Chapter 7:

Under the Elements

Face of Eternity : Principality of Dreams

The ocean was a quiet, bubbly place. There weren’t as many fish toward the top of the waters compared to the tons of little sea critters in the depths. My goodness!

Marek was easily keeping up with me as I swam down gracefully. I felt like a mermaid, just without the tail.

The weight of all that water above us was crazy heavy. We had to be about 100 meters down so far, and it was a real difference. At this depth, I was worried that Marek would have issues breathing, or literally be flattened, but I think Mella’s magic jellyfish was keeping him safe.

“Yalda, how much further do we need to go?”

“Another 130 meters.”


He didn’t sound very happy about having to swim another hundred plus meters, but we really didn’t have any other options.

It was getting dark, so I activated my high beam spotlights.

-Eye spotlights active! High Beam lights set to : ON-

Everything brightened up very nicely. I kinda felt bad for the fish though, since they all got really scared of the light and swam away.

I could see bits of the wreckage all over the seafloor.

This wasn’t the same ship…it was similar, but definitely not the one we sank. That didn’t give me a good feeling. Looks like our theory of the boat disappearing when it was destroyed was correct.

There was something else that I was picking up on too. There was metal, and a very high concentration of it under the ship.

At first it looked like the sensors were malfunctioning, but then I saw something shine when my high beams hit it.

“Do you see the shiny stuff down there?” I asked him.

“I do, but what is that?”

We touched down on the seafloor. I immediately started to dust away all the seaweed and sand to discover a metal surface. It had Ferronium inside of it, which was an occulat element that was used in my body's armoured skin, as well as a lot of the metal structures made by my ancestors.

No way were humans producing this occulat element. It was way too complex of a material for them to synthesize in this massive quantity. So I had no doubt that this must have been part of the root structure for the beam tower.

I was getting a very faint radio single nearby. I swam over to where my sensors were picking it up, but all I saw was a ton of sand, coral and seaweed.

“Aren’t we supposed to be looking for the key in the boat?” He asked.

“I think I found something else. You can search while I take a look here.”

I didn’t want to make him do all the work, but whatever this was had to get my attention.

“Yalda, I can’t see anything down here.”

Oh, that’s right. I needed to use my high beams so he could see what was going on.

Alright, we could look at this later. For now we had to find that key.

We swam further into the wreckage, most of the boat had completely deteriorated by years of being underwater.

We swam into what we assumed was the captain's cabin and found a vault. I tried to turn the wheel on my own, but it wasn’t budging. Then Marek came along and easily twisted it around like it was nothing.

The vault door opened, water rushed inside the watertight box. We saw a few items. There were three Pier Tokens and an old pirate pistol.

Marek took the pistol, but I took the coins. Nothing really of interest, I guess.

We both swam back to the Ferronium structure where I felt the radio signal.

There was just too much stuff covering up the thing producing the signal, so I had an idea to clear it all away quickly.

I activated my sonar and set it to sonic wave mode. My hands had the same ability to produce the sound wave as my feet, so I set them up to fire off a sonic blast.


The sonic wave rippled through the water and cleared away all the sand, seaweed, and coral! I felt kinda bad doing that to the sea floor, but nature would have to forgive me.

Now with all the stuff cleared away, we saw what looked like a control panel. It lit up blue and some information appeared on it in Nazalian. I switched the language to Euron so Marek could read it. Turns out it was some kind of puzzle.

Dad for some reason set up a lot of puzzles like this to deter people from going into places they shouldn’t. So this was definitely of his design.

This puzzle was weird though. I saw a few icons representing things appear. The icons were : Fish, whale, boat, cloud, turtle, and anchor. That’s what they looked like, anyways.

Then below those symbols was something written in the order of : Fish, Turtle, Whale, Fish. Under those symbols were a few lines respectively placed under the symbols.

Marek didn’t have any idea what this meant, and neither did I.

Then on the screen below we saw a ton, and I mean a TON of boxes show up. They were all laid out in a grid. The boxes weren’t numbered, but I counted out exactly 118. The symbols from before were sprawled out through the whole thing. The Fish, turtle, and whale only appeared once each. The fish was in box 10, the turtle was in box 78, and the whale was in box 92.

“What do you think about this?” I asked.

“I don’t know, it looks like ancient pictographs.”

He was right about that. But this wasn’t meant to be unsolvable, so dad would have made sure it was understandable by me at least.

Let’s see…if there're 118 boxes, and the pictures from before only appear in 3 places, that means that those particular boxes must have been important, while the others were just pure sensory overloads. But why was 118 boxes important for this, what was it denoting?

“Marek, any idea about why there’s 118 boxes?”

“Is there something important about that number? Maybe it marks a date or time?”

Day 118 of this year was the 28th of April, and as far as I know, there weren't any holidays then. And 0118 hours in military time was 1:18 AM, which didn’t mean much either. Good idea, but nothing fit the bill.

Let’s think about this a little more like dad might…dad is a scientist. What would a scientist make a puzzle like?

Wait…118…there were officially 118 elements on the periodic table at this time, bar the occulat elements, which would have doubled that count. If that was the case, that means the fish is on neon, the turtle is on platinum, and the whale is on uranium.

So, what did that mean? I brought it up to Marek, then he took a moment to think about it.

“Do the numbers mean anything?” He asked.

10, 78, 92…all together that adds up to 180.

I did a 180 and turned around, thinking a clue might have been behind us…but nothing.

Maybe it wasn’t the numbers…but the letters.

Neon was Ne, Platinum was Pt, and Uranium U. NePtU…Ne? Neptune?

I turned back to the screen and input the respective letters under the line. That was it!

-Access to external entrance way granted-

-Welcome, Mistress Yalda-

A blast door under the reef started to open up. We both swam to it, but the door was stuck. Marek used his amazing strength to push the door open enough for us to get inside.

We saw a ray shield protecting the inner part of the doorway. I stuck my hand through it, and on the other side was a chamber filled with air. Next went in my head, and I saw this was a small underwater hanger.

When I waved Marek in, we both completely entered the hanger bay. It smelled fishy in here, but maybe that was just the big pools of water meant for dropping submarines into, which were hanging on the ceiling.

“Marek…” I spoke from my mouth now. “This must be another way into the tower.”

“I think so.” He nodded. “Before we explore, why don’t we go back to the others and tell them what we’ve found, no?”

That was a good idea. If this was an alternate entrance, we may be able to use this to get into the tower.