Chapter 22:



In Constantinople the Ghosts go to the news reporters. 

“We would like to send a message to the world.” 

“You’re the Ghosts of Armine! I’m a big fan, the names Ephiny.” 

“Nice to meet you Ephiny” 

Jack shakes his hand. 

“This is our message, please put it in the paper with our bounty photos.” 

The next day the paper was published and their message read “Celtzer, The Master Of Puppets, We would like to meet. If you would kindly meet us at the Gantra Ruins in the Little Big Forest eight days from now” - Jack. 

“Jack you were found in that fire with your parents right?” 

“Yes, why?” 

“Well as a fan I looked into it and found that two very famous people also disappeared the day you were found, nobody knew where they lived but it was speculated that they lived somewhere in northern Rucrula, like where Greenflower is.” 

“Who were these two people?” 

“Maray and Shrilon Vecner” 

“Maray and Shrilon Vecner were the two strongest knights in Islena and said to be the strongest duo in the world. They served directly under King Gavenious. They had both unlocked Death’s Ring and were loyal to the King. They retired in the year 1025, two years before the fire and supposably moved to Greenflower. But what I find weird is that they do not have any record of having a child ever.” 

“What did they look like?” 

“Maray had long pink hair and blue eyes while Shrilon had short black hair and brown eyes.”

“That’s them, they were the ones who died in the fire.” 

“But you look nothing like them, I've seen paintings of them and I don't see any similarities between them and you.” 

“I am not their son. The only man who knows the truth is the man who killed them.” 

“But Jack in order to kill the strongest you’d have to be stronger than the strongest. Above Death’s ring (X), That's not even possible.” 

“It is, I’ve seen it, The Ring above Death...”