Chapter 7:

Attempt: NULL

Whispering: Corridors

     Fuyu reawaked in her usually seat. Healthy… realizing that she’d, once again, reset.Bookmark here

     Her plan was a failure. It didn’t work. Nothing seemingly ever did. As demoralizing as it was, Fuyu felt a impression of humor within it all. She began to laugh. Ever so slightly at first, but eventually it became maniacal. Profusely chuckling and hawking out snickers before those same titters morphed into gagging and stifling. She forcibly attempted to cover her mouth and put an end to her hysterical behavior, but her control was beginning to slip.Bookmark here

     Despite her best attempts, she began to unwillingly laugh again under her breath; giggling behind the hand clasped over her mouth.Bookmark here

     She dragged herself out of the chair, trying to hold both her laughter and sudden urge to vomit in.Bookmark here

     Her uncontrollable laughter grew cynical and a painful cry but barely made its way through.Bookmark here

     She began to vomit in between her manic howls as she aimlessly walked down the halls. Having lost her mind.Bookmark here

     As the sardonic wondering Fuyu dragged her way through the school, two individuals appear behind her. One man, one woman.Bookmark here

     “This never happened before…” the man turned to the woman and said.Bookmark here

     “It did, just not like this…” she turned to the man and replied.Bookmark here

     “So, things are changing?” the man then queried.Bookmark here

     “Small details change all the time,” the woman answered, “but they always lead to the same outcome. She’ll walk around and kill off her reflections hoping that if she’s the last one left, she’ll be able to leave,” the woman explained. “It happens like that every time.” She added.Bookmark here

     “Which means…?” the man tagged.Bookmark here

     “This operation is null.” The woman stated firmly. “We need to reset it from the beginning and start over again.”Bookmark here

Nina Kamiya
Ana Fowl
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