Chapter 8:

Long-Awaited Drama Ensues Anyway

Dalliance after Gender-Crossing, A Supernatural Event.

"Back in my days we had to walk to anyplace we had to go and there was no automated system . Well that is until I started working and only then I could ride to anywhere via car or other transport and I could provide my family too if they needed it . " , said the girl quite impressed looking around her , full of glimmering light and beauty . 

The agent then said , "As I have been telling you, I don't know much about your actual homeplace called 'Earth', so I am hoping we can hurry up and then you can spill the beans . "

"Sorry to make you so unpatient . But I can not but look in amazement to the amount of modernization which has occured here and moreover only through diamond . No wonder they were a rare gem back then ."

"Hmmm... I don't know about then but now diamonds are basically the main asset here and although it's a bit hard to find and collect , it's not that pricey . "

They were walking forward slowly while Tomika was spectating everything here and there . Soon , a huge and tall object or infrastructure caught the eyes of Tomika and she wanted to rush to there but was scared of losing her way around here if she left Hitomi behind . So without further ado and thinking , she forgot that she was a girl currently and held the hands of Hitomi tightly and started running towards the building .

'Woooowww! That building is so cooool. I always dreamt of buying a mansion of that sort although that gives more of a headoffice type of vibes . Eh well it doesn't matter either way because it matches my perfect height of dream house with shiny blue and green diamonds and emeralds . How I wish I could live there . Not to mention , these defence guns and systems are aweeeesomee. I always wanted to control them too when I was in the army but those were for the trained personnels only. ', Tomika was thinking as such while she was running at top speed ahead .

Meanwhile, flustered at the sudden gesture of holding hands , Hitomi was quite embrassed to hold the hands of some girl other than his girlfriend and so not to speak if someone who knew him or his girlfriend , he was sure to be misclaimed as a cheater or a double-timer. But before telling Tomika to stop this and run normally , he noticed that she was actually carefree of this matter and couldn't care less . So he tried to shake of this eerie feeling thinking back that she is nothing but a boy of same age and so there's nothing to worry . But who would tell him that what awaits him in the future is not peace nor it is hapoiness .

"Hey,what's that large building over there ? ", asked Tomika , her eyes sparkling full of curiosity .

Keeping his other worries aside for now , Hitomi replied , " That infrastructure is actually out headquarters and it has the highest grade military defence in the whole of Cancri and it is not a laughing stock . Nor is it a matter to laugh about the design and high-tech instruments this building has been equipped with . "

"I knew this was a hot shot building and no less than my dream mansion . I wish I could live there . But more importantly , hurry up because I want to stop by there and there is no way you can stop a man from admiring his dream ."

Hitomi was just about to laugh then seeing that this really was the admiration of a self-disciplined strict person and for which Tomika even forgot that she was presently disguised as a female ,not his previous male form, due to a certain supernatural activity which Hitomi could sense . But before he could return to his senses, something bad did happen following the horsing around of Tomika .

Suddenly , Tomika grabbed Hitomi's hands even forgetting that he may be a male inside but his appearance is that of a highly beautiful mature girl and it obviously created anxiety in the mind of Hitomi as he got flustered at first by this sudden gesture . He was overthinking about random thoughts like if this conduct was seen by any of his girlfriends friends , it would with no doubt cause a dramatical scene in the healthy relationship life with his girlfriend . Moreover, the fact that his girlfriend is also an agent made the matter worse as any of her colleagues could be around . 

However, after giving it some thought and calming down a bit , he realized that his girlfriend being reasonable would understand the situation later on but it was only what he thought would happen .

Tomika running at top notch completely awed in admiration of the headquarters remained completely unknown of her surrounding that she was a girl holding the hands of a guy , the typical act of couples, but other than that she was so heavily blinded that she mistakenly bumped with a tall well-built muscular guy on the path .

Without even looking back and asking questions , the guy just decided to shove back the one who pushed him without even giving it a thought. 

Presuming this , with his quick wit and reflexes Hitomi came in front of Tamiko to block the impact of the attack of the huge jacked guy but unfortunately for Hitomi ,while others will call it a fortunate event , he fell in top of Tamiko . However, without any further thinking ,Hitomi just asked being worried ,

"Are you hurt? Did you get scratched anywhere?"

"No , I guess . Thanks to you . Still , you need not have to come and protect me . I am well mastered in martial arts and this would have been nothing for me to handle . "

"Oh yeah . Sure . I warned you before that don't go wandering off on your ow...."

Soon he realized that they were not in a good position and became complete fluttered . To make matter things worse the position of them were such that Tomika's legs were spread to each side where Hitomi fell over her with his whole body between her thighs . To add to the awkwardness, after Tomika fell to the ground her top came off a bit loose and as she had just woken up in the middle of nowhere with no prior memories , she was obviously wearing no undergarnents and Hitomi definitely did not think of buying some while purchasing her clothes as he was a 'boy' . Sneaking a quick glance mistakenly at the exposed chest of the helpless defenceless insecure girl , before Hitomi could even realize ,he had 207 bones. It was the natural phenomenical event of developing another bone when getting aroused only occuring to the male .

But he suddenly slapped himself as hard as could remembering his memories with his sweet girlfriend and quickly got off Tomika . As many might think, Tomika could not have been any bothered by this circular situations being a boy inside but actually it was the other way around as even the change of an appearance can cause the dismay of one's genetic characteristics as per researches of science. 

Upon getting up , Hitomi quickly fixed his attire and moved towards the jacked guy and said in a bossy attitude,

"Agent 97 . This conduct can not be neglected anyhow . "

"Yes, Sir . Sorry agent 47 . I will reflect on my behavior from onwards so please forgive me this time . " , said the well-built guy in a really sorry and scared tone . 

"Make sure you keep that in mind . And a piece of order and advice , check everytime the reason of occurance of an accident before you boast of your anger and strength. ",ordered Hitomi in his work voice to agent 97.

"Roger,sir . I will take my leave now ,if you may."

"Okay , carry on , everyone! There's nothing to see here . Go back to your works ." , said Hitomi as he cleared the crowd around him .

*sounds of pictures being clicked*

Aware of this matter, Hitomi quickly checked around to see any bypassers taking unnecessary pictures but without luck , he couldn't find anyone . Then he looked at Tamiko and said ,

"We should get going now . We have created enough of a mess . Sorry but we will have to check my office any other time as we are running out of time and it would be huge problem if someone saw us too."

"I think i can control my desire for now . Indeed a waste of time was done and we got nothing out of it, let's get going.",said Tomika trying to keep her manhood still intact hiding her embrassment as it would create further doubts in Hitomi's mind as to if Tomika is really a boy or girl .

'I guess I am safe for now . Hopefully noone who knows my girlfriend saw us otherwise it will really be a bother to clear this misunderstanding. ', thought Hitomi in his mind but life had other plans for him .

Emerging from the shadows of the alley from within the bushes came out a unknown hiding person who seemed to be covering their whole body with a blue cloak said, "You won't get away with this , Hitomi . I will show you a lesson for messing with my bestie . You will find no end of this string. What behavior you show after dating a perfect girl as my best friend while you are double-timing and cheating in her with another girl . Although I must admit she's quite cute and pretty but this doesn't give you permission to cheat on your girl .For now,     you will be getting a surprise when you reach home . And don't worry , I am not leaving your trail yet . I must find if you are hanging around with other girls too . How dare you misuse the powers of your handsomeness!"

Well , to conclude , this is the type of drama that is going to ensue over Hitomi's head now . Only from wanting to solve a mystery in his life for adding a bit of spice to going to all out fights with his girlfriend,which will occur as this is just a theory but Hitomi's girlfriend might take hint of the event and consider it, MIGHT.... This one unlikely event is similar to Rome being built in a single day . However we can never know what might happen next noticing that even the Earth was thrown out of its orbit and still existing where diamonds are used as basically for everything from power source to currency and property assets .