Chapter 2:

Child's Heart

Tale of a Neoteric World : Scientist's Arc

YEAR 2275

"Come on Yuno, why are you so slow?"

*pant* *pant* "Wait up guys, I am not a fast runner," said me.

"It is not about fast, it is about endurance. You lack stamina Yuno,"

"Yeah, you need to go out and play more often Yuno,"

"Alright alright I get it already. Wipe it down you guys," though they were right, I rarely went outside to play.

I reached their place. It is a Sci Playground. According to my knowledge,
there used to be a playground in the Decrepit World. A playground is a specific design for outdoors and occasionally indoors for children to let out their desire to play. How do I know?
I loved reading and researching. I used to go to the Central Library and get old books and information regarding this world and the Decrepit World. The Librarians know me very well since that is my 'playground'. Despite I am still 6 years old.

The girl who wear a Hoz Sweater pressed the terminal button. Her name is Sophie. One of my friends that I have met at my neighbourhood.
Sci Playground was empty at first. It has only a terminal for people to interact with. After they have chosen their desire design, layout, color and properties, a stream of energy from the ground, known as Arcane Energy built the playground in an instant.

And there it is, the glorious playground designed by Sophie.

"Yay!!" shouted the kids as they ran to the playground while I still catching my breath.

The boy in the red shirt and black pant named Timie rode the space-coaster-that-circle-the-playground.

Sophie goes for a sliding tube that went up and down with another girl called Lia.

Two boys, Ralph and Donald rode a see-saw that float a meter from the ground.

Grigs try to hold on to the swings that rotates 360 degrees. Even though he was a scaredy cat.

And finally, there is me, sitting on a Calm Bench after caught my breath back. The Calm Bench is nothing special actually. It is said to be able to calm a person from all sort of things and emotions.
Futhermore, it is the only thing that exists here permanently besides the terminal.

"Come on Yuno, why just sat there? You are thinking to open a book and study here dont you? NO WAY!" shouted Sophie, the loudest girl I had ever met.

"Yeah Yuno, since we are already here, lets play together," said Ralph.

"I just caught my breath back. And no, I am not going to study here while you guys playing," even though I love studying, there is no denying that I also wanted to play like a normal kid. It is just that I needed to be forced to get out of my house.

"Oh ho, finally you became a normal kid eh?" said Timie. Yeah,Timie likes to tease me a lot.
"I thought that you and books cant be seperated,"

"Well,that is true too..But I too wanted to play with you guys,"

"Except that you are a real nut heads that cant even get out of his house on his own," said Donald.

"Heheheh," well, what he said is true though.

"Alright then everyone, I am going to change this playground into a Prinstone Battleground," said Sophie.

"Yay!!! We are finally going for a battle!"

Prinstone Battleground is a famous game. Two teams are going to battle with each other and try to take the opposing team's flag. Tournament scheme suggests that a team consists of 6 player. Each player will be equipped with a Prinstone Gun, a Prinstone Dagger, and a Prinstone Vest. It is basically a set of equipment made purely out of Arcane Energy and it needs to be constantly be powered with Arcane Energy. Possesing one at home would require a massive energy to maintain its shapes and a license from authority since it can be dangerous. But the Prinstone equipment here is designated for kids and pretty much harmless. You can not even cut a leaf let alone human. Players need to shoot or touch the vest with a knife and the players will be out until the energy stream charged it back. Usually took around 5 minutes. As I recalled, It is the same activity as the Decrepit World's Capture The Flag games.

"Alright done, the battlefield is ready, now for the equipment," said Sophie as the playground turned into a battlefield in an instant. The equipment later popped up on the ground. There are only six set here.

"Alright, listen up. As usual, we are playing with 3 people on a team. One of us will be the Watcher to keep the game fair. Since most of the time the Watcher is Yuno, he must play for sure this time,"
said Sophie.

"Ehhhhh???!" I hate to play this game since I usually dont have enough stamina to run through the field.

"No excuse Yuno. So,who want to be the Watcher?" said Sophie.

"Me. My leg felt weak since yesterday, so I am going to sit down and watch you guys play," said Grigs.

"Ow Grigs, you are one of the best player here, even though you are a scaredy cat," said Donald.

"Shut up," said Grigs.

"Okay, so it is settled then, we draw cards to determine the team," said Sophie as she hold out some cards.

We drew the cards.

"Alright, red team's members are Lia, Yuno and me," said Sophie.

"Then we are the blue team," said Timie as he looked at Ralph and Donald.

Timie and Sophie exchanged look before we move to our spawn base.

"Goodluck trying to survive, Yuno," tease Timie.

"Like you can survive any longer than him anyway Timie," Sophie back me up.

"Everybody ready, 3--2--1, Match Start!!"

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