Chapter 9:



“We can’t let you into the kiln, sir.”

Lucius consumed the guard in abyss and sucked out all of his blood. The other guard got scared and ran away. Lucius opened the door to the kiln. 

“So why did Yeoman Abel want me?"

“Cthugha” an image of the word flashed in his head. 

“What is Cthugha?” 

Lucius lifted his arm and pointed at the kiln. 

“The fire?” 

Lucius grabbed Radhyea from the other Zealots and threw him to the ground. He grabbed a stick and set it on fire. Radhyea got up and looked at Lucius for a second. Lucius took the torch and stabbed him through the gut. He fell over screaming for a moment and it had seemed he had burned to death.

The fire absorbed into his heart. He stood up and snapped his chains. Then pulled the extinguished torch out of his stomach. 

“King Lucius, we meet again.” 

Jack located the kiln and walked toward it. In front of the kiln were fifteen Zealots. He pushed them aside to get inside. He saw Lucius and another man. The man turned around and looked at the visitor.

“It’s you Nyarlathotep.”  

“Radhyea, is that you?” 

Radhyea’s appearance had drastically changed. His hair was white and his clothes had been burned black. His stomach had a hole in it from the torch and he had the cuffs on his wrist from the chains, his skin was burnt off and crumbling. 

“I see this boy has taken over you.” 

He snapped his fingers and a spiral of fire hurled toward Jack and the Zealots. He used his sword to protect him but the Zealots behind him burnt to a crisp. 

“I have to use my ability or I’ll die here, Exodus let me use it!” 

He wondered how to use it while fighting off the Infernal and came to a realization.

“I Promise”