Chapter 1:


Tales Of Vidarth Part I: A New Dawn

The boy as he was talking to something in the lake that didn’t look human. It has a smooth skin as if blessed by some greek goddess and the laughter of a newborn paired with it’s tail that blended into its back fin that is usually confused with a shark’s.

“Hey Dorothy, I’m back!” Exclaimed Aalto ;excited for yet another day with his best friend of joy and fun, but soon that smile turned upside down. As if mother nature sensed it, the winds blowing the soft wind across the thousands of flowers that danced within the meadow stopped. 

"Sorry I can't always play with you," said Aalto with a hint of gloom in his tone. As the boy sighed, he waved to his friend, grabbed his things off the grass and walked back up to the place he called home.

"AALTO! GET YOUR ASS IN HERE AND PREPARE THE FOOD WE'RE HUNGRY,” the man said with a face like a tomato and his fury like a pot of soup that is going to spill if you touch it even slightly.

"Okay, Okay Coming!” As he walked as fast as his short legs could take him.

From out the window, you could hear the faint noise of a knife grazing against a wooden chopping board cutting something soft then hearing someone put it into a pot of water, making a small plop every time it landed in the water. It was like music to Aalto’s ears. Although he is preparing this fine french onion soup for his family , can they be called family? Aalto touches the bruise just on his temple, as the memories came back like a gush of water. 

While his family dined, he starved in the corner, no different to a stray dog on the streets of London.

"Here!" The man said through his mouth full of food as he tossed a piece of left over stale bread that looked like its seen better days.

Aalto picked up the small piece of bread with his skinny, pale, boney hands; Stuffing it into his mouth quickly with enough time to spare so he could clean the table after the family was done with their meal.

“Aww doggys sleepy isn’t he? c’mon,” said the Alice in a mocking tone while chaining Aalto up.

As Alice Tugged the chain every so often to hurry Aalto up, but it seems as if you could catch a glimpse of pity through those soft amber eyes.

The dark dirty shed in the garden was no different to some slum in India. Chains on the wall topped up with a hay bed where Aalto’s only companions were the rats that ravaged through his leftover berries he found in the wild. The small lamp that on the side was probably the only new piece of furnishing he’s received in the last couple of years. It had an opaque and dim light but a small shipwreck hung from it with masts that confidently hung from the ship.

The following day was nonetheless any better, shopping day was something the daughters of the household loved but to Aalto it was a day where Aalto could never feed his greedy eyes.

"Come on doggie! Hurry up!" Said the daughter dragging Aalto

“Okay,” Aalto said reluctantly as he walked faster.

Passing through all the colourful shops that displayed various different type of luxurious Aalto’s eyes caught something through the window. Charlotte made a slight hum sound when she noticed Aalto staring at a dolphin soft toy that looked like something she definitely wouldn’t buy.

“ Come on doggie, you know you’re not worthy of any toys,” Charlotte said while tugging on the chain

Aalto stared at the dolphin toy as it reminded him of Dorothy and how little time he got to spend with her now. 

“Hm, you want that toy?” Said Alice

“Yes, please Alice….”

“Okay! Only if you promise to be a good boy, then i’ll get it for you,” said Alice

Aalto nodded reluctantly in agreement

“Good boy!” said Alice as she petted on the head. “Mom! Dad! I want that toy!” said Alice as she pointed at the dolphin toy displayed at the window. A few minutes later the fat man walked back like a pig whose about to roll over, waiting for something to pet his fat belly. 

As the family walked throughout the mall, the father suddenly started patting his pockets.

“W-wait HEY, HEY! THAT’S MY WALLET!”said the man as he jogged like a fat baby trying to go after the pickpocketer. “AALTO, GO GET HIM”

“I can’t sir, I’m chained.”

“Oh for fucks sake,” as he said rattling through the keys, twisting each key through the lock trying to find the correct key. Then the collar finally dropped to the floor. “GO GET HIM!” said the man

By natural instincts, Aalto would’ve chased after the robber, but he was reluctant knowing that it would most likely end in him being punched in the face. 

“WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! GO GET HIM,” yelled the fat man (the parents should’ve just named this fat man pig 🙄 -kao) 

“Yes sir, right away,” Aalto said before he sprinted away. 

“Dammit, dead end,” said the robber through heavy pants. 

“Give that back...p-please..." Said Aalto

" wish," Said the robber as he scoffed, leaning against the wall behind him, putting one hand behind him so it touched the wall sending some sort of tendrils out. The green, viney thing looked vile. Almost alien. Is this magic? To Aalto’s surprise, he dodged the first attack but the tendril came back, piercing him in the back. He fell to the ground with a thud, vision going blurry just as he tried to grab the wallet while the robber walked past him. The robber only looked at him. Scoffed then walked off laughing, stuffing the wallet into his pocket. “sorry kid but I need this.” Aalto was just as good as dead.

"Dang it...I couldn't get the wallet back,”

Aalto mumbled to himself

Suddenly Aalto feels like he’s being lifted up. Maybe it’s time for him to go, he thought.

“Oi buddy wake up, ya ain’t goin’ anywhere yet, stop day dreaming. Ya know yo pretty light for a man yo age,” said some mysterious man as he picked up Aalto. “Watcha lookin’ at, can’t ya see the young blokes heavy injured, get it movin’ stubby legs,”said the mysterious man through a thick irish accent.

Flabbergasted, but the father’s physique seemed like nothing compared to this thick muscles which was covered in tattoos on both arms. And those jet blue eyes didn’t look like they would’ve reacted nicely if you got on his bad side.

The rest of the family car ride back home was just an awkward tense silence. A stranger in the car was definitely something the girls were not used to.

“I can’t tell if you’re disgusted by this man or admiring him Charlotte,” said Alice as she glared at her sister.

“Shut up Alice.”

Alice didn’t respond but roll her eyes at her sister while her father punched the horn continuously at the red light. Not that a fat man’s punches did much damage anyways.

“Oh days you’re awake dear!” Said Cleo as her one amber eye smiled at Aalto just as she finished bandaging him up. Cleopatra wasn’t at home usually. Busy working in the city in the next town over was where she spent most of the time but on the weekends she’d come back to visit the family. She had an eye usually covered by chestnut hair which left her one amber eye visible with that innocent look. Her lightly tanned skin had a beauty mark right next to her eