Chapter 13:



The sun starts to set and they get some rest in another inn. Jack Fireborne falls asleep and watches a dream unfold.

“With my wife gone and my cancer getting worse I need someone to take care of my son after I die. Would you do it jack?” 

“I can do it.” 

Later that night Jack Hopal goes to sleep.

“Betray the kingdom Jack, you have to!” 

Jack Hopal wakes up. 

“Arthur, Hey Arthur! Wake up!” 

Jack shakes Arthur in bed, he tries to bring him back to life with CPR but nothing worked. Later Arthur's son woke up and he told him the news.

“I’m so sorry your father died in his sleep."

“Father didn't die on his own! You killed him, I hate you!” The boy ran off. 

The next morning the boy came back.

“I’m hungry” 

“I’ll give you food but will you forgive me?” 

“Never!” He stole the bread and ran away. 

This went on for weeks but the boy started to become friends with Jack Hopal. 

Twelve years later...

“You are the king my boy, your father left you with this title, King Lucius.” 

The boy was now eighteen and the King of Soa Xtende. Soldiers from Islena came to the kingdom wanting 100 children as slaves in exchange for peace. Lucius had to agree in order for the kingdom to survive.

“I love you, you will all be safe and cared for in Islena.” 

The kids were sent off and Lucius went back to his Fortress. A week went by when a soldier told the King that Jack had been seen leaving the kingdom the night before the soldiers came. Lucius was pissed and went to Jack’s room.

“We need to talk Jack.” 

Jack Fireborne woke up in the inn, he was the only one still there. He went outside and saw everybody was already waiting for him. 

“We’re taking one last stop before we go to the fortress.” Altryx said. 

They walked to a town called Amgli northwest from the Fortress. They all split up to do their own thing for a while. Jack went to the library to look for information on Excalibur. 

“Do you have any books on swords or weapons?” 

“We do, i’ll show you where they are.” 

“Don’t worry i’ll show him where they are!” 

“Thank you kind young man.” The librarian said.

“These are all the books they have on weapons and war.” 


The man started to walk away but he stopped and turned around.

“Can I join your crew?” 

“Who are you and why should I let you in?” 

“My name is Thanatos, I would be loyal to you and I want to become the strongest warrior in the world!” 

“Come outside and show me what you got.”