Chapter 1:


Sakura School DX 2: Harmony To The End (Part 1)

Even with a heart that has grown tough after a year’s worth of teaching, he would feel sad if he was hurt. Everyone was like that, or so Boomerang thinks.

It was today’s lunch break. In the stairwell, there were students engaged in conversation. Since the rooftop was locked, the students couldn’t enter and leave as they pleased, but there was nothing stopping them from staying in the landing in front of the rooftop. It was wider compared to the other landings, there weren’t many students who hung out here other than those who had nowhere to go.

When Boomerang passed through the doors to head to his next lesson, despite the fact that lunch break was over, he could still hear laughter from the stairwell.

Maybe he should call them out, judged Boomerang as he took the steps leading towards the stairwell.

“Yo, isn’t it about time to go?”

“Seriously? Oh right. Lunch is over soon, isn’t it?”

Apparently he didn’t have to call out. Just before she stepped back down the stairs back to the corridors,

“So what’re you having next?”

“You having class with the Monster, right?”

“Oh, language class”

“You turned in that assignment yet?”

“As long as I turn it in by the end of the week I should be A-Ok!”

“What a pain”