Chapter 73:

All American Archive Part 4: Frank Lingua

Escape Witch

As Izuhana ran into the building, Madoka noticed something off to the side.

"That's the kidnapper! The bald guy with the curly orange beard," Madoka stated.

"What's he carrying? It looks like he's loading something into a truck," Serika noted.

"Reminds me of the museum back then. Wait! Could that be Emeri in that sarcophagus!?"

"Shit, it is a sarcophagus. But I thought you said Emeri was in the building."

"Maybe that guy unloaded her because he didn't agree with phantom Moriarty," Yuni suggested.

"Well, let's get him!"

Archibald grumbled as he hopped into the driver's seat.

"[I'm not letting him play his games. I'm going to eliminate this one myself.]"

Archibald was unaware that the three girls had snuck into the back.

Yuni opened the sarcophagus and began unraveling the woman inside.

"Not going to wrap your face up like last time?" Serika quipped as she ripped the tape of Emeri's mouth.

"I'm over my shyness. So are you gonna hop in the bobsled with us?" Emeri asked.

"Surf's up," Serika smirked as she began dragging the sarcophagus to the exit.

The four girls then slid out of the truck in the sarcophagus. However, the truck suddenly stopped as the girls looked around in confusion.

"Huh? He was driving to a construction site? Why?" Serika asked.

"[FOUR!? All four from Salem?]" Archibald cried as he stared in shock.

Madoka wasted no time in rushing him.

"Madoka kick!"

Archibald went flying and slammed into a metal beam. He then fell into a pit full of molten bronze.

"There was a bronze pit here? The hell're they building here?" Yuni asked.

"Looks like you managed to save your friends," a voice rang out.

The girls turned to see phantom Moriarty standing before them.

"Congratulations. You have bested me. Though it would be nice if your outside help realize you won before they destroy the place. Anyway, before I leave, I wish to impart you with some knowledge. To do that, I ask a question: What do you know of Illumous' leadership. Fear not, you are in no danger, however, only the one with hair of silver may answer."

"Hmm, There's a council, but I think there's only 12 guys on it, and one of them's the leader. Though a guy with one eye mentioned an Invidia. No clue who he is though," Madoka answered.

"You have answered my main question correctly. There are indeed only 12 on the council now that Akuma has perished and his granddaughter seeks not to carry on his legacy. Well farewell."

"I wanna ask you something. Are you really from the M. family? Unlike Melinda, you blatantly said what the M stands for."

"Keen ears girl. Well, I'll give you a bonus riddle. Not counting the speaker, there were 12 main families that founded Illumous. If you seek a prize, name 6 of the original 12. I will also accept the names of current heads. Your hint is that these are the 6 you know about."

"Alright, Ookuma counts right?"

"Correct that is one."

"Bombinos are another.


"M. family and Hakkin were the two big ones momma told me about."

"Three and four."

"I know that fat friar was a head, but not sure if Vaan's his surname, plus I think Tetsuka nee-chan killed him. OH! Cringe daimyo said they were brothers from different mothers, so since Vincenzo's last name is Diluigi, wait, it could be his mother's surname. It counts if I name the current head right?"


"Jester Diluigi," Madoka cringed.

"Correct. Jester is indeed the current head now that Vaan has perished. Though I'm impressed you guessed correctly."

"I know that guy is cringe, but he has an insane criminal repetiteur. Plus Vincenzo's more the hands on type then the manipulative type."

"Most impressive, I admit even I do not know Jester's full name."

"I'm glad that was right. That was clearly the hardest one to get right."

"Hmm? You have only correctly guessed 5 out of 6."

"But I know who the last one is. It's you, Frank Lingua."

The other girls gasped as phantom Moriarty chuckled.

"Indeed it is," Frank smiled as he threw off his disguise.

"I knew you were bad news," Emeri glared.

"Well, it's true I'm with Illumous and that I serve one on a higher plane, but said being is pretty carefree and is fine with me doing whatever. The other Illumous members don't like me doing whatever I feel like, but since I'm so strong, they can't really complain," Frank smiled as he tossed a key to Madoka.

"A key?" Madoka asked.

"Yep, the 12 families each have a key to the great depository. That's the one from my Lingua family. And with that you have 3. I hear you won the M. family's from Melinda and your family snagged the Ookuma one. I'll tell you one final thing, there's a 13th key that only the chairman can have that always stays in the Illumous grand meeting room. And before you ask why I helped you, I wanted to test you. You managed to overcome my trial perfectly. Well farewell."

Frank then vanished into some fog as the girls stared in shock.

"How'd you know it was him?" Yuni asked.

"His vibe. Plus the way he talked. Even though his voice was disguised with the mask, his manor of speaking was not," Madoka smiled.

Suddenly, Izuhana came running out.

"Ugh, we screwed up. Better- Oh, they saved her?" Hanabi said as she and Izumi ran up to the girls.

"We found a key," Madoka smiled.

"OK change of plans. Izumi, we take that to the mansion asap!"

Hanabi grabbed the key as she and Izumi fled. A swarm of guards then appeared in the distance.

"Shit, we better run too," Serika stated.


The girls managed to make their way to the airport.

"Well, looks like we made it, and there's a flight to Norway. We're taking it!" Emeri declared.