Chapter 28:

Magnum Innominandum


Jack woke up in a cell, his left wrist chained to the wall and his stomach was wrapped in bandages. He broke the chain and pulled apart the bars in the cell. He killed the guard and took his coat and wore it. His cell block was empty, he walked up the stairs to the throne room where they had been fighting. 

“Welcome back...” Nightmare said as he coughed up blood and fell over. 

“My poison has gone to his heart!” 

“You can only be weakened by poison, because of your blood.” 

Jack removed the coat. 

“Donovinian where is the master!” 

“He will make himself known when he is ready.” 

Jack’s fists lit with black flame from Diablo Energy. 

“I can win just like this Donovinian, without your dirty tricks you're not a challenge” 

Donovinian ran at him with his blade ready. He fazed through Jack and Jack stole his sword.


“Abyssal misplacement” 

“Using the power of two gods Jack? how unfair!” 

“You're right.” 

Jack lifted the sword and cut off his right arm and stabbed it. The whole world went silent for a second. The death of a god other than Jack has never happened in the Post-Lucius Era. The ground started to shake and never seemed to stop. 

“Donovinian I will kill you fairly!” 

He kicked Donovinian into the wall and launched the blade into his chest. 

“I will lose to no one, Judge!” 

He retrieved the blade “Now where is he?". 

“The dining hall...” 

He walked over to Nightmare. 

“We're going to kill Celtzer.” 

“No Jack, only you will kill him. I will not make it. Promise me you will kill him for me.” 

“I will” 

He walked to the dining hall. 

“Ah, Jack you made it. I was just getting ready for the feast - we have guests coming over soon.”

“Celtzer, The Master of Puppets worth 400,000,000 Vaun.” 

“What is it my dear Jack?” 

“Your party will have to be rescheduled, and you'll have to find a new host.” 

“No Jack you don’t seem to understand, you can't touch me. You are already dead.” 

Jack looked down and saw a hole in his chest, his heart was missing. He fell over and died as Celtzer laughed until he cried.