishing Department (Chief Editor of Light Novel Bunko)
  • 2023 Light Novel Bunko Publishing Department reorganized as Light Novels Department
  • 2024 (present) Managing Editor of Light Novels Department
  • In Japan, it is rare for someone to have experience as a chief editor of both manga and light novels.
  • His hobbies include golf, road biking, collecting cameras, and photography.
  • He enjoys Japanese saké and has recently developed an interest in tea ceremony.
  • The author he most respects is F. Scott Fitzgerald (his favorite novel is The Great Gatsby)
  • Among light novels, he has been influenced by Toradora! and Haruhi Suzumiya.

How to enter the contest

  • Read the contest theme.
  • Create and submit a complete one-shot novel with a minimum of 1,200 words and a maximum of 3,000 words following the contest theme.
    *Make sure you are selecting the option "Submit this novel to Honeyfeed Writing Workshop" when creating a new novel.
  • Start and finish your novel within the submission period.

Entry rules and restrictions

  • Entries must include a synopsis.
  • Entries must contain a novel cover.
  • Entries can not be a collaboration with another writer or creative editor.
  • Entries can not be previous works. Previous works are stories that existed and were posted before the start of this contest's round announcement, including the Honeyfeed site. Please submit only new novels created with this contest in mind.

This contest round's theme will be:

Visiting Japan during Spring

This contest round will be running from:

May 17, 2024toJun 17, 2024

After the contest timeline

  1. Judges will take 1 month to decide on the contest winner. Interested in becoming a contest judge? Fill in your application here. Judges will be selected before the judging period starts [limited availability].
  2. The winner will be announced via Honeyfeed social media after judges have made their verdict.
  3. After the winner announcement is public, the winner will be contacted via email and question/answer translation time will be allotted.
  4. Next workshop starting time will be announced.