Chapter 75:

Arrival in Yuma, Arizona

Escape Witch

The girls ventured into Yuma.

"Hey look! There's guys wearing cowboy hats! Wait, those two got guns on them, think they're gonna duel?" Madoka asked.

"No," Emeri growled.

"It really does feel like we're in a western movie though," Madoka mused.

"Nah, I hear there's a place that really makes you feel like you're in the wild west. What's it called again? OH! Tombstone!" Yuni stated.

"You idiots realize we aren't here for sight seeing. Heck, we're even further away from our destination now," Serika growled.

"Worst of all, we just had to end up in Arizona," Emeri sighed.

"What's so bad about Arizona?" Yuni asked.

"Well, it's essentially a warzone considering both Senator Max Thrasher, the current Senate majority leader, and President Phoenix Tombstone hail from this state. Thrasher's one of Illumous' bigwigs at least according to that intel we got before we left Japan. As for the President, he's vehemently anti-Illumous, but also a bit of an uncontrollable force of nature. I also heard the Vice President was born in this very city."

"Well isn't the Vice President on our side?"

"Yes, but that doesn't mean the town is the safest place. Though actually, let me check something real quick. Mado-chan, call auntie and tell her what happened."

"Madoka called her mother as Emeri furiously tapped away on her phone screen.

"Hmm, it looks like Yuma's more friendly territory, but we probably should steer clear of the capitol city, Phoenix and it's surrounding area. That's where Thrasher's support is at it's strongest. Considering what Kasumi was able to do in Salem, it's probably best to avoid places where a guy like Thrasher is popular. Everywhere else in the state looks safe, though there are a few small towns we'd need to avoid. Mado-chan, did you get ahold of Auntie yet?"

"And... FINALLY CONNECTED!" Madoka shouted.

"Madoka? Where are you!? Are you at the airport?" Harumi asked.

"No, that clown tried to kill us and we escaped but ended up in Yuma, Arizona."

"YUMA, ARIZONA!? Ugh this is very bad."

"Huh? But Emeri just said Yuma was safe."

"I heard there was going to be a large-"

The call suddenly ended before Harumi could finish.

"Dammit, the reception here's terrible," Madoka groaned.

"Shit, I'm not seeing any news on something big going down. I guess for now we should check into a hotel," Emeri sighed.


After checking into a hotel, the girls went out to shop for food and supplies.

"Time to replenish my chili stock," Madoka smiled.

"Please no," Emeri groaned.

"Hey, it was thanks to my chili that I was able to save you all."

"True, we probably should eat food from the store, there's a lower chance of it being tampered with," Yuni suggested.

"I'm gonna try this drink. It says it's called lemonade. Never seen anything like it back home," Serika said as she grabbed a bottle of lemonade.

"I'll look for some foreign imports. No way I'm eating the unhealthy food they produce here," Emeri grumbled.


After checking out, Serika immediately chugged her lemonade.

"Damn, this shit's good. I'm surprised it isn't carbonated, but I don't mind. Hey, anyone wanna run back in with me to grab some more?" Serika asked.

"I wanna try some too! Here, Emeri hold my chili while I grab some lemonade," Madoka smiled as she handed her bags of chili to Emeri.

"Mado-chan! I can't hold all this!"

Yuni immediately went to help Emeri as Serika and Madoka dashed back into the store.

"Great, now my girlfriend's addicted to American food. Yuni-chan, please don't end up like them," Emeri pleaded.

"You know I'm a fried chicken fanatic right?" Yuni glared.

"But at least the food made in Japan or the mansion isn't as unhealthy as default American food."

"And we're back," Serika smiled as she and Madoka each carried two boxes of canned lemonade."

"Take your damn chili. I'll carry one box while Yuni carries the other," Emeri growled at Madoka.


In the hotel room, the girls cooked up the food they brought.

"The lemonade doesn't taste that bad," Yuni stated as she drank some.

"Ugh, I hate to admit it, but this stuff tastes alright," Emeri sighed.

"See! Best of all, I'm pretty sure all you need to make it are some lemons," Serika smiled as she chugged through a can.

"Well, at least we have lemon orchards at the mansion. It will probably taste way better than this stuff," Emeri smiled.

"I wish we had chili orchards," Madoka said as she scarfed down her chili.

"There's a pullout bed in the sofa. You're sleeping there Mado-chan," Emeri glared.

"Sure, I don't mind, but why the mean looks?"

"Because the chili makes you pass gas," Yuni stated.

Madoka went red in the face, but still continued to eat her chili.