Chapter 82:

The Antarctic prison Part 2: The first day

Escape Witch

Harumi nervously chugged down a gallon of milk as she awaited news from her agents.

"Miss Ginkawa, we're heading down to Antarctica from Chile," Hanabi said over the phone.

"Good thing you were sent ahead. I already recieved the run down from Muramasa Jouzu. I fear him and his party are the only ones that can save them," Harumi stated as she brushed her hair out of her eyes.

"Well, maybe they can escape. We can always provide backup."

"It would be nice if they can escape on their own. But these foes are far too powerful for them to beat with mortal tactics."


"Ugh, those bitches really are evil," Nika thought as she massaged her now hairless head.

Everyone aside from Yuni had been completely sheared of all their hair and were forced to reside in outdoor cells. All the prisoners however were handcuffed and had a gagging device in their mouths. Yuni was forced to sit inside and watch it all.

"For extra salt, how bout I store my key on you," Thrasher sneered as he slid his depository key into Yuni's breasts.

Yuni shot him a furious glare.

"Why so angry? You're trying to gather them, and I just gave you mine. Well, guess you probably figured out you won't ever be leaving here so your nothing but a safe deposit box for my key," Thrasher laughed as he sat down at a luxurious table behind Yuni.

"I am Warden Griege. I hope you enjoy your stay at my B.Y. prison, Antarctica branch," a large hairy man maliciously grinned as he too slid his depository key into Yuni's breasts.

"Turn her around, It's mealtime," Kasumi ordered.

Nadea gleefully pressed a button on Yuni's chair, causing it to turn and face the table. She then grabbed a remote control, which caused Yuni's gagging device to open her mouth.

"What cutting edge gag technology, it even has a force feed setting. Well, down the hatch! Ahahahahaha!" Nadea laughed as she force fed Yuni putrid slop.

The goons then began dining on fine gourmet food as Yuni was forced to watch.

Outside, Serika glared at the facility.

"Those bastards! They're freezing us to death and making Yuni watch it all. I knew I hated these bastards, but now I hate them even more!" Serika thought.

"Mado-chan... Those assholes really did it now torturing her like that!" Emeri tearfully thought as she gazed at a bruised beaten Madoka in the cell across from her.

"Yuni, please stay strong. Hitomi, I'm sorry you and Miku were dragged into this mess. If I get out of this, I promise I'll look after Nika," Fubuki thought.

"I hope we can get out of this. Unlike last time, we can't rely on Hitomi to come in for the rescue," Maria thought.

"Yuni... I... won't... make... you.. sad!" Madoka thought as she glared.

Inside, the goons had all finished eating all the food, save for a juicy turkey sitting in the middle of the table.

"Don't you think we should show a bit more humility?" Thrasher sneered as he stared at the turkey.

"Indeed, feeding the poor will look great on my presidential resume. Nadea, go feed the starving peasants outside that fine turkey," Kasumi laughed as she drank a glass of wine.

"Oh I bet they'll love it. I'll even portion it out. Sorry Yu-ni-chan, but in the good name of charity, we'll be giving your portion to the peasants outside," Nadea sneered as she turned Yuni's chair back around.

Yuni was forced to watch as Nadea maliciously went outside and mockingly threw scraps of the turkey at the prisoners.

"Well go on, eat this delicious turkey," Nadea sneered.

All the prisoners shot Nadea glares of pure hatred. Due to the gagging devices, they were incapable of eating. Nadea then walked up to Madoka and shoved a drumstick into her gag. Madoka's muffled groans of pain rang out as Nadea sadistically kept smacking her face with it.

"Ah, must taste so good," Nadea sneered as she took a bite out of the drumstick before smacking Madoka's face with it.

Yuni's eyes were filled with rage as her muffled protests rang out as she struggled aimlessly.

"So first you will experience rage then?" Kasumi mused.


Hanabi, Izumi, and Nakajima all stared at the prison from a distance.

"So this is their inescapable prison. I can see why they're so confident in it's defenses," Nakajima stated.

The prison itself was high above the ground perched atop giant metal chicken legs.

"Izumi heard this was once in Siberia," Izumi stated.

"Yeah, the B.Y. prison. I heard the council member, Griege originally managed it there. Though I guess they moved it to Antarctica for the oncoming winter. That thing moves about a mile a day. Everyone's likely being held outside, but trying to get in and out is a challenge. Though Muramasa Jouzu and his group should have no trouble busting in and out," Hanabi stated.

"Then should we just wait for them?" Nakajima asked.

"No, they'll face lots of trouble getting here. Plus, who knows what those goons might try. I heard they are extremely powerful. If what Muramasa Jouzu theorized is correct, we might be the ones that play a pivotal role in the rescue."


At the prison, Nika began doing exercises.

"It is sleeping time," Griege snarled as he smacked her cell bars with a flail.

"How the hell can anyone sleep in these conditions!?" But if you wanna make a fuss, how about I shut you up?" Nika thought as she glared and imagined an anvil above Griege's head.

"No, that's too obvious, how about THIS!?"

Griege growled in pain as a penguin fell on his head and shocked him.

"YOU WHORE!" Griege yelled as he swung his flail towards Nika.

The cell bars shattered and flew towards Nika, only to phase through her.

"What!?" Griege stared in confusion.

"Seems like I can save the day after all," Nika thought as she vanished in a burst of lightning.

Griege glared in anger and began turning into a polar bear before sounding the alarm and leaping out of the prison.


"That's the way you do it Nika. If the foe's above your level, or you're at a disadvantage, get creative with your game plan," I smirked.

"So Jouzu, are they doing fine?" Kumi asked.

"Nika is, but the others are likely trapped in time. Some of my enemies are directly affecting them after all. Nika's good though since she's acknowledged she's part of my party."

"Well, then let's save em. So who do I get to beat up?" Tetsuka asked.

"Whoever's left over," I snickered.