Chapter 11:



They informed Aderland on what had transpired recently.

“Are you in?”  

“yes, whatever it takes to help my old friend out. I will join you and we will take down the Zealots.” 

They walked out the front of the academy 

“I’m taking a vacation i'll see you in a few weeks.” Aderland told the receptionist. 

“Aderland you are also temporarily a Vice-Captain. Now we need to recruit a few more men to help us before we infiltrate the Fortress.” 

“A lot of the warriors we train move to a city nearby called Dunkirk.” 

Jack remembered... “I found my father years after he left in the city of Dunkirk. He told me the part of the story only he knows and we had lunch together.” 

“We’ll head to Dunkirk then.” 

Half a day later they made it to Dunkirk. 

They rented a room in a inn for the night. At night after Aderland and Altryx went to sleep Jack got up and left. He roamed the streets for a while before he stopped at a bar. He sat down and when he looked to his left.


The man looked back at him in shock. 

“How do you know that name?” 

“Sorry I thought you were someone else, also that name is quite famous y'know.” 

“Not a famous name for a human, did you know him?” 

“Know who?” 

“Did you know my son? why else would you call someone by the name of a dragon?” 

At a closer look jack noticed a burn mark on his arm. 

“Are you Jackson?” 

“Yes, I’m sure my son has told you about me. How is he doing?” 

“He's doing no better than you are.” 

“Is he at least safe?” 

“If you really care about your son why don’t you go find him?” 

Jackson stared into his glass.

Jack walked back to the inn and fell asleep. He awoke in a dream tied up in a chair at the Uncrowned Fortress. 

“You’re finally awake traitor!”

Jack looked up and saw Lucius. He took his helmet off revealing a young man with short black hair. 

“You dare betray your kingdom of Soa Xtende? You will be tortured and put to death in front of a crowd!" They tore off all of his fingernails and ripped out all of his teeth. 

“How dare you fucking do this to our kingdom! I thought we had something Jack! A mutual trust!” 

Lucius started to tear up.

“You fucking asshole..."

He punched Jack in the face and he woke up. 

“Hey Jack are you alright?” Aderland asked. 

“Yeah just - Nevermind, it was just a dream."