Chapter 20:



Jack slashes the tower with his Hurricane and the tower falls and crashes. Four of them come out of the rubble.

“Jack you need to go find Nightmare, I'll fight the rest.”

Jack found Nightmare, he was with Aphaeleon. 

“Why do you want the Eterna?” 

“We want to know how he is able to survive for so long. Our Dream product cannot do produce those kind of results.” 

“It will never be able to do that, I'm getting rid of the Factory.” 

“That’s what you think Jack.” 

His muscles englared and inflated like a baloon.

“One of us will die here!” 

“It’s you, Nightmare! 30% Hurricane Form!” 

His eyes were surrounded in black flames of Diablo Energy. Wings made of wind grew behind him. Nightmare punched him, the hit did nothing. Jack used an air slash and blinded Nightmare. 

“I will still find you, I can smell a Demon out!” 

“Aphaeleon get Skoal and Nephelis, I’m going to destroy this place.”

Nephelis and Aphaeleon leave. 

“I cannot keep this form long so let’s end this quickly.” 

Jack uses Excalibur to cut Nightmare. 

“We're done here Nightmare, we will meet again in hell.” 

“Jack, Don’t let me die here, I must live” 

“For what reason?” 

“Celtzer, he killed my parents and forced me to become a Sandman at the Dream Factory. Let me live to see him die.”