Chapter 74:

Jester airways

Escape Witch

Madoka, Yuni, Serika, and Emeri all boarded their flight to Norway.

"Wow, I'm surprised we're the only ones flying to Norway," Yuni whistled.

"I guess we got lucky, though we are first class, so maybe everyone else will just board after us," Emeri theorized.

As the four girls sat down, Madoka began looking around frantically.

"What's got you all jittery?" Serika asked.

"I don't know. It feels like somethings off, but I don't know what. I can't sense a hostile presence either," Madoka stated.

Suddenly the plane began moving and a safety video began playing.

"[Hello flyers! I am Captain J. Now let's all sit back and enjoy the safety video,]" a man dressed as a pilot stated in the video.

The girls groaned as they watched the very cringy video.

"Yes, we know. Wear the seat belts when the light goes on, exits are located on the sides," Serika grumbled.

"Never bad to have a refresher, though the guy in the video is a terrible actor," Madoka smiled.

"All airlines have a safety video, but that doesn't mean all have high quality safety videos. Though I thought this airline was a bit more high class," Emeri grumbled.

The plane quickly made its way to the runway and prepared to take off.

"[Alright now before we takeoff, let's sing the safety song. Sing along now kids,]" Captain J said in the video as he began to sing.

“Yo Yoi! I am the greatest criminal from the depths of Edo. The great daimyo of organized crime. Everyone fears my name! For every atrocity, I have attained! Murder! Kidnapping! Drug Smuggling! None can match my Might! Theft! Assault! War Crimes! All now fear my wrath! With my evil ninjitsu I will conquer all that’s good. They say Jesters are the fools, WELL WHO'S LAUGHING NOW DUMBASS! Lalalalalala! Jester-sama is the evil, dastardly, wicked, inhumane, dark ninjutsu daimyo! Oh oh oh oh! Yooooooo!”

The girls were too shocked to cringe as Jester ripped off his disguise and appeared in the video and the plane began to take off.

"Buwahahahaha! Madoka! Welcome to Jester airways! Your destination is a one way trip to hell! Though first, I'm not here. The whole thing's on auto pilot! I also can't hear you, but I've got a black box so at least I'll be able to see you guys die," Jester laughed.

"How the hell did we even get on this bastard's plane!?" Serika glared as the plane took off.

"Now you're airborne. Time to tell you all about this flight. You are on a one way trip to hell, but I do actually plan to give you the honor of flying across America. As for the safety features, THERE ARE NONE! I gutted this bad boy and replaced them all with safety hazards. There is plenty of delicious food, that's poisoned! You'll also have to serve yourselves! No bathroom, well there is one, but it's clogged with my shit! Have fun holding it in! Now for the only reason you haven't smashed the screen in anger, the plane will explode upon landing in the middle of nowhere, though I did leave a big red self destruct button in the cockpit that's easy to press if you want. As for where this plane's heading? 5 hour trip bitch! Though I'll give you a warning when you're nearing the landing zone. It's a mine field by the way. Whelp hope you suffer!"

The girls glared in anger as they sat in their seats.

"Dammit, now that I look at things, it was suspicious how we didn't see any staff on the plane," Emeri growled.

"How are we going to escape this?" Yuni cried.

"By skydiving, that's how," Madoka grinned.

"Not at this altitude, besides what could we use to even slow our fall?" Emeri asked.

"Don't lose hope, you're talking to Gindini-chan, Escape witch extraordinaire. You think I'd loses to that clown that's been giving me hell for years?" Madoka glared.

Emeri immediately realized Madoka was pissed and already had an escape route in mind.

"We should be glad that ass gave us 5 hours, Serika, sorry we're gonna have to do this, but it's to save our lives.


"I'm surprised you went along with this Serika," Yuni said.

"Why wouldn't I? I can just buy new ones anyway," Serika replied.

"Buwahahahaha! You've reached the southwest, now only 30 minutes to go, time to begin our decent," Jester laughed on the video screen.

"Shit, it looks like the doors are sealed shut, and the windows are booby trapped to," Emeri scowled.

"No, there's one door we can use," Madoka snickered.


The plane began to descend further.

"Alright, don't let go. We're doing this now," Madoka stated as everyone huddled by a door.

"Madoka kick!"

Madoka kicked open the door sending it hurdling away. She then wrapped her arms around the other three, and all fell out of the plane together.

They began to plummet to the ground, until their make-shift parachutes saved them.

"I hope this isn't above the mine field," Serika grumbled.

"Nah, I can see civilization, though no clue where this is," Madoka stated.

The four then sailed to the ground.

"Glad I bought all those dresses," Serika smiled.

"Glad the emergency kit we brought had a sewing needle," Emeri sighed.

As the four landed, they heard an explosion in the distance.

"Didn't think it would be that close," Madoka sweated.

The girls then made their way to town.

"I wonder what happened to that suitcase with the souvenirs in it," Madoka mused.

"We checked it, but it might not have gone on the same flight," Emeri theorized.

"At least we all have our wallets and passports," Yuni sighed.

"I still got my badge tucked away nice and safe," Serika smirked as she pulled her police badge out of her breasts.

"Tu chet," Yuni replied as she pulled her own badge out of her breasts.

"Well, we do have service, and the town is right there. let's see where we are," Emeri stated.

"Yuma, Arizona. Hey look at all those cacti!" Madoka shouted.

The girls had arrived in Yuma, Arizona. This would be the start of one of the most dangerous encounters the girls would face.