Chapter 124:

Susanoo vs Nanahuatzin

Elyon - Gods among us

As if he were lightning, Susanoo pierced Nanahuatzin's body with his sword, slicing him from his head down to his groin. Although the Chichimeca god tried to infect the oriental god, the mist created by Tul's healing water prevented his attacks from succeeding.

Nanahuatzin's mask fell to the ground, split in half, and as the deity's body recovered from Susanoo's attack, what everyone saw horrified them. Nanahuatzin's face was terrifying. He had completely lost the skin and muscles of his mouth, revealing a gaping, pus-filled cavity filled with grotesque teeth and a skeletal jaw. His nose was gone, leaving only a hole, and one of his eyes dangled grotesquely from a massive sore, while the other was missing. His scalp had sores from the disease, just like the rest of his face.

All the gods of Orniskem were shocked by this image. The disease that Tul called "nanahua' was truly terrifying. To add to their horror, they watched as the dangling eye began to rise and look around.

—Now you can understand my complete devotion to God, foreigners— Nanahuatzin began. —This pain, this agony; it brings me closer and closer to perfect humility, to absolute perfection— he said in ecstasy.

Susanoo, standing in front of Loki's statue, used his wind power to levitate the statue to where the gods were protected by the mist. Freyja caught the statue with both hands, noting that Ana had tried to do the same but had stopped. Inside the mist, the dark god's body began to soften, breaking its stony shell.

—Your techniques won't work against me— Susanoo said, raising his weapon to behead Nanahuatzin, who continued to sit on the ground, not even turning to face the oriental god.

—I wonder ... cough cough... how long that mist can protect you, and what would happen if I increase the divine power of my infections?— the god said calmly.

Susanoo slashed the Chichimeca god cleanly, but the attack was rapidly healed by his reserve of ichor.

—You can't even harm me with that insignificant attack to offer it as a sacrifice to God— the Chichimeca god commented.

Susanoo realized he was in trouble, as he hadn't broken the seal that allowed Rodrigo, Tania, Ana, and Epona to fly. But at the moment, he was the only one who could fight the Chichimeca deity, even though he saw that the protective mist was getting weaker.

—You won't last long in this area contaminated by my powerful plague... cough cough— Nanahuatzin said calmly.

—Moreover, who knows how many potions to combat my diseases that little rabbit can create— he added.

—Then I only have to kill you first— Susanoo decided, as he charged his sword with a bluish energy created from his water control. But just as he was about to strike, Nanahuatzin swiftly shot something at Susanoo's abdomen.

The oriental god felt a sharp pain in his belly but saw nothing. There was no break in his totema or anything. However, almost immediately, his skin turned pale and his eyes red.

—'Temiktlitsmitl' is a microscopic needle infected with my own blood— Nanahuatzin explained, lowering his hand again.

—It's an attack that cannot be avoided or stopped, and it affects your bloodstream immediately. No matter the mist protecting you, your body will get sick, and you'll end up with the same ailments as me... cough cough— he continued.

—I don't have time to waste— said Susanoo, who fell to his knees as sores began to appear all over his body. —I'll defeat you with everything I have!— he shouted, struggling to his feet.

—Stop, Susanoo!— shouted Menrva, worried. —Come back to us!—

—It won't be of much use— Tul replied ashamedly. —I've almost run out of healing potions—

—It seems that Loki's body consumed most of this protective mist— Tania said grumpily, watching as Loki sat on the ground, fully recovered.

—You should do something to face that guy— Tania said frustratedly to Loki. —Can't you turn into a bacterium or something to counteract that guy's virus?— she asked.

—In fact, we should all be able to attack him from here— Epona commented, watching the god sitting on the mount, barely moving.

—Yes, and I'll create an electrical storm to empower Susanoo— Tul added as she opened her bag.

—Wait!— shouted Susanoo, overhearing his friends' plans. —I want to defeat this guy on my own. Please, don't interfere—

Tania and Ana were about to protest, but Menrva stopped them. —I can understand why he's doing it. Please understand— she said.

—I don't think we can wait much longer— replied Anpiel. —This mist won't last much longer—

—But we must respect a warrior's decisions— responded Freyja. —Even if our lives are in danger, his pride should never be tarnished—

The goddesses glared at the Nordic goddess and complied. Rodrigo looked at the terrifying Chichimeca god and could only swallow hard.

—That's why you're a barbarian, Freyja— Loki retorted, still sitting and showing off.

Freyja ignored Loki and continued to watch the fight. She hoped that Susanoo could also break the seal preventing her from flying. If he succeeded, she might be able to do it in a future battle.

Mizu no yari— Shouted Susanoo, creating a water spear with the movement of his weapon. The technique swiftly pierced Nanahuatzin's chest; however, the god seemed to revel in the attack's pleasure.

Susanoo continued to assault the Chichimeca god, who moaned in delight with each blow. Meanwhile, the disease ravaged the oriental god's body, increasingly raising his temperature as his sores grew larger.

—I must... try to generate electricity— the god thought to himself, but his vision was blurring and he was losing consciousness.

Dark clouds suddenly formed over Susanoo, and as he looked towards his friends, he realized it was Tul summoning them from her bag.

—It's embarrassing to keep relying on Tul-chan to fight— he thought.

Susanoo lifted his katana, and a bolt of lightning struck it, electrifying him. He transformed into his electrical form and shakily rose.

—Wow... cough cough... I can tell you've become stronger— commented the Chichimeca god, not even turning to face the oriental god.

—Now you'll know how powerful I am— shouted Susanoo as he lunged at Nanahuatzin, his sword emitting electric sparks, and he beheaded the Chichimeca god again. However, just as Susanoo appeared in front of Nanahuatzin with his drawn sword, it was the oriental god's stomach that began bleeding profusely. He looked at the sick deity and saw he was holding his obsidian knife.

—Your attack was so slow that I had time to slice open your stomach and avoid your electric strike— Nanahuatzin commented.

From the effects of the disease and the wound, Susanoo fell unconscious without having injured the Chichimeca god. The protective mist around him vanished, and his body began to rot, filled with pus and sores, his hair falling out, and his eyes bursting. All that remained above was a grotesque, foul-smelling corpse.

Freyja bit her lip, realizing that Susanoo hadn't broken the barrier. At that, Loki finally stood up and disappeared, criticizing his Asgardian companion's actions.

Several ice stalagmites pierced Nanahuatzin, but the god remained unharmed. Then, a fiery slash wounded one of his arms, and a green slash separated the god from his head. It had been Tania, Ana, and Epona who had combined their strongest transformations in their attacks.

Rodrigo, not wanting to be left behind, teleported in front of Nanahuatzin and fired his 'Esfera de Venus' at him. The Chichimeca god disappeared in a white explosion, but Rodrigo, carrying Susanoo, quickly teleported back to his friends.

The young Tannin, holding Susanoo, and Loki returned to where Tul's healing mist had been, but at that moment, the mist disappeared, and the gods again began to suffer from the airborne epidemic.

To everyone's surprise, Nanahuatzin reappeared, floating in the air since the mount he had sat on was destroyed by Rodrigo.

—Great techniques, but not enough to defeat me... cough cough— the god said as he floated closer to the gods who were writhing from the illness.

Nanahuatzin, hovering right above the gods, began to glow like the sun.

—I once sacrificed myself to save my people; that's why my body can only survive through the sacrifices made to me— the god said in a calm voice.

—His divine power is increasing incredibly— Menrva agonizingly remarked, vomiting blood, still on all fours on the ground.

Everyone's situation was similar. Their skin began to peel and rot; blood-filled sores and pus appeared on their bodies, rashes emanated from whatever skin remained, and their eyes started to fall from their faces.

Nanahuatzin began to make the entire area feel the terrible heat they had initially felt when they first encountered him.

—My name is Nanahuatzin, the fourth sun of Teotihuacán— began the Chichimeca deity. —And soon, you all will become part of my pain— he continued as every member of Orniskem screamed in pain from the god's fiery assault.

Suddenly, a voice echoed throughout the region. —Enough, Nanahuatzin— it said.

Nanahuatzin extinguished his heat, watching as the gods of Orniskem continued to suffer on the ground.

—Great King Xólotl, I don't believe you have any interest in these weaklings— Nanahuatzin said to the omnipresent voice.

—I have matters to settle with that individual who has the teotonli of Ehécatl, and I cannot let you take the glory— the grand voice replied, sounding rough and imposing but tinged with a hint of pain.

Tul managed to pull out her last medicinal bottle and threw it in the air, destroying it with her mental power to let it rain down upon everyone. The gods felt momentary relief as the rain showered upon them since the pestilence cloud continued to hang over the valley.

—Can I then deal with killing the others?— Nanahuatzin asked, but the voice firmly denied him.

—I'm not sure if you are lucky or cursed to have caught the attention of the great Xólotl— Nanahuatzin remarked as he waved his hands, making the pestilence disappear entirely. This allowed the gods to rise, albeit with difficulty, but at least now they breathed more easily.

—Go ahead; you can pass— Nanahuatzin stated. —Our king awaits you in Tlacuitlapán—

The Chichimeca god floated away, disappearing and leaving the entire group frustrated and nervous.

—He seemed to be just one of the gods serving that so-called king— Tania said in frustration. —And we couldn't even wound him—

Susanoo, having regained consciousness, raised his hand and created a small mist with Tul's potion. Everyone finally began to feel better as the pestilence of the Chichimeca god was entirely dispersed.

—Gomen nasai— said a remorseful Susanoo, showing signs of shame on his face. He knelt on the ground and lowered his head.

—I almost cost you all your lives because of my whims— he said shamefully.

—We all make mistakes, Susanoo. The important thing is to overcome them— Menrva replied nonchalantly.

—But my mistake would have cost your lives if that voice hadn't stopped the fight— Susanoo continued. —Please remove this shame I feel— he commanded.

—You're not suggesting we take your life, are you?— Menrva inquired again.

—If necessary, go ahead— Susanoo responded.

—Don't say such things, yuum Susanoo— Tul replied, somewhat angrily.

—To you, Tul-chan, I failed the most— continued the Oriental god. —That guy insulted your honor, and I couldn't do anything about it—

—It's okay, really— replied the rabbit goddess with a slightly embarrassed smile.

—And then, you tried to help me with your electrical power, and I couldn't do anything. I wasted your technique!— Susanoo lamented.

Everyone felt uncomfortable at that moment, but Rodrigo broke the silence.

—Your goal is to become stronger to face me again, right? So, you must continue fighting to become stronger without looking at the setbacks you might have— said the young Tannin.

—Besides— added Freyja, —part of the blame is mine for stopping everyone from helping you—
Everyone remained silent for a moment.

—We forgot we are a team— Tania interrupted. —We must fight together; we can't lose our lives because of our pride or individualism—

—I'm sorry, Tania-san— Susanoo continued to apologize remorsefully.

—I've made mistakes too, but that's okay, Susanoo. That's what helps us grow— replied the Punic goddess.

—Freyja and I understand your frustration, Susanoo— Menrva added. —But let's try to help each other to break the barrier's seal together—

Susanoo nodded and stood up again.

At that moment, groups of Zacatecan soldiers surrounded the gods. The men aimed their bows at the group.

—I'm starting to get bored of always being in similar situations— Anpiel sarcastically remarked.

One of the men gestured for them to follow.

—I think he wants us to travel with them— Rodrigo commented.

—Yes, they must take us to their king— Epona responded.

Loki then began to laugh discreetly.

—What's wrong with you, fool?— Tania asked.

—If we couldn't do anything to that guy, what hope is there that we can defeat the king, or that we'll meet that so-called king of Tula and he'll seriously fight this time?—Loki asked.

All the gods swallowed hard and braced for the worst.