Chapter 270:

New Dream


“…Barbtail Media.”

“What’s that?” After staring out the window for a solid twenty minutes, Katie was suddenly alerted to the passenger beside her on her phone.

“That’s the corporation that owns Percy Phytoplankton. Wish they’d start another printing, but hey, I can do it for them. How much is this little guy valued…”

“Can’t believe they’re still renewing it.”

“Hey, for all they know, it could blow up again, and create a market for parks. At least that seems to be their approach. Look at this!” Frankie showed her sibling the giant list of names given multi-level copyright protection by the conglomerate. “It’s a scattershot strategy, to say the least…”

“Can you buy it?”

“I dunno… I could try and make them an offer, but… what if they refuse? Maybe they’ll get protective of the thing and raise the price once they think there’s demand…”

“Oh, come on! Believe!” Katie put her hand on her shoulder. “You conquered one dream, why not try another?”

“Yeah… yeah.”

Katie looked out the window again, the ocean and sky all she could see.

“I’m happy you chose this one. I don’t know a thing about it besides what you’ve shown me.”

“I know, right? Finally our interests overlap. I just hope it’s pretty. Mom loved the pictures I sent her from Everfair.”

“How’s she doing?”

“Not… great. Just okay. Her and Hugo are struggling now that he’s not working on the Genesis, and… well, that and she said her robots are starting to get a little dull.

Katie laughed, just before the intercom above sounded.

“You ever get message Cheryl?”

“Yeah, she- wait, what’s this about?”

“All riders, please check that your seatbelts are fashioned, today’s loops will begin in t-minus one minute.”

“Oh, shit. Katie, yours good?”

“Of course! Been waiting for this the whole time.”

“Haha- Woaaaaaahhh!!!”

Frankie held on for dear life and Katie stuck her hands in the air as the commercial amusement plane soared ahead to Studio Rogue, Japan, doing loops and rolls all along the way.

Steward McOy