Chapter 1:

Magicha, former evil lawyer!

The Lawyer became a Magical Girl! ⁓ Destroy'em all Magicha-chan!

Life was beautiful, money was beautiful, and making people suffer gave him pleasure.
The man was happy in life, that person was a lawyer.

A common lawyer with completely destroyed common sense.

Geek, Otaku, and lover of video games, manga, anime, and much more, the only thing that surpassed his love for alcohol was his obsession with GB stories, magical girls, and isekais... Although maybe not all in one story.

However, there was a time when the evil lawyer was not so evil, a time when he wanted to be an artist... Unfortunately, the canvases full of pretty girls in somewhat revealing outfits did not provide him with an entrance to art school...

With that dream destroyed, the young student moved on to his third option: law school.
One thing led to another and suddenly, he had become a sadistic, greedy, and evil lawyer. However, his passion for magical girls never died.

One day, while enjoying his life full of luxury and evil, the lawyer came across a strange manga in an antique store, it looked like an old edition of one of his favorite series. However, there were fundamentally different things that the lawyer would not know how to point out exactly. Without a second thought, he bought it and took it home to examine it more closely, he smiled like a creep when he saw it was called Sadistic Magical Girl.

This beautiful manga about magical girls would probably be what he would do this afternoon instead of working on his most recent case. In the end, it's not like it mattered much which father stayed with the kids. Both parents wanted to detach themselves from his responsibilities so he would do it a little too, however, luckily or unfortunately the evil lawyer's life would end quickly after buying that beautiful manga while he crossed the street without looking at both sides.

The lawyer was run over by a truck and died instantly. But his soul did not find peace and to his great joy, he was reincarnated as a girl in a world of magical girls...

The magical kingdom was like something the evil lawyer had never seen before. The sky was a pastel pink color and the trees had leaves that glowed with a golden glow. It was a magical world full of strange and beautiful creatures.

Or that's what he would have liked, instead, he came to a place called Neo Japan. Neo Japan was a modern and safe city, as long as you ignored the creatures of chaos that attacked it from time to time, luckily there were magical girls who protected the city.

The evil lawyer lived her childhood fascinated by the fights between magical girls and the spawns of chaos, however, she also noticed the monstrous causalities that some battles had. Quickly the lawyer now named Magicha Heroli realized why her parents had given her 9 brothers and sisters. For a place constantly besieged by things that can only be described as monsters to grow to the point where several magical girls with the power and speed of missiles could barely cover it all... Everyone should be allergic to latex.
Magicha, a former lawyer and eldest sister of 9 siblings at 7 years old was holding her newborn sister with a dead look.
7 years of childhood, taking care of her brothers and sisters since she could walk, Magicha felt that she could become a supervillain at any moment.

The breaking point came when she turned 15, after the birth of her 13th brother, before her mother could entrust her with raising him. Magicha chose the high school furthest from home to go to study which surprisingly was near the center of the city. An untold advantage of the constant attacks on the city it's that construction agencies had become good at their jobs. The real estate market was dominated by two large competitors, on the one hand, there was Stronghold Corp, who focused on making houses durable against attacks, and on the other hand Work Union, who basically built cardboard walls in an amount such that for each destroyed house three more appeared on the market.

Magicha, logically, didn't have the money to pay for a Stronghold Corp house, but she could live in a 100m² house quite comfortably... Sure, she would lose everything if a battle broke out a block away, but the place was luxurious considering her standards and it cost her just under 3 allowances. 

The place was hers until she sold it or it fell apart, the latter being more likely.

Magicha studied at the average level secondary school named GAMBARE GAKKOU! After studying law in her past life, she had no problems with classes beyond history that were completely different from what she remembered, geography on the other hand was much easier, especially because everyone lived in a content without islands. And also because people thought the earth was flat.

Magicha focused on becoming an artist instead of the Galileo Galilei of this world.

A common day like any other in the life of the ex-lawyer

When she was walking back home after leaving a karaoke session with girls from her class with a big wicked smile on her face, Magicha's greatest fear became real.

A scream alarmed her, someone was asking for help. Magicha ran at maximum speed towards the pleading voice and there, just a couple of meters further from her house, a kind of cute black slime seemed to have trapped a small child who was fighting with everything in her to free herself.

With a battle cry, Magicha grabbed and threw her backpack at the newborn being of chaos. The slime received the impact and seemed to stagger a little, releasing the child who ran away crying. However, Magicha's battle has just begun as the former lawyer watched with fear in her eyes as the slime consumed her backpack and became a little bigger. However, her desperation reached new levels when the Slime began to consume her mailbox.

With a scream of fury, Magicha jumped and prepared to hit the slime when suddenly an explosion happened in front of her eyes, Magicha coughed a little as the dust settled and there she saw it. Floating above the vaporized remains of the slime and his house is a blonde magical girl in a passionate red outfit...

Magical Girl Fire Light

With a serious look on her face, Fire Light told her coldly. "Although saving a child was a heroic act, you should not put yourself in danger with the creatures of chaos." The girl made a gesture to leave before saying anything else, this time with guilt and regret in her voice in a barely audible tone. "Oh.... Sorry about your house Magicha..."

Magicha fell to her knees as the magical girl flew away into the air, she regained some of her composure and desperately began to dig through the rubble of her house, there was something she needed to recover no matter what.

She found some money and put it in her pocket without even thinking about it as she continued searching, she found an old law book and put it aside carefully before continuing to search desperately, until she finally found it... If ever the former lawyer was so close to tears in both of his lives at this moment. Special signed edition of the first volume of Sadistic Magical Girl.

Magicha hugged the manga in her arms with a big smile on her lips, she took her pages and sat on the rubble slowly reading the pages of this very special volume, until, at the end of it, she found a blank page that she didn't remember being here before.

"Hello~!" said a white, plush creature that suddenly came out of the blank page with a 'puff.' "We have been observing you and we believe that you are ideal to become a magical girl."

Magicha was startled when she heard the creature's voice. She looked down and saw the tiny, furry creature emerge from the blank page and begin to float in the air. Rabbit? She had big red eyes and a sinister smile on her face that gave him chills, but the creature's words resonated in her mind... And an evil smile appeared on her face as she thought. 'This is finally happening'

The creature continued speaking, "We have been watching you and we believe that you are the one chosen to become a magical girl as you have a lot of potential! But before you can join our team, you must pass a test.~" Magicha frowned, 'Of course, there opened a test,' her expression relaxed a little before she stood up from the rubble and took a serious and serious posture. professional.

"I'm ready to do whatever it takes to become a magical girl," she responded with determination and honesty... Too much honesty because the former lawyer was willing to commit as many genocides as this pretty creature asked of him.

"What is the proof?"

The creature smiled satisfied, then spat out a wand-like thing from inside its mouth, "It's a simple test in fact, you just have to wave this wand, if you don't explode! You will become a magical girl capable of repelling the forces of evil~!"

Magicha took the wand with a little apprehension, but no less decisively with the care of a person wielding dynamite, raised the wand, and waved it. Immediately, a flash of light enveloped her, and she felt a strange energy coursing through her body.

Magicha felt so good for just a few seconds, she felt like everything was fine, she felt rejuvenated... but then there was something else... in her chest... climbing up from the bottom, resurfacing like a hungry beast that spent years without a goal to satisfy his hunger... life was beautiful, money was beautiful, making people suffer gave her pleasure, such was the essence of a lawyer. Magicha realized that something had gone incredibly wrong when an explosion rang in her ears, and then Magicha found herself in the darkness. The darkness slowly dissipated, and Magicha found herself in a completely different place.
She was surrounded by ancient ruins and her clothes were in tatters. Her wand had disappeared from her hand. Suddenly she heard a voice nearby:

"Hum... desires... flesh..." It was, a deep... dark... lazy... and above all chaotic voice.

Magicha deflated as soon as she realized that her greed could have cost her her prize and perhaps even her new life...

"Girl... fed'em... to me..."

That terrifying voice called her again and Magicha looked in the direction, there she saw something out of this world, like a monster coming out of the cracks of reality, a young girl apathetically crawled towards her. Her clothes were a tattered black hooded cape whose interior shone like the image of a nebula full of stars, black pants several sizes larger were tied to her legs with several belts, and finally, a multitude of chains wrapped around her back, arms, and legs, despite this, the chains did not seem to impede her movement.

"I will... give you... power..."

Magicha narrowed her eyes cautiously as she tensed and adrenaline began to pump through her blood.

"Who are you?" Magicha asked.

The girl looked up and her hazel eyes with a gleam looked at Magicha with annoyance, Magicha took several steps back in fear.

"Goddess... of... chaos..."

The figure seemed to flicker in reality as if it were a glitch and the darkness in the place seemed to become much deeper.

"Name... is... Edi..."


Magicha suddenly woke up with a scream of terror.
"That... Was it a nightmare?"
No, she was sleeping in the rubble of her house with the first edition of Sadistic Magical Girl.
There were so many things on her mind... But as long as she had this tome in her hands, everything would be fine.

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