Chapter 81:

The Antarctic prison Part 1: Rigged game

Escape Witch

Tears rolled down both Yuni's and Fubuki's faces as they saw Hitomi and Kumi killed. Then before they knew it, the scenery changed and they were in a frozen landscape along with the others. Thrasher threw them out of the van along with Serika, Emeri, and Madoka. Kasumi, Nadea, and the three women clad in white latex then appeared with Nika in tow.

"It seems Averice has taken care of the whore who birthed me," Kasumi happily sneered as she threw a sobbing Nika face down on the icy ground.

"This is the prison right? Can I make all these sexy ladies in compliance with the dress code?" Nadea sneered.

"Sure. This will be a long term execution for the girls, though Kabuki will be offed in a month. As for the rest, we'll kill each of them off slowly. Oh, and once you're finished shearing Madoka, break every bone in her body, though make sure she's still able to see and hear."

"Now who we gonna start with?" Nadea laughed as she pulled out her hair clippers.

Nadea then dragged Yuni and Madoka towards two metal chairs and restrained them.

"Oh Yu-ni-chan, how I've waited SO long for the day I could give you a makeover, but you're gonna be last.  I want you to watch everyone else get turned into slaves, and who better to start with than the bitch Madoka.  You're going to get the worst treatment yet! Girls! Come out and show your SEXY faces!"

The three woman clad completely in white latex suddenly appeared. They removed their masks, causing everyone but the Illumous members to shriek with horror. Each one of them was devoid of hair and covered in identical tattoos and piercings.

"Recognize em?" Nadea asked as she pulled back Yuni's gag.

"No! I don't recognize them, but feel bad for them," Yuni glared.

"Really? Well let's play a little guessing game. I'll ask you to identify each one of my lovely slaves. For every wrong guess, Madoka's makeover will get more extreme. If you get 1 wrong, she gets tattooed, two wrong, piercings, three wrong and she gets all her fingernails and toenails ripped out along with her tongue. Now, time for slave number 1. Now, guess who this one is," Nadea sneered as one of the women stepped forward.

"I don't know! A hot girl?"

"Yes, she was hot, but I was asking for names! She was my crazy sis-con onee-sama Yumeko."

Yuni's eyes went wide.

"No way, the one with the microphone?"

"Oh, that's it? I mean she's the one that was using Madoka as a punching bag when she got arrested."

Yuni shot Nadea a confused glare as she stared at the second woman that stepped forward.

"They really do look identical. Though their eyes are different. Where have I seen those eyes before?" Yuni thought.

"Oh yeah, tick tock tick tock, you got 3 seconds!" Nadea sneered.


Nadea glared and pressed her sneaker into Yuni's face.

"Well, guess the manicure and pedicure are off for now. Though you'll never guess slave number 3."

Nadea took her foot off Yuni's face as the final woman stepped forward.

Yuni stared at her purple eyes and instantly knew who she was.

"Quite the Reichenbach you gave Melinda," Yuni smirked.

"Who said you could say the right answer!? Didn't I tell you you were in prison? Well, I'm gonna give her the complete makeover, ANYWAY!" Nadea glared as she slapped Yuni.

She then began shaving Madoka.


"Yeah, she's a prisoner, even if you answered 3 for 3, I'd have done it anyway!" Nadea sneered as she put Yuni's gag back in place.


Yuni began to seethe with fury as Nadea finished oiling Madoka's now hairless head

"AND DONE! Now Yu-ni-chan, how does my new slave look? Better get a good look at her before I ink her  with the most hideous tattoos imaginable," Nadea sneered as she pulled back Yuni's gag.

"What slave? Madoka's not weak enough to let this bullshit phase her," Yuni glared.

Nadea turned to look at Madoka and nearly screamed with fear. All the rage and contempt Madoka had been bottling up had oozed to the surface. She instantly broke free of her restraints and grabbed Nadea by the neck.

"You sure gave me a clean shave, how bout I return the favor," Madoka glared as she began chocking Nadea to death with one hand.

Kasumi clicked her tongue and sliced off Madoka's hand with ease. She then mercilessly beat Madoka a hair's breath away from death as Yuni watched in horror.

"Yuni, she will only be the first. All your other friends will be slowly beaten and hacked to bits each passing day. You on the other hand will be kept alive and forced to watch it all. That shall be your punishment," Kasumi glared as she dragged Yuni towards a nearby structure.

"What!? I can't shave her!?" Nadea protested.

"Have your fun with the others, though you're free to force feed Yuni meals. I want her to suffer."

Yuni was then restrained and gagged inside the facility as she was forced to watch Nadea mercilessly torture and shave her friends and family.

It took every ounce of strength Yuni had to avoid her mind breaking, yet this was only the beginning of her hellish imprisonment.

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