Chapter 67:

Escape Witch of Salem Part 2: Roadtrip

Escape Witch

As the executioner pulled the lever for the gallows, Madoka freed herself and quickly freed Emeri and Serika. She then dashed for Yuni as the trap door beneath Yuni gave way. Yuni closed her eyes, but suddenly felt herself stop. She opened her eyes to see Madoka acting as a platform while Emeri and Serika freed her.

"So you intend to resist, in that case, you will be killed on sight," Kasumi growled as she nudged her head to the side. Everyone immediately charged the girls again.

"Madoka kick!" Madoka yelled as she began roundhouse kicking.

"Oryah!" Serika yelled as she began throwing hands.

Kasumi glared as she watched her puppets get overwhelmed by the girls. Once a path was cleared, Serika and Madoka scooped up Emeri and Yuni respectively, and ran off. They spotted a car and ran for it as the owner of it charged at them. Madoka effortlessly dispatched him and took his keys.

"Good thing we have our backpacks on us," Madoka smiled as the girls piled in the car. Emeri got behind the wheel and sped off.

"*Tch* They'll probably cross state lines. Well, this was an unexpected encounter so I can't be too displeased with this lack of preparation. Besides, I can use this incident as a stepping stone to bring them down," Kasumi thought.


"That was a fun escape," Madoka smiled as she sat in the back seat.

Serika immediately slugged her in the gut.

"Mado-chan. You put all of us in danger with your recklessness," Emeri growled.

"Yuni almost died. Next time don't recklessly decide to runoff somewhere!" Serika growled.

"You should have been a bit more on guard. Even though we were able to expose all those Illumous members thanks to Serika, Kasumi somehow managed to mitigate the damage. I imagine it has something to do with why everyone started acting like robots," Emeri theorized.

"Now that you mention it, she was making odd motions with her head. Almost like she was sending telepathic commands. Come to think of it, she tends to make a big fuss when her mouth is unstitched, yet today she didn't," Yuni stated.

"Wait, that freak sews her own mouth shut?" Serika asked.

"Yeah, I think it's because she hates moving her lips. She'd always complain that taking's a pain and that we should all communicate telepathically."

"Hmm, if those tattoos are electric, then it's likely that combined with a chip is why those townspeople fell under her control. It would also explain how she was able to gain so much power so quickly," Emeri stated.

"So where are we going?" Madoka asked.

"New York. The further we get from that freak, the better. Luckily, the GPS says its only a 3 hour trip. Though when we get there, you go on a leash and we plan our itinerary together," Emeri growled.

After crossing into Connecticut, the girls took a rest stop at a small gas station store off the freeway.

"Look! They have cans of chili here! Madoka cheered.

"Mado-chan, it says you need to cook it," Emeri growled.

"They sell camping cookers too!"


Emeri sighed as Madoka hummed in the back.

"Why are you so happy?" asked Yuni.

"Because, all these chili cans I bought have the recipe on the back," Madoka proudly huffed.

"These look like they're different brands," Serika said as she examined some of the cans.

"I'm gonna call momma and tell her the recipes."

"Madoka? Are you all alright?" Harumi asked as Madoka called her.

"We're all driving to New York. I also got some chili recipes I-"

"You're all in America? Ugh. I'd prefer it if you come back to Scandinavia."


"Things are going to get dangerous there. One of Illumous' top agents just made a move in an attempt to seize power."

"What happened?"

"She filed articles of impeachment against the Vice President."

"Wait, Kasumi did that!?" Yuni exclaimed.

"Yes, I imagine she intends to have the Vice President legally stripped of his office before trying to get rid of the President. If she pulls that off, she'd become President."

"Alright Auntie, we'll try and get out as soon as possible," Emeri stated.

"Good. As for this "chili" tell me the recipe, Madoka."


After a long drive, the girls reached New York city and checked into a hotel in Times Square.

"We're having chili tonight!" Madoka smiled as she cooked some up.

"This stuff tastes better than the stuff we had this morning," Serika stated.

"I kind of liked the other stuff more," Yuni stated.

"Well, I guess there are different brands, so the taste is bound to be different. Though I still don't like it," Emeri grumbled.

"It all tastes good to me," Madoka smiled.

"We'll only be sightseeing for a full day tomorrow got it? Then we hightail it to Norway."

"Why Norway?" asked Yuni.

"Norway is now the safest country for us to be in now that Tokyo Metropolitan police has been taken over by Illumous," Emeri explained.

"Why Norway?" asked Yuni.

"Because the Ginkawa family is essentially the government of Norway. My grandfather's aunt also married into Norwegian royalty."

"How many royal families do the Ginkawas have blood connections too?"

"Japan and Norway are the two big ones. Though I'm sure if we delve into all the branch families we'll find ties to quite a few well known influential lineages. Anyway, we'll spend a full day sightseeing in New York, then we get out of here. If Kasumi can do what she did back in Salem elsewhere in America, then we are in trouble."

After a good night's rest, the girls woke up and prepared to go sightseeing.