Chapter 1:

Once again

Cases of Thanatos by Niko Rans

Near an apartment building, a bunch of police men had gathered as someone had reported 2 dead bodies nearby, a detective was investigating the scene, It seemed like 2 lovers had jumped to their death from the roof. The detective sighed and spoke in a tone of frustration "It's the 3rd Thanatos  case this week". Many couples across the nation had jumped commited sucide together in various ways. Some had hanged to death together, some had burned themselves on the street. However the most common way of committing sucide was jumping from a building. A detective named Ace had been put incharge of such cases. He looked towards the body of the death couple and checked the IDs he found on them, then he spoke to an officer next to him "They were quite young... the girl was of age 19 while the boy was 20". The corpses of the two were holding each other with expressions of peace on their face. It had seemed that they were not afraid of the death rather had completely accepted it. The bodies were sent for an autopsy and the police continued on with their investigation. Just like all the cases, one of the couples had an history of trying to commit sucide. In this one, the girl had tried to kill herself atleast 3 times before. Which was reported by her partner to her parents each time.. Yet it seems he joined her this time. Detective Ace headed home, continuously going through this case in his head. He was determined to solve the cases of the invitation of thantos more than anyone else as his only daughter was one of the victims. Her boyfriend was one who was ruled by the desire of death. She had also managed to stop him a few times but eventually joined him to death just like all the others. Ace opened the door to his apartment which was on the 8th floor and saw his wife sitting their on the living room sofa. She had dead eyes, after their daughter died. She had lost her emotions completely. Ace comforted her each time but deep down he knew that there was nothing he could do to bring her old-self back. He chased his case relentlessly in hopes that he could get closure. He was stressed all the time and would overwork himself alot. He would spend day and night, sometimes skipping sleep to go over the details of this case. He wanted to find a way to make those ruled by the desire of death overcome their desire and be loved by life. So far however he had gotten no progress, only victims more pilling up. He slept on his desk yet again that night, this time however he suddenly woke up due to a cold breeze. He looked towards the window where he saw that his wife was trying to jump out. He yelled "STOP!!" as he saw that and quickly ran to catch her. She struggled and tried to make him let go, she scratched him all over with her nails. "PLEASE!! DON'T-" yelled the detective once more. "I don't want to lose you too... I am tired please just stop..." She kept struggling. Her beautiful eyes had no sign of tears but were only filled with desire. She spoke in the gentle yet firm voice "let me go... the god of death is calling me!" "No.. no not you too" it seemed like Aces wife was also one who was ruled by the desire of death, but had managed to suppress it by only looking at the ones she loved. When she lost her daughter however who was just like her. She felt feeling sad and she felt a bit jealous. "Please no... I don't want another loss" whispered the detective as he held on to his wife. "I am too tired..." "I can't handle life.." "I want to die.." His wife stopped struggling and she looked at him with a smile he had never seen before. He fell in love all over again when he saw that smile. He finally understood that he was also one who was ruled by the desire of death. And his wife was his Thanatos. He felt ease and peace inside his heart. All his stress and worries disappeared completely. He held his wife's hand and they both together jumped out the window. He did not fear death rather loved it so much. It brought him peace and joy. He held his wife as they fell to the ground finally dying together. Another incident  was added to the case of Thanatos.