Chapter 9:

Hitomi's girlfriend is morosed

Dalliance after Gender-Crossing, A Supernatural Event.

*Sound of notification ringing*

Hearing the sound of the notification , Misa Fugita looked at the screen of her mobile and checked the message when she was dumbfounded. The black long-haired girl with reddish-pink pupils wearing butterfly hair ties having quite fair skin was starting to get agitated all the while reasoning that Hitomi was cheating on her and didn't care about their 5year long smooth and peaceful relationship .

Meanwhile, Hitomi was still hurrying back to his home along with Tomika just to unveil the rare occurrence before her . He was thinking that he somehow got out of trouble but oh boy , he absolutely wasn't ready to hear his girlfriend using such vile words with her sweet and calm voice directed to him for two-timing or maybe by her misunderstanding that he was a playboy.

Misa had already fallen in a loophole of doubts now wondering if the time she spent with Hitomi was true and meaningful or it was just another experience for him . 

Being in doubt, Tomika asked Hitomi ,"As you previously mentioned you already have a girlfriend , won't it create a barrier if I , a girl , even if in appearance only not biologically stay close to you although we will just be trying to open up my mysteries? Not to mention that we already created a scene at your office. Who knows if that news has already reached your girlfriend and she's thinking of killing you or not for betraying her ."

Hitomi answered Tomika quite calmly and confidently , " Although that might have happened between regular couples , we are different as we have a long standing relationship and complete trust in each other. Even if what occurred back at my office reaches her somehow , I don't think she will doubt me if I tell her the complete story."

"Well.... I don't know . I just have a bad feeling about this . It's your girlfriend and all but it's a natural phenomenon of women to fall into darkness of despair if she sees his man with another woman . Maybe she will understand you or maybe not . I am not telling from experience but when we went through training we had the opportunity to read different kinds of mind books where I have basically mastered in."

"I am starting to get a little hesitant . Hopefully nothing bad will happen, hopefully...."

They reached the end of the secret passage they were taking which after climbing up directly led to the back of Hitomi's apartment's building behind some trash bins and other furniture and stuffs . After they got up , they brushed off the dirt and junk materials off their clothes and headed towards Hitomi's apartment as he had to first discuss about Tomika with her .

Then turning towards Tomika , Hitomi said,        " Wait a moment. I don't know if you are familiar with this type of security but I have equipped the best possible technology to protect us with as much as I can afford. This looks normal at a single glance but to even enter the floor my apartment's in , you have to bypass a fingerprint check and face recognition which I am going to do now so stay back ."

"Oh ok . I mean that kind of security was really rare during my time . Then, this was only found in very few military bases only . Remembering something,I think this was still being developed but we had face recognition password in our smartphones ."

"Then , I guess they are similar to our e-phones. Well , whatever . My apartment is in the 8th floor in this 25-storied building. "

The door of the elevator opens and a spray of some liquid material is sprayed on them . Then, they head towards the door of Hitomi's apartment . There were only one apartment in the floors from 5 to 10 as they were V.I.P apartments used by special service holders . Now, Hitomi was going through another set of security to enter his apartment.

Tomika curiously asked then," Hey , ummm ... sorry to bother you while you are trying to open the door to your apartment going through some high tech passwords but what exactly were we sprayed with when we got out of the elevator . "

"Sorry, I forgot to tell . That's basically a spray used to immobilize certain threats which has been recorded in the software of that automatic sprayer . Otherwise , it just sprays of cool liquid or air to calm guests and owners down . I got this as a gift from my friend working at the most famous technology company . And by certain threats I mean that this computer can monitor the heart rate and mental state from afar and based upon form of agitation it changes its fluids according to the need . For example immobilizing gas for criminals and those who want to kill me if they somehow can reach this floor or sobering liquid to give the sense back to drunk guests or others."

"Wowwww!! It's amazing and quite handy too, I guess . Isn't it taking a bit too long for you to open the door to your apartment?"

