Chapter 1:

The Discovery of Arcane Energy

Tale of a Neoteric World : Scientist's Arc

YEAR 2200

"Professor, the energy reading here is too large. Perhaps we have encountered IT," said the man in a white robes holding a device that can read unidentified energy sources.

I took a look at my surrounding for a while.
This old cave, located deep inside earth, said to hide a new kind of energy. Something that humanity have not tasted yet.
There are around 100 of us. We are all scientists, researchers, miners, security forces and journalists.

I am the leader of this expedition team.
We have been hunting a new kind of energy resources since we had used up all of our energy such as fuels and natural gases.

Around five years ago, several scientists and researchers wandered around the world in hope to find a new resources. After that,we discovered a new energy reading around this area. So we got the approvement of United World to create a team for this expedition. Took us 2 years to prepare carefully.

"Alright, lets us destroy this wall. Miners take place!" the miners stood up from their rest and grab their equipments.
The reading said that the energy was hidden behind this big cave wall.
"Alright, everyone else lets step back and let out miners do their job,"

The miners carefully put their explosives around the wall. It took a while for them to set up.
"Lets hope our 3 weeks expedition did not go to waste now. I really wanted to see the sunlight again,"

The miners were ready.
"Professor, we are ready, and the security forces are in their position.
We wait for your words," said my assistant. More like second-in-command actually. I merely did any command except for some occasions.

"Alright everyone,take a deep breath.....
-inhale- -exhale-
Okay, everybody ready?"

"Ready sir," replied security forces.
"We are ready professor," replied scientists and researches.
"Sure boss, lets blow this wall up!" replied the miners.

"Alright,lets do it. BLOW IT!"

And Boom!
The blast was so loud that we are forced to cover our ears and hid behind covers that the security forces had made.

And then, everything when quiet for a while.

*cough* "Everybody okay?"
"Barely safe,"
"We are alright,"
"Never felt better,"

Thank goodness, they are okay.

After that, we felt a stream of light pierced through our eyes.
It was a beautiful light.
Like a moonlight pass through a beautiful diamond.
At that moment, we knew that we had already made history.

The Discovery of Arcane Energy.