Chapter 140:

The Moon Rabbit vs Citlallicue

Elyon - Gods among us

Tul continued her relentless assault with holy energy towards the goddess Citlallicue. Her face began to express frustration, seeing that the Toltec goddess was withstanding the attack with no difficulty.

The stars in the sky began to shine intensely. Upon seeing the stars, Tul realized it was the same celestial arrangement as on Earth. Then, the stars of Orion's Belt shone red, as Citlallicue declared: —Niquin notsa: Mamalhuaztli—. At that, the stars of Orion's Belt took the shape of two white poles adorned in crimson.

Citlallicue leaped into the sky, ignoring Tul's attack, and grabbed the celestial poles. Then, still in the sky, she assumed a combat stance, and the poles ignited like torches. Tul canceled her technique and looked up at the Toltec goddess, who began spinning her burning staffs in her hands, creating circular fire trails in the sky.

Citlallicue immediately descended towards Tul, trying to strike her with her blazing staffs, but Tul dodged the blows effortlessly with acrobatic maneuvers.

The rabbit goddess reached into her bag and pulled out a red sphere; then she smashed it against the Toltec goddess's chest, shouting: —Waak' k'aak eek'—. A muffled explosion emanated from Citlallicue's chest, pushing her away from Tul, but the Mayan goddess was not yet satisfied.

Tul jumped high towards Citlallicue, still airborne from the previous attack, and, pulling a dark sphere from her pouch, smashed it in Citlallicue's face, shouting: —Éek ts'aak—. A black liquid poured from the broken dark sphere, covering the Toltec goddess's face as Tul leapt away. Citlallicue crashed to the ground, coughing, while her skin turned yellow.

—I can reverse the effects of my own medicine with my control over holy power— Tul remarked as she stood up.

—My 'Kili'ich Ja' can heal almost all diseases that plague gods; but my Éek ts'aak can induce them— she explained.

Sores and painful blisters began appearing on Citlallicue's body, as the goddess vomited blood and her eyes turned red. Even though she was just an illusion, she screamed in pain under the effects of Tul's dark medicine.

—This is my ability: Jeel— Tul said as she displayed a white potion and turned it black. —I can reverse the effects of any chemical element—

Despite her agony, Citlallicue recited: —Niquin notsa: Tianquiztli—. At that moment, in the dark sky, the star cluster known as the Pleiades began to shine green. The stars then transformed into food, descending towards the Toltec goddess in the form of streaks of light. When Citlallicue was bathed in the beams of light, she stood up as if nothing had happened, appearing to smile behind her fearsome skull mask.

—I see, she used a healing invocation to rid herself of all the ailments I inflicted upon her— Tul remarked, once again reaching into her bag.

Citlallicue raised her right arm and chanted: —Niquin notsa: Xiuhcóatl—. Subsequently, she raised her left arm and recited: —Niquin notsa: Colotl Ixayac—.

The constellations of Taurus, Orion, and Scorpio illuminated. The first two glowed red, and the latter green. To Citlallicue's right materialized a red serpent with a dragon's face; to her left, a small green flying man with a scorpion's tail.

—So I assume you can summon creatures from the stars— Tul remarked apprehensively, her hand still in her bag.

With a sweep of her flaming staffs, Citlallicue conjured a blazing wave which Tul dodged with a leap. However, right behind him, the crimson serpent appeared, attempting to bite him with its fiery maw.

Tul shouted: —Múuyal Náay—. From her bag, she unleashed a sleeping powder, which she cast into the serpent's face. But the Pleiades stars shot a green ray onto the snake, dissipating the powder's effects.

The scorpion-man's venomous tail struck Tul's back. She screamed in pain and plummeted, but before crashing, the serpent coiled around her, squeezing and incinerating her simultaneously.

—This isn't fair— Tul agonized under the combined assault of the massive snake and the scorpion's venom.

The Mayan goddess's thoughts drifted back to her time in Cazumel, in the main temple of Ixchel, the Mayan moon goddess.

—Look at me, kaansaj! I've managed to transform into a human!— an excited Tul told her mentor, who sat upon her throne.

But Ixchel simply replied, —Uh-huh— utterly disregarding the rabbit goddess.

