Chapter 14:

The Marionettes


“I’m ready whenever you are.” 

Thanatos went into a fighting stance. He lit his fists on fire with black flames. He started punching and kicking. Jack was able to hold him off but he kicked him in the head and knocked him down. Jack got back up and wiped away his bloody nose.

“Well you're not bad kid, you can be part of the Ghosts Thanatos.” 

They were all told to meet up at the water fountain at 5:30. He introduced Thanatos to the crew. 

“Lets get another room and sleep for the night, we’ll leave first thing in the morning." 

That night Jack went to sleep and had another dream.

“This is your traitor citizens, the reason our children are absent today is because my dear friend Jack betrayed our kingdom! This is our revenge, any last words Jack?” 

“It was for him.” 


“I killed your father and I let the Islenians take your children because it will be beneficial to the future!” 

“Shut up” 

Lucius gave the signal and the executioner pulled the lever dropping the floor below him. 

In the morning Jack awoke and they were ready to depart, finally to go to the Fortress prepared.

A string went into Altryx, Nephelis, and Aphaeleon’s necks and arms and they got dragged away. A young blonde man appeared.

“You hold a large bounty Jack, I want that money. After sixteen days I'll kill the three of them unless you meet me in Constantinople at that time, then I'll turn you in instead Jack. Will you leave them or will you turn yourself in for their sake?” 

The Man took the three Ghosts and disappeared.

“Dammit Jack we need to get them back!” 

“The most important thing right now is Lucius, Thanatos you are welcome to go after them on your own.” 

“No we’ll take Lucius down then we can save them, we have sixteen days.” 

“Then let's proceed.”