Chapter 23:

Judge, Jury, Executioner


“King Lucius had that ring, the man with the highest recorded bounty Ouvan must of had that ring. Ouvan’s Ring, The Ring of Exodus.” 

“Jack, who is Exodus?” 

“He’s nobody, anyway we must be going to the Gantra ruins now to find and kill that puppet master." 

They walked for seven days all the way to the Little Big Forest, they stopped to rest for a while.

“Looks like we're both early to the party” 

They all turned to look at the three soldiers standing there. Jack stood up 

“You three were some of the Former Zealots right?” 

“Yes, I am Judge Donovinian, this is Jury Greyheart, and finally Executioner Gorebyss.” 

“You all are only worth 80,000 Vaun. You are no threat to all of us.” 

“We are worth more than the number states Jack.” 

“Jury Greyheart I leave them to you, if you beat Greyheart come to the ruins Jack, we will be waiting.” 

The other two walked away. 

“Let me handle this Jack, you guys go on ahead.” 

Nightmare stayed behind to fight Greyheart. 

“I see the ruins!” 

They approached and only found one man there. 

“You must be looking for the puppet master, well he’s not here.” 

“Where is he Gorebyss?” 

“I will tell you if you can kill me.” 

"We can, it’s a four versus one.” 

“My Diablo ability can make up for that, if I touch you, you fall asleep so I can execute you.”

Gorebyss lifted his great axe and engaged in the battle. He touched Nephelis and put her to sleep. 

“One down three to go.”