Chapter 139:

Freyja vs Xochipilli and Xochiquétzal

Elyon - Gods among us

Xochiquétzal kept mercilessly kicking Freyja, who remained motionless and face-down on the flowered ground. The flowers continued to emit their paralyzing pollen as Xochipilli, floating between the two omnipotent statues, remained in trance, controlling the field at will.

Freyja began to recall her childhood as she continued to be tortured by the kicks of the Toltec goddess to her abdomen.

About a thousand years ago, the gods of Asgard, known as the Æsir, were at war against the Vanir gods from Vanaheim. It was a devastating and bloody war that lasted for several years without a clear victor. Odin led the Asgardian army, while Njord, the father of Freyr and Freyja, led the Vanaheim armies.

At the end of the war, the two kingdoms exchanged hostages. While the realm of Asgard sent Mímir to Vanaheim; they sent Njord's children: Freyr and Freyja in return. However, Odin never treated them as prisoners. He had them living in lavish halls of Valhalla with all the luxuries and comforts a deity could hope for.

News that Mimir had been beheaded in Vahaheim caused anxiety in Njord's children as they believed they would be killed by the Asgardian god. Yet, despite their fears, Odin, instead of harming the two young children, took them to a beautiful meadow of flowers. When Freyja saw this place, she was elated and couldn't stop playing there.

—Stop acting like a child, Freyja!— her brother grumbled, who, unlike now, in his youth had a very stern and grumpy countenance. But Freyja ignored him and continued to frolic.

—Why do you seek to ruin your sister's fun?" Odin asked, sitting on a fallen log.

—Flowers are stupid, they're for girls— replied Freyr. —And we are warriors—

—And who says a woman can't be a warrior and love flowers too?— Odin countered.

Freyr gestured in annoyance and looked away.

Odin then looked back at Freyja, who returned gleefully from her romp amongst the flowers.

—Do you like this meadow, Freyja?— Odin inquired.

—Yes, I love it— replied the Nordic goddess. —But there aren't any places this beautiful in Vanaheim—

—Don't worry, little one— Odin said, patting the young goddess's head. —I've decided to gift you this meadow to plant in your homeland. It will be my gift to you both—

However, Freyr was not happy. At that he looked with eyes full of resentment at the Nordic patriarch

—You're not going to kill us for what they did to your friend in our realm?— Freyr questioned.

Odin lowered his head.

—As much as it pains me, you aren't responsible for Mimir's death— said the god. —If I respond with vengeance to their provocation, I will only prolong an unnecessary war—

—Father Odin! Thank you!— Freyja exclaimed, overcome with emotion, hugging one of the legs of the king of Asgard. Tears of joy streamed down her rosy, round cheeks.

Odin gently touched both Njord's children.

—You two are like my own children, even if you weren't born in my realm— said the god.

—The beautiful flowers of Asgard changed meow views on the Æsir— thought Freyja as she finished reminiscing and continued gazing at the gorgeous flowers causing her paralysis.

Freyja then grabbed Xochiquétzal's foot with her bare hand. The Norse goddess looked at her with a face full of pain, but the fire in her eyes was unquenchable.

Xochiquétzal tried to execute one of her techniques, but Freyja quickly rose, grabbing the Toltec goddess by the heel and throwing her far away.

At that moment, the goddess shouted forcefully: —Freyjulundr— The red and blue flowers shifted to a spectrum of colors, and the entire sky was painted a magnificent shade of blue. Northern lights glimmered across the clear sky crafted by the Nordic goddess. The clouds shone like rainbows, and a gentle sun warmed the beautiful meadow that Freyja had formed.

—This is meow technique: 'Freyja's Field', where I invoke a puarrt of my great meowadow from Vanaheim— Freyja commented as the effects of paralysis finally subsided. —I've replaced your purrisonous flowers with meow that bring joy and love to the eyes of those who see them—

Freyja's appearance reverted back to her valkyrie form. Her blonde hair waved in the wind, reflecting a gentle red sheen. Her amber eyes emitted a beautiful glow. Her golden staff transformed back into a spear, and two majestic white wings sprouted from her back.

—Your flowers are very beautiful, but their beauty purrales in comparison to the gorgeous gardens of Vanaheim!— Freyja shouted and pointed her spear at Xochipilli, who remained stationary, seemingly in a trance.

Xochiquétzal then rushed at Freyja, shouting: —Istlejekatl—. But before she could finish her sentence, Freyja pierced her with her spear, moving as fast as lightning. Dozens of valkyries appeared beside the Nordic deity.

The Toltec goddess was rendered mute and exploded into a beam of light, while Freyja, holding her raised spear, whispered: —Himmelsk fremstøt

The valkyries vanished, and the Nordic goddess swiftly swung her spear through the air. She then turned her gaze to Xochipilli, now seemingly encased in a shield of fluttering flower petals.

Ejekatoloatsin— The god declared, and the flower petals whirled towards the goddess, who evaded them by swiftly flying away.

—My feline senses tell me those petals are poisonous— the goddess said, maneuvering to avoid the god's attack while approaching from the other side.

But the Toltec god summoned a gigantic, fanged flower, shouting: —Xochikoyoukan

The flower, resembling a daisy, stood about 10 meters tall with a stem covered in thorns. From its grotesque fangs dripped acid. The monstrous flower tried to bite Freyja, but she soared above it, plunging her spear into its center, pinning it to the ground.

—It's a pity to defeat you, given how handsome you are— Freyja commented without looking back at the Toltec god. —But I swear I will find the real you when I go to Tula—

The poisonous petals again approached Freyja; but at that moment, she smiled, and a shockwave emanated from her spear, still anchoring the monstrous flower to the ground. Then, the goddess declared: —Ære til Vanaheim

The shockwave took on the form of hundreds of valkyries, pushing back the poisonous wind of the Toltec god while shredding the demonic flower with their flight. With that, Freyja leapt off the flower and, like a bolt of lightning, pierced through Xochipilli, who had lost his petal shield thanks to the ghostly valkyries summoned by Freyja.

The Toltec god emitted a dull sound and exploded, releasing a ray of light. Where he once stood, only a small pink sphere remained.

Freyja's wings disappeared, and she lifted the sphere, smiling all the while. —I'm sorry, but flowers are my passion, and I'll never be defeated by them— she stated.