Tul remembered the effort she put into learning the transformation spell, despite her original rabbit form. The challenges of reading the magical formulas in the moon goddess's library. Yet, her master overlooked her disciple's hard work.

—How would you perch on my shoulder in such a grotesque form?— Ixchel questioned dispassionately.

Dejected, Tul said, —I thought you'd be proud of me, kaansaj—

Ixchel remained silent, seated in the shadowy room. Tul reverted to her original form, a small white rabbit, her demeanour clearly downtrodden.

For unknown reasons, since birth, Tul had aspirations and dreams different from her siblings. She'd learned Mayan, leading to her mastering medicine and creating a vast dimensional bag.
One day, she found books from Waabanakiing in the north of Mayapan. Though she couldn't decipher the strange letters, they spoke of a rabbit becoming human. The deity idolized the concept and endeavored to do the same.

—Since that day, I've never reverted to my animal form— Tul mused as the fire serpent continued its torment. —I'd almost forgotten my original appearance—

Tul then shifted into her rabbit form, allowing her to swiftly escape from the serpent's constricting grip. Seeing this, the scorpion man began his attempts to strike her with his venomous tail.

Tul reverted to her anthropomorphic shape, quickly ingesting a remedy from her pouch to counteract the effects of the scorpion man's venom. She then set her bag down.

—I cannot utilize medicine against one who can self-heal— Tul remarked. —I'm left with relying solely on my sacred power for battle—

Tul's thoughts drifted back to watching her master's techniques, recalling how she would sit idly on Ixchel's shoulder alongside another white rabbit.

—Tu'ul Ujob— Ixchel instructed. —I need you to harness your sacred power and synchronize it with my water power to unleash a potent assault—

Together with the other rabbit, Tul produced a white energy orb. Ixchel then infused it with her water power, resulting in a massive energy circle from which she unleashed a powerful vertical beam of white light.

—My kaansaj used her water power in tandem with our sacred power to create a new element— Tul reflected while examining her mentor's magic tome. —But to match her strength, I must also produce the power of water—

Years of effort went into her endeavor to manifest water from her hand. Though the process was complicated, Tul remained determined.

—Having broken the barrier partially— Tul mused, seeing the two creatures closing in on her, —I can now execute my kaansaj's most potent technique—

Raising her hands and closing her eyes, she tilted her face skyward. A divine light descended upon her, enveloping her in an aura of serenity.

—The union of the sacred with water signifies Purification— said Tul, peacefully intoning:
Túulis Sak

Luminescent lights swirled around her, cascading down like waterfalls. Upon making contact with the ground, a pure white explosion radiated throughout the vicinity, annihilating both the serpent and the scorpion.

The entire landscape was sanctified, with a white sky and matching grass below. The rabbit goddess then walked serenely towards Citlallicue, wearing a subdued smile.

Citlallicue summoned the constellation of Ursa Major. Even though the stars remained hidden due to Tul's sacred power, they shone a golden hue. These stars then enveloped the Toltec goddess, and she proclaimed: —Niquin notsa: Ocelotl

Upon the lights fading, the goddess appeared altered, resembling a black jaguar. Although still adorned in her usual attire, her newly acquired feline physique was coated in fur, sharp claws extended from her hands, and her tail twitched restlessly.

—It's a shame for you— said Tul, raising her hand and pointing her palm towards the Toltec goddess, —but in this realm, I can manipulate everything to my will—

As Citlallicue lunged at Tul, the Mayan goddess queried: —Do you know what happens if we reverse the effects of holy giving life and water purifying everything?—

At that moment, Tul intoned: —Sak Kíimil—. A radiant light shone from her palm.

A white sphere emerged from Citlallicue's chest, extinguishing her eyes' glow. As she fell lifeless, her jaguar transformation faded.

Tul reverted from her white rabbit state, resuming her usual appearance as her pristine white environment also faded.

Citlallicue's body emitted a powerful brilliance before vanishing, leaving only a small, dark blue sphere.

—Ch'úupal Tania, it's thanks to you that I've reached these heights— the goddess beamed, clutching the remnant sphere left by Citlallicue's demise.