Chapter 19:

Dream Factory


Jack lands in the cold wasteland, he walks with a broken leg all the way to Constantinople.

“Nephelis, The Harpy. She will be executed now.”

The blade dropped but was caught in the wind. Jack stopped it with his Diablo Hurricane. He killed the executioner and took Nephelis away now sitting on a rooftop.

“Where were you they killed Altryx!”

“Where is the Eterna?”

“They brought him to a place in Solaris”

“Alright we go there and get him back. Then we can take revenge.”

They depart for Solaris and arrive in six days.

“I think they said they brought him to the Dream Factory. It should be an hour or two from here.”

An hour later they see it in the distance.

“What is this place?”

“I don’t know but they wanted him here for some reason.”

“Are you two heading in?”

“Yes we are.”

“You survived - Jack.”

“You're the guy from Akhara!”

“How do you know?”

“You have the same voice.”

“I’m Skoal, I’ll help you save your friend. I have a long history with the Dream Factory.”

They walk inside.

“You guys can’t be in here!”

The guards collapse.

“My Diablo Ability is quite strong.”

They look up at the tower to see five people looking back.

“Those are the five Sandmen, the strongest men here. Dream, Mirage, Almos, Sleep, and Nightmare.”

“why don’t we bring them down here?”