Whispering: Corridors

Fuyu woke to what should have been none other than another normal, tiring day at school. What should have been a simple day in the life of a nonchalant High School student. What should have been things as usual. Until it wasn’t.
Where was she? Why was she here? How was she here? Questions without answers would only begin to scratch the surface. As she prowled through the eerie halls of an ominous school building, she would see things that she shouldn’t. Feel and hear things that shouldn’t be there. Experience things that no one should be able to live through. Touch hands with death…

Attempt failed. Repeat.

Condemned to traverse the corridors of a sinister school building in search of an answer. In search of a way out. Death would not be the end. It would be just the beginning.

UpdatedJul 13, 2023
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count17,043
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