Chapter 27:

Algarian Palace


Wings sprouted from his back and he flew up too. 


He kicked him so far he made it to the ocean. DEVIL flew there in a second he kicked Mialwraith a thousand times. He kicked him down to the ocean. They stood on top of the water. 

“Full Dragon form!” 

Mialwraith turned entirely into an ice dragon. The Dragon swooped down and knocked them both under water. DEVIL held onto the Dragon's neck and slammed it on the ocean floor. He lifted a rock and put in on the Dragon’s neck. 


The Dragon froze all of the water into ice. DEVIL’s body heat melted it instantly, the water started to boil and evaporate. The Dragon lifted the rock off of its neck. DEVIL stuck his hand through the dragon and removed its heart flying to the surface holding the dragon. He exited DEVIL Form and put the heart back. 

“Join my crew Mialwraith.” 

“Why would you want me to join your crew? I killed your best friend.” 

“Everyone deserves a second chance.” 

“I’ll join but I have to speak to my brother first. We can meet up in Constantinople, I’ll be waiting whenever you come.” 

Jack went back to Nightmare. 

“Wake up, I’ve decided we leave now.” 

For four days they continue to walk to the Algarian Palace. They walk inside. 

“Welcome you two, but you’re late.” 

“Where is everybody else?” 

“They were already captured by me, Judge Donovinian.” 

“I guess it’s our turn to fight you.” 

Donovinian rushed to them and stabbed Jack in the stomach. 

“You’ll have to do more than that to kill me Judge.” Jack started to get dizzy. 

“I doused the blade with poison Jack, it’s the end for you and him.” 

Jack fell over and passed out. 

“Hey Jack wake up!” 

“You’re next!” Donovinian says as he approaches Nightmare.