Chapter 10:

Summit of the M.C's

Dalliance after Gender-Crossing, A Supernatural Event.

*Door unlocks*

Misa let the two enter and started the conversation, after letting them sit in the living room, by asking,

"So, how is it that you two know each other? Hitomi never told me about talking to any other girl which he is obliged to do when it is absolutely necessary."

Meanwhile, Tomika was thinking in her head, 'Oh, she's scary alright.'

Watching Hitomi being all silent, Tomika took the first motive of answering Misa's question,

"Hey, umm Misa, perhaps. My name is actually Satomi Kurosaki."

Left completely perplexed, Misa then asked her, "Isn't that supposed to be a boy's name?"

*Gulping deeply*

"Uhh yes, that's exactly the mystery what we were talking about earlier. But firstly, the alias I am using right now is Tomika Saki. I guess I am 20 years old right now?"

"Although that does satisfy one of my enquiries but a whole other level of questions just arose within me. So, what you are telling me right now is that not only are you a boy on the inside whilst having the appearance of a girl but also that your age differs? How is that even possible?"

Suddenly Hitomi burst out of his unusual silence and speaked up,

"See? This is the thing I was mentioning earlier. This girl in a whole package is an example of mystic occurrence."

Tomika also quite replied at the same time,

"I myself am unsure of what's happening to me since I woke up today in this whole unknown surrounding. However, you are correct. I am actually a boy. And as far as I remember I was 25 years old."

Misa's temper fluctuated a bit when Hitomi spoke and thus she said,

"Listen mister, don't think that you are out of trouble. But primarily, what evidence can you present so that I can believe your somewhat out of the blue story?"

"About that.... We don't actually have any proof regarding that. So you will just have to trust us for now. ", replied Tomika.

"It may seem easy for you to say that but if you were to be in my shoes, you would realize that this is standing to be a huge red flag in our relationship. It is certainly true that I love Hitomi very much and i never did or will abandon him. However, your presence discertains our relation as one of us will be seen as the third wheel in other people's eyes.", said Misa.

"I know that much. I was also not on board with the idea of interrupting your regular lifestyle, but it was also urgent for me to take help from someone in my current condition. So, I could not just deny the help which Hitomi pleaded to give and upon enquiring further, he ensured that there would be no problem."

Glaring with indignant eyes towards Hitomi, Misa burst into her vexed personality and with a creepy laugh she asked him,

"What were you thinking when you just invited a random girl into your house, huh? Moreover, you don't think my opinion matters here , do you?"

Filled with terror, Hitomi answered with a lot of stuttering,

"Who..whoev..whoever sa...said th-this non....nonsense waa..was de..definitely lying. I would ne...never ig-ignore your opinions. It's just that I thought we trusted each other so much that all our deeds woud be symmetrical. So, I believed that there would be no problem as we trust each other so mu-much."

Then Misa cooled down a bit and calmly said,

"Oh so that's it. You should have told this in the beginning. I guess Tomika can stay with us under the condition that she will be under my surveillance most of the times."

"Thank you very much. I knew you would trust me. But, more importantly, how did you know about our roaming together?", said Hitomi rather relieved but confused.

*Misa sighs*

"You know, although you are the no.1 agent in the industry, you did a mistake like          bringing this unknown girl to our house via the office road channel in broad daylight while having a girlfrend... Have you gone nuts? My best friend saw you guys and sent me a video of everything that occurred between you two when you were passing by our office."

"What exactly do you mean by everything?", asked Hitomi pretty worried.

"It's exactly what you are suspecting, I saw how you guys trampled over each other 'accidentally'. It did look like you were enjoying yourself though."

"It's not like that, trust me. It was really an accident. To add, I was pretty anxious too about someone seeing us and you being suspicious about me but I never would do something like that behind your back willingly."

"Fineee, I believe you. I was just teasing you a bit anyway."

*Hitomi lets out sighs of relief*

"Now that we have cleared all charges against me, can we discuss where Tomika will live?"

"Just so you know, you still have to take me shopping and, on a lot more dates to get me to forgive you. Although what do you mean by where will she live? Won't she stay with us here in our apartment?"

"Looks like I was right. I figured that you might be thinking this. However, I was wondering if she could be allowed to stay with my brother in my other apartment, then maybe my brother will change to normal again? Tomika was an army officer afterall or as she said."

"Look here, have you gone crazy or something?? How does a closely-aged boy and girl living together in the same apartment alone sound normal or authorized?"

"Not to surprise you but as I previously announced, Tomika was actually an army officer in her so-called previous life. Moreover, she easily took down the infamous 'Palpater Wolves' singlehandedly."

"You seriously mean that she alone beat up the eve-teasing gang who couldn't be caught even by the police for 5years??? I guess she sure is something else. I guess I might allow her to stay in another room in the same apartment with your brother if she's up for it. But keeping this topic aside, I never asked her why she believes that she is a boy, did I? Or as you said, it was her past life?"

Until now, only listening to the lovers quarrel closely, Tomika broke her silence by uttering the words,

"I am still trying to figure out if what happened to me is actually a time-travelling event or reincarnation or spawning in another universe. As much as I would like to discuss about this matter, I am pretty beat up from today's issues. So, I think it would be best for me to take some rest first and to hit the sack for today. For that reason, I would be highly grateful if you showed me to the room I will be living in."

"I don't know about others, but you are actually quite well-mannered for any men or women to be used as a role model. Anyways, follow me and I will take you to your room.", replied MIsa in a relaxed tone quite forgetting mostly all that happened.

(Misa leading Tomika to their other flat downstairs)

*Door unlocks*

Misa shouts loudly announcing her presence,

"NAGAMIII !!! Get out of your room and come here immediately. You have got yourself a guest. Oh and by the way Tomika, Nagami isn't interested in any girls or so he says. He is always immersed in gaming so I hope that you will be able to change him for the best."

"I will make sure you have no problems there and I am still really thankful that you are letting me stay here otherwise I would have been clueless on what to do next after waking up today in the middle of a slum alleyway.", said Tomika assuring Misa.

By the time Nagami opened the door of his room, both the girls were standing in front of Nagami's room.

Suddenly, Nagami opened the door with a dramatic whoosh sound and white cloud like mist was coming out of his room. Nothing inside could be seen clearly as it was really dark but the only things that could be seen were the glowing gaming setup on his desk.

Before even looking up, the disappointed Nagami asked Misa,

"What do you want now?"

"I told you, look up and see. A guest will tend to you to help you cope up with your changes and any other problems."

"Such a draggg...who even told you I needed a care-taker? I am fine right now. I just freaked out earlier."

Saying this Nagami looked up directly into the eyes of Tomika and at that moment both of them felt a certain aura which was pretty known to them. This aura formed such a domain around them that keeping aside all the other things outside this border, only Nagami and Tomika were standing in the middle of an infinite dark void.

On the other hand, sensing the aura between them, Misa couldn't quite participate in the unusual sensation the other two were feeling and thus began to think in her head,                       'A certain border seems to have been formed which clearly expresses that it is only visible to them. I almost feel like they were destined to meet or as others might say, the bond I can sense between them is similar to that of soulmates."

Both parties were feeling something on their own, only existent to them in their minds. However, it will soon be known to them that this wasn't just the meeting of a random boy and girl in their teens rather it should be well-renowned as the summit of the identical enigmatic main characters in this undivulged world........