"Now that you speak of it . I have already gone through all the passwords it requires like checking my pupil with rays, checking my DNA with a strand of my hair and lastly checking if I fit into my belongings which has been set here like my clothes and shoes . Obviously if something weird happens ,I can change the settings but other than that it remains locked even after I go through all security only if someone has locked the door from inside. "

"Then maybe your girlfriend is at home and she has locked the door for her safety?"

"Actually, the thing is , she never locks the door as she knows it's next to impossible to bypass my security. Did something happen ??"

Afraid and worried that something might have happened even though Hitomi's girlfriend is a very skilled agent, he opened his e-phone to dial Misa's number but to his surprise he saw that there were mainly three texts and one video sent to him by no other than his girlfriend. 

Hitomi read the messages out aloud,"She messaged me at first saying she can't believe I could do something like that to her . What is she talking about ?? Then she messaged me telling she doesn't want to talk to me . But why???? Lastly she told me that is not going to open the door unless she gets a proper explanation. But the emoji she sent with her messages are not good at all.... it indicates that one lie and I am dead . Let me open the video and see what it is...."

To both the surprise of Tomika and Hitomi with their jaw fully dropping in utter bombshell, the video that started playing was from the moment when Tomika started holding hands with Hitomi, which she realized now and was quite embrassed, to the point where they ran away from the scene after they fell on top of each other . The natural phenomenon which Hitomi felt at his bottom half could be clearly seen too and thus both of them were steaming off with possible tension smokes flowing out of their heads.

Being worried still, Hitomi just decided to call Misa to clear her doubts and misunderstanding....

*Phone Ringing*

*Call Declined*

Upset and anxious at the declination of call by Misa , Hitomi now wanted to text her but just as he was about to do so then,

*Sound of incoming notification*

Hitomi quickly looked that Misa had messaged her as following ,

'Anone hontoni baka des'

(Which translates to - You are really and idiot.)

And before Hitomi could even reply or explain the situation to Misa , more messages just kept coming and coming.

'Aho'          (It translates to - stupid)

'Baka'        (It translates to - idiot)




'Don't think I am gonna forgive you that easily . How dare you roam around with another girl not even thinking about our relationship!?'

'Listen to me Misa . I have complete trust and faith in you so I know that you will understand my circumstances after I explain it to you . So for now just answer my call and I will analyze everything to you.'

'That means you really did something bad which needs explaining... You better explain everything well or else you should consider yourself dead and don't expect me to open the door for any description....'

Although she was keeping up her angry grumpy attitude, she was indeed pleased and happy to hear the reply of Hitomi which calmed her down a little.

*Phone ringing*

*Call answered*

Misa started the conversation by asking,

"What do you want with me???"

"Listen and trust me on this one. You do remember me telling you that even if I am having the time of my life , I felt like I was missing something right? Well now I have found it which is both thrill and mystery . I only joined this job as an agent to solve mystery and thrilling cases but what I do now is just catching criminals which is as easy as squeezing lemon."

"YOU will not say that what you were missing is this GIRL right hereee... Moreover, what is she even doing here???"

Instead of remaining silent , Tomika decided to calm Misa down by answering her over the phone,

"Hello mam. My name is Tomika at the moment and actually the mystery Hitomi is talking about is me . Now if you would calm down and care to let us explain then I hope you might forgive him."

"I see. I may consider this only if Hitomi gives me the true answer and explain properly."

"Yes ,please believe in me . I have never seen anyone else except you as my life partner till now and nor will I in the future...", told Hitomi .

"Ok, but what do you mean by at the moment when you told me your name , Ms.Tomika?"

"Yes yes . It is a part of the mystical occurrence which is most definitelya supernatural phenomenon. We will explain it to you slowly so please open the door."

*Door unlocks*

Hitomi then sighed in relief but before him awaited some explaining to do which will prove hard for him obviously.... because he had never undergone through the torture of describing something to a girl or woman to clear her doubt which is considered one of the most difficult tasks of the world anytime and anywhere...