Chapter 80:

Duel in the desert Part 3: Ambush

Escape Witch

Madoka cried as she watched the events unfolding before her.

"How evil, how could you do something like this to them!?" Madoka tearfully thought as she desperately tried to shout.


"Quite the family reunion," Kasumi's voice rang out.

Everyone went pale with shock as they darted their heads around looking for Kasumi.

"Up here," Kasumi growled as she stood atop the van.

She then angrily charged and punched Hitomi in the face, sending her flying into a nearby cactus.

Kumi angrily turned into lightning and summoned lightning tonfas as she charged at Kasumi. Yuni and Serika stared in shock at the spectacle before them.

"No way, she just became lightning," Serika muttered.

Kumi swung a tonfa at Kasumi, only for it to fase through her. Kumi rapidly began attacking, while Kasumi stood perfectly still. Nika then used her power to draw an net above Kasumi, however, that too phased through her and hit the ground. Then, Kasumi grabbed one of Kumi's tonfas.

"You can't touch me now. I am now an Omni," Kasumi glared.

Nika and Kumi's eyes went wide while the rest remained in confusion. Kasumi then punched Kumi in the gut and shocked her.

"THE HELL!? WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH!?" Kumi screamed.

"Because I'm on a higher plane of existence than you."

Yuni hugged Fubuki tighter, as Fubuki glared at Kasumi.

"A mother and daughter makeover? I'll give you two a hideous look," a female voice sneered.

Chills went down Yuni's back as she recognized the voice. She turned to see Serika and Nika bound and gagged on the ground with Nadea standing on top of them. Three woman clad in white latex also accompanied Nadea.

"I thought you said you weren't scared of me anymore, yet here you are hiding behind your mommy," Nadea sneered as she pressed her sneaker into Nika's face.

"She looks cute too. I know Cassie wants to kill her, but I really, REALLY wanna break her! She's just like you, my type."

Fubuki pulled out her gun hidden in the seat and fired at Nadea. Nadea simply blocked the shot by holding up Nika's arm. Nika's muffled screams rang out as the bullet pierced her arm.

"Whoops! You hit your beloved niece. Now if you don't want to accidentally hit her head, drop the gun. I have no problem shearing corpses, just so you know," Nadea sneered.

Kumi suddenly fell before Nadea, barely conscious as blood oozed out of her mouth.

"We gotta move! We're out of time!" Thrasher growled as he appeared with the captured Madoka and Emeri.

Kasumi then knocked out Maria with a shock as she grabbed Nika by her hair and dragged her towards the barely conscious Hitomi.

"Nadea, I want Miku to see this too," Kasumi ordered.

Thrasher sighed and used his power to freeze Yuni and Fubuki in place. He then threw Madoka and Emeri into the van before grabbing Serika by her hair.

"You're gonna suffer for what you've done to Illumous," Thrasher glared as he tossed Serika into the van.

He then began tying up Yuni and Fubuki as Nadea dragged a barely conscious Kumi towards Hitomi.

"That clown's half-assing it! So you've only got a short time," Thrasher warned.

"OO! Can I shave this bitch!?" Nade gleefully asked.

"Sure, make her as hideous as you want. I'll be killing her next anyway," Kasumi growled as she whipped out her knife and began slicing Hitomi to bits.

Hitomi screamed in pain as Nika cried and Kumi tearfully glared.

"I hate you you whore! You gave birth to those two other leeches and ruined my perfect plan for ascension to greatness! You're lucky I'm short on time, otherwise this would be longer and far more painful!" Kasumi shouted.

Nadea laughed and smeared wax over Kumi's mouth before maliciously gunging Kumi in perma-nair causing Kumi to let out a loud scream as her hair was painfully destroyed.

"Wouldn't wanna swallow this stuff. Chocking to death would suck," Nadea maliciously sneered.

"MMPH MMPH MMPH! (STOP THIS NOW!)" Nika tearfully pleaded.

"Ni..ka... Mi...ku... I'm... sorry," Hitomi cried as Kasumi plunged her knife into her throat, killing her.

Nika let out a loud muffled scream as Kasumi laughed maniacally. Kumi then ignited herself with lightning in rage and lunged toward Kasumi. She hit Kasumi, but bounced off her and flew right back to Nadea, with a now bloody head.

"WOW! You do look kinda cute hairless and bloody. Since you've still got some life in you, how bout I skin you alive before you die! AHAHAHAHAHA!" Nadea laughed.

Kumi spat on Nadea, who promptly beheaded her with her sharp shaving knife.

"Oops! I got a little too angry. Well at least you're devoid of hair at the very least," Nadea cooed as she punted Kumi's head into the cactus.

Nika cried more uncontrollably as Kasumi laughed and dragged her to the wormhole.

"Excellent work Nadea. I will put in good word to Averice who will in turn advocate on your behalf to Luzuria," Kasumi maliciously smiled as she leapt into the portal with Nika.

Nadea smiled and hopped in after her with her trio. The portal closed, just in the nick of time.

Kumi's vision began to go blurry as she noticed someone arriving.

"Yes... I... made... it," she thought as she was revived.


Jester screamed as he burned and was swept down the Colorado river. He had lost his key, and been defeated by both Muramasa Jouzu and his minion.

"[Hey brother, you lose again?]" Vincenzo asked as he fished Jester out.

"No, I HALF lost! Madoka has been caught!" Jester laughed.

"[But, what if she escapes?]"

"Fat chance! The council's gonna break her and her friends completely!" Jester scowled.

"[Um brother, you do still have your key right]?"

"Yes of course- huh? AAAAAAAH! [FUCK YOU] MURAMASA JOUZU!"

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