Chapter 0:

Vol 1: Prologue End Of The Beginning

Silent Radiant

"The world plummets into DarknessBookmark here

As Chaos approaches.Bookmark here

The once bright light loses its purposeBookmark here

And only one thing remains. Vengeance."Bookmark here

The small island town of Rasper was drowned into the darkness of the moonless and starless night.Bookmark here

The sea breeze, which was once calm, had picked up its pace and was blowing furiously. The wind blew furiously, violently, howling into the ears of the citizens. Lightning rolled across the sky and dark clouds became visible. The thunder crackled and sounded dangerous. The palm trees that lined the shore, bent against the sheer force of the wind.Bookmark here

A storm was brewing.Bookmark here

Stormy weather was nothing new for the people of Rasper. They were accustomed to it. However, this time it was different. The storm seemed to emit darkness and brewed terror in the hearts of the people of Rasper.Bookmark here

Tension veiled all around the town. The usual bustling town square was now empty. Shops around the harbor were now closed and anyone who was still out tried to find shelter or go back to their families, as fast as they could.Bookmark here

Children clung their mothers tightly, scared of the upcoming calamity. Fathers hugged their families in an attempt to rescue them. But they all knew it was futile.Bookmark here

Amidst all this, a cloaked figure, shadowed by the darkness, stood on the highest hill of Rasper. He watched as the fear unraveled throughout the town and ran rampant across the now streets. He looked on, remorse and hatred shining in his eyes.Bookmark here

"I never thought I would see this place again," he said.Bookmark here

Another man approached the dark figure from behind.Bookmark here

"Funny isn't it, how you always end up where you don't want to," he said.Bookmark here

The dark figure gave his companion a deathly glare in return. The other just smiled slightly and went on to stand next to the dark figure, looking down at the town with him.Bookmark here

"Mana seems to favor you, sir. Forgive me to asking, but I still don't understand why you spared those puny humans all that time ago?"Bookmark here

"There's nothing to fear about them Stygan.” Replied the dark man. “They are nothing but pebbles in our path. If they intervene, I will crush them myself."Bookmark here

"I understand Young Lord," he replied with a hint of displeasure.Bookmark here

The storm clouds how hungover the towns. The wind was still howling and violent. The rain started pelting down all over the city. It was as if they were standing in the middle of a cyclone and a cloud burst, not quite as bad, however, but still scary.Bookmark here

There was no going back now. Sink or swim, this would be the first page of history decorated with his name. Only time would tell if it would be as a hero, a savior, or as a villain, a destroyer.Bookmark here

The barrier of mana chains grinded against each other as they came undone.Bookmark here

"You all have your tasks."He told his companions. They all tugged at their cloaks and donned their masks. They stood behind him, at the ready, silently agreeing with their leader.Bookmark here

He put his own death mask as his left eye turned red.Bookmark here

“Do not fail me,” he said simply.Bookmark here

“Let your lust for blood guide you,” he thought to himself.Bookmark here

Together, all of them stepped forward and descended the hill, the wind rushing all around them.Bookmark here

"How long has it been since then.......?”Bookmark here

Ana Fowl
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