Chapter 66:

Escape Witch of Salem Part 1: Madoka's Itinerary

Escape Witch

Serika looked out the window as Emeri brushed her hair.

"So which direction are we heading in?" Serika asked.

"West. I believe this is a flight to Boston Massachusetts," Emeri replied.

"We're going to America!? Hell yeah!" Madoka cheered.

"America..." Yuni trailed off.

"Huh? what's wrong Yuni?" Madoka asked.

"It's just that America is where Kasumi has been all these years, building up power to become the most powerful person in the world."

"You're afraid we might run into her again?" Emeri asked.

"Yeah. She terrifies me. Her appearance doesn't make things better. All I can see in my nightmares is her freakish face and those soulless eyes staring at me with murderous intent," Yuni trembled.

"If that bitch tries to attack us again, we just pummel her," Serika stated.

"I fear she's much stronger than that old coot we cooked. Even that one eyed guy and Nadea don't scare me as much as Kasumi does."

"You said she was speaker of the US house of representatives yes?" Emeri asked.


Emeri went on her phone and stared in disbelief.

"I can't believe this. She looks exactly the same in her portrait as she did when we saw her. It says she goes by Cassidy Silver and is a 35 years old congresswoman from MA 04."

"Guess she wasn't kidding about lying about her age. What's MA 04?"

Before Emeri could explain, the pilot announced they would begin their decent. The girls gazed outside as America came into view.

"I've heard they have some weird food here. I wanna try it and send the recipes back to momma. Think we'll find the mythical glizzys in Boston?" Madoka asked.

"Mado-chan, Glizzy is just a slang term for a hot dog. You've had plenty of those back in Japan," Emeri groaned.

"Boo! That's no fun! I wanna try the food!"

"You know American food tends to be more on the unhealthier side compared to- "


The two continued to banter until the plane landed.

"[Welcome to America. Have anything you need to check?]" the tsa official asked.

"[Check out my videos and socials!]" Madoka smiled.

"[She does not understand English. Is there any way to tell us what we need to do in Japanese?]" Yuni asked.

"[There are language options on the terminal. Just select Japanese.]"


After getting through security, the girls set forth into the main airport.

"Wow, it's massive," Yuni gawked.

"They do say everything's bigger in America after all," Emeri sighed.

"So what are we gonna do now?" asked Serika.

"Well, I guess we can grab something to eat while we plan our itinerary."


Madoka happily snarfed down the food she bought.

"What... is that?" Yuni grimaced.

"Ey aud it as illi!" Madoka stated with her mouth full.

"Manners Mado-chan," Emeri groaned.

"You really are acting like the big sis," Serika jibbed as she adjusted her hat.

"Your sensei really was a remarkable woman. That flower was equipped with multiple cameras and microphones. It's even programed to upload the footage to a specific Ewetube channel. Was she really this good with tech?"

"I think she was skilled, but nowhere near your level," Yuni stated.

"Yeah, she was good, but not a hacker like you," Serika affirmed.

"You two have been getting along much better now," Madoka smiled.

"Well, yeah. We still argue though," Serika blushed.

"Hey that's what friends do," Yuni smiled.

"Yeah," Serika smiled back.

"So who wants some chili? I'm gonna go grab some more," Madoka stated.


"Yeah, I asked the guy for something you can only order in America and he said chili."


Yuni, Serika, and Emeri stared at the bowls of chili before them.

"You know we just ate our own meals," Serika grumbled.

"I go ou sa mall izes," Madoka smiled as she gobbled down another large bowl of chili.

The three sighed and tried the chili.

"Too spicy. I'm fine with curry, but this is a little too heavy for me," Emeri stated.

"I prefer more seafood based foods, but this is decent," Serika grumbled.

"Not bad. I could get used to this," Yuni stated.

"See! I told you it was good. Now we just need to get the recipe," Madoka smiled.

"We're not going to spend today hunting chili," Emeri groaned.

"Don't worry, I've got the whole day mapped out!" Madoka declared as she showed her phone.

"Salem witch trial reenactment tour, Times Square- Mado-chan! Times square is in New York!"

"But it says this can be done in less than 10 hours."

"Ugh, I do NOT want to be apart of a Salem witch trial reenactment!"

"Relax, I'll escape and free you before-"


Before Emeri could further protest, Madoka was already dashing towards the shuttles.


Emeri groaned as she stared at Madoka in the stockade.

"What? This is nothing for me," Madoka smiled as she effortlessly broke free.

"This isn't a place for you to show off your escapology," Emeri groaned.

Serika began to get a little uncomfortable as she watched the reenacted trial.

"Too much for you?" Yuni asked.

"Nah, I can handle it. Though, I guess you could say it's bringing back bad memories," Serika replied.

Suddenly, all the actors and townsfolk began to hostilely surround the four girls.

"[We didn't pay for this,]" Emeri groaned.

"No, but you will pay for what you did," a woman's voice rang out.

The girls froze as Kasumi appeared before them.

"Why are you here?" Yuni trembled.

"Why? Because this is within my congressional district. I'm more surprised to find witches like you here," Kasumi glared.

"Witches? You're clearly the most demonic looking one here!"

Kasumi nudged her head slightly and the townsfolk began swarming the girls and bounding and gagging them.

"Since this is my district, I naturally have iron fisted control over everyone that resides here. As for your fate, you'll be executed at the gallows ," Kasumi glared.

The townsfolk silently carried the girls to the gallows and tightened nooses around their necks as Kasumi sat in a throne some of the townsfolk brought her. Serika and Madoka glared at Kasumi while Emeri and Yuni began to cry. A man dressed as an executioner walked up to the lever.

"Alright you evil freak, time for the witches to make their grand escape," Madoka thought.