Chapter 0:


Emilia and the Red Shoes

The world of theatre has always fascinated me. Artists can create expressions, emotions and above all beautiful stories.

There were many performances and I had seen most of them. My favourites were those starring the famous Camille, who wore a striking red dress and shoes. She danced, sang, acted and did it all. Her charm and grace captivated the audience. Every time she came on stage, she was the centre of attention. Whenever there was a new show where she was the star, my parents would take me.

I heard that soon there would be shops selling shoes like hers. I asked my parents to buy them as soon as they were available.

Camille inspired me to take ballet and theatre classes, to pursue a career and become a star. My parents loved the idea and gave me lots of encouragement.

Until one day my legs stopped moving.

I was watching one of Camille's performances at the theatre. The show ended, the curtains closed, and when I tried to get up, my legs wouldn't move.

My parents told me to get up. I tried to get out of the chair, but all that happened was that I fell to the floor, hit my head and blacked out.

The last thing I remember was my mother calling my name in despair.