Chapter 72:

All American Archive Part 3: Stealth

Escape Witch

Yuni opened her eyes only to be met with darkness.

"Where am I? It feels like I'm restrained, but I can't even move an inch. It's like I'm being held in place. It's also hard to breath. Shit. I hope-"


Yuni's thoughts were interrupted by her phone vibrating.

"Is someone calling me? Madoka..."


"Shit, looks like Yuni's behind that door. Though how am I gonna get through?" Serika grumbled as she hid.

Madoka then stealthily approached her and slipped her the key card.

"Better than nothing. I'll just go with what she's trying to do," Serika thought as she scanned the key card.

As Serika entered the room, Madoka noticed the elevator arriving. Kasumi stepped out and walked toward Frank and the two guards.

"Why hello madam speaker. What brings you here today?" Frank asked in Japanese.

Kasumi glared as she let out an angry grunt. She had sewn her mouth shut again and did not want to unseal it.

Madoka stealthily maneuvered to the elevator and attempted to go up.

"Oh good, looks like the card was only required to open it," Madoka thought as she ascended to the ground floor.


Serika stealthily moved around until she came to a crate. She tried pulling the lid off, but found it was nailed shut. She decide to then kicked the lid in the center, breaking it. She then removed the broken pieces before dragging out the mummified woman within.

"Looks like you're fine," Serika chuckled as she unraveled the woman.

"Fine?" My gut hurts like hell," Yuni growled as she ripped the tape off her mouth.

"Hey, the bandages absorbed the impact. Plus I know how to kick wood in without accidentally stabbing you."

"Well thanks for the save. Where are we?"

"Archives I guess. Madoka was the one that saved me."

"Great, we all got kidnapped right before we were supposed to get out of here."

Serika and Yuni made their way back, but stopped as they noticed Kasumi.

"Shit, she's here? And isn't that the guy from the museum?" Yuni whispered.

"Madoka said just avoid everyone. Get to the elevator, and slip the card to her when we get up. She'll handle the rest," Serika whispered.

"Madam speaker, you can't just take artifacts out," Frank sighed.

Kasumi responded with a glare.

"Very well, I'll show you what you were looking for, but don't get angry if you can't bring it out."

The group then began walking into the archives as Serika and Yuni stealthily made their way to the elevator. They scanned the card, and the door opened.


The two let out a sigh of relief as they reached the ground floor and saw Madoka. Serika stealthily slipped the card back to Madoka and Madoka ran towards the front desk.

"[I have the card here!]" Madoka stated as she placed the card on the desk before the receptionist.

"[Thanks, I'll let Frank know,]" the receptionist stated.

"[Can you tell me what's different between this place and the other archive building?]" Madoka asked as she got up real close to the receptionist's face.

Yuni and Serika made the mad dash as the receptionist answered Madoka's question.


Outside, Yuni and Serika stared at their surroundings.

"Hold up, isn't that the Washington monument? Are we in Washington DC!?" Yuni gawked.

"Yay, Fried chicken man's friends are probably crawling around here. Ugh, I hope we get out of here soon, though I'm guessing Emeri's still caught as we weren't able to hack our way out of there," Serika grumbled.

Madoka then exited and met up with the two.

"We need to get to the archives in Maryland and save Emeri before time is up. I'll explain on the way," Madoka stated.

Kasumi glared at the broken box before her.

"I warned you. You can't take out that which is not there," Frank shrugged.

"MMPH!" Kasumi angrily grunted.

"There's something else? Well let's go see.


The three girls stared at the archive building in Maryland.

"Emeri's in there. Though I'm not sure how we can get in," Madoka groaned.

"Why not let the calvary handle this one?" a voice rang out.

The girls turned to see Hanabi and Izumi.

"Here, Izumi retrieved your stuff," Izumi stated as she rolled the giant suitcase towards the girls.

"Where'd you get that?" asked Yuni.

"Oh yeah, guess I forgot to mention how you were kidnapped," Madoka nervously chuckled.

Izuhana then ran towards the building.