Chapter 18:



Five days later Jack made it to Akhara, he investigated the house and found nothing of note.

“If you want to find any clues you’ll have to talk to Drake”

“Where is Drake?”

“He is at the Cave of Hope in Solaris, you won’t be able to fight him alone. Though I know you think you can.” 

“I’m going!” 

“It’ll be your funeral.” 

Another five days pass and Jack makes it to the Cave of Hope. 

“Is Drake here?” 

“He just left.” 

“Where is he?” 

“Whatever problem you have with my brother you can settle with me!” 

He got up and faced Jack.

“You’re Xenox?” 

“You must be Jack, I’ve heard so much about you recently in the news. But no matter what you’ve managed to accomplish, I am still stronger.” 

Xenox stabbed Jack all over with his ice spikes, Jack had passed out from all the blood he's lost.

Later he woke up in the chamber in the cave. 

“You are my slave Jack, but yet you are a brother.” 

“brother! They are threatening to kill the Ghosts if Jack doesn’t show up.” 

“Alright give me the paper and run along!” 

“Your brother is so much younger than you?” 

“My brothers are weakened by me, I cannot let them overtake me in power. They are only human because I made them that way, using Diablo energy.” 


“What about him he’s dead?” 

“I need to go see my friends and save them!” 

“No did you not hear me? You’re my slave now.” 

Xenox laughed.

“I must get going now, I’ll come tomorrow to feed you again.” 

The next day comes.

“They did it, they really killed your friend.”

“Take a look at the paper, they killed one of them and the others have five more days until they are killed too.”

“Let me out!”

“could you speak up? You fucking dumbass!”

“You're going to fucking let me out or I'm going to fucking break out!"

Jack pulled on the bars and bent them squeezing throught the gap. He punched Xenox and  Xenox picked him up and threw him through the cave wall making him plunge thousands of feet off of the mountain.