Chapter 9:

Lei Mei’s Mission

I’m in love with a Chinese Nationalist [Part 2]

Late at night, as the storm is raging outside. Lei Mei was preparing to execute her top secret mission. Dressed up in all black, she rolled out into the corridor, sneaking her way up to Mr and Mrs Aguni’s bedroom door. Creeping her way in, making minimal noise to avoid waking anyone up.

Taji sat in his room, shivering yet sweating. Uncertain if Lei Mei will return alive. Will there ever be any sign of this again? Taji wondered in fear.

In the master bedroom of the Aguni residence, Lei Mei is crawling inch by inch deeper and deeper into the forbidden lands. Numerous obstacles appear along the way, however, Lei Mei being a rather cautious person had no issue with it.

An hour had passed, ensuring to avoid causing any noise and managed to reach the nightstand. As Lei Mei rose up slowly Mr Aguni’s face stared straight into her soul. Sound asleep but a terrifying look to go with it. Lei Mei had never seen his face from this close before.

The phone was right there, within hands reach. Lei Mei swiftly grabbed it off the nightstand. No one reacted, no one heard anything. Now Lei Mei has to face the most difficult battle yet. Unlocking the phone… using finger ID.

Lei Mei began investigating Mr Aguni positioning to try to determine where his hand could be. Based on her previous observations he uses his right hand to unlock his phone. Luckily he is facing the correct way meaning his right hand will be up giving easier access to the hand.

Inch by inch Lei Mei began to move the blanket lower and lower, avoiding too much exposure to the colder air in the room onto his skin. Soon enough the hand itself was visible. Very slowly and softly Lei Mei reached out for the hand, slightly lifted it up and put the finger ID to his finger.

Finally the phone had been unlocked. Carefully releasing Mr Aguni’s hand Lei Mei crept away and escaped the dangerous territories. Lei Mei took a moment to catch her breath.

“Never, ever have I ever been under this much stress and pressure. A single mistake could have cost me my life here.” She told Taji as she walked into the room.

“But you managed it?” He replied uncertainly.

“Yes, I did. I just changed the settings so that the screen doesn't fade out on its own.”

“That’s great, shall we get started?”

“I didn’t do this for nothing, so certainly, we should.”

Taji and Lei Mei sat side by side. Opening every messaging app on the phone searching for anyone that seemed to match what they saw. Then suddenly they came across something… a user saved as no user. They opened the chat with the user and read everything that was there. Each message, one by one, digested fully to make sense of the situation from his perspective.

They started to link all the dots together. It slowly started to make more and more sense the more they read.

“Is this real?” Taji asked with a cracked voice.

“I can’t imagine this is fake. Would be rather hard to fake something like this. Specifically on the source of these messages. Alternative would be to search for this mysterious person and check their phone, however, that is impossible to do. Lei Mei explained.

Taji was in disbelief at what they had read. He never thought that he would be in a situation like this.

“It’s going to be fine Taji, don’t worry, you didn’t ruin anything.” Lei Mei tried to comfort him.

“Maybe, but I just don’t feel like that right now, we shouldn’t have done anything.” He replied in frustration.

“But then we wouldn’t have known, it was either going to be making our own assumptions without investigating or we find out the truth ourselves. I think it was worth it.”

“Maybe you’re right… I just need to sleep it out for now. It’s been a long day.”

“That's okay Taji, come I will give you a hug and we can sleep.”

They both prepared for bed and fell asleep together. 

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