Chapter 10:



Jack’s gem had tentacles and flesh come out of it and consume his body, breaking the gemstone in the process. He turned into Nyarlathotep’s 15% form and used his tentacles to swing at Radhyea but missed. Radhyea’s legs lit on fire and he kicked Jack, Jack used all of his tentacles to grab Radhyea. It burned but he persevered and held on with his right tentacle and slammed him into the ground multiple times.

Lucius started to walk over and In a flash Jack’s right arm was severed. Lucius put his hand on Jack and using his Abyssal Teleportation he made Jack vanish.

Jack woke up in a dark cave. Looking up he could see outside, it was raining. He used healing magic to seal off his wound and stood up and left the cave. The cave was on the cliffside next to the ocean and above the cave was a small town. The townsfolk stared at him as he walked into the town now looking for a place to rest. He found a church and entered to rest for a while.

“You’re a long way from Braxford boy.”

“who are you?” 

“I am Saint Altryx of the church of Elahan. I ain't really a saint though, my bloodline has been given the title for all of the great things Elahan did.” 

“How do you know where i'm from?” 

“You are friends with Aderland correct? He comes by every few weeks and we chat for a while. Come with me, you should see something.” 

Altryx brings Jack to his home and shows him the global paper. 

“Take a look at these new bounties.” 

Ancient King Lucius v150,000,000. Radhyea, The True Fireborne v343,000. SenorSalis Diamante v80,000. Knight Gualterius v80,000. Executioner Gorebyss v80,000.  Jury Greyheart v80,000. And Judge Donovinian v80,000.

“Hey could you also take a look at this one.” 

Xenox, Dragonkin v800,000,000. 

“And you’ve also been raised to v150,000.” 

“The five with 80,000 must be the Zealots that still remain. Could I meet with Aderland?”

“Only if you let me join your crew, I specialize in electricity I promise I can be of use!” 

“You’ve been promoted to Vice-Captain of the Ghosts. Now where is he?"

“Thank you very much sir, Aderland is in Akhara, Oskon. It should take about twenty-seven hours to get there.” 

They compiled supplies and walked to Akhara where they found the academy where Aderland used to train. They asked the receptionist “Is Aderland still here?” 

“He is in room 161.” 

As they walk to the room they see records on the wall with Aderland being on top of all of them. Altryx enters the room where he is teaching a class.  

“Could you come to the hall for a second?” 

“Sure, keep practicing i'll be right back.”  

“What’s up, why did you come all the way out here?” 

Altryx nods his head to the right where Jack stands. Aderland looks and sees him. 

“Jack is that you? What happened to your arm?” 

“It’s all in this week's paper, have you not seen?” Altryx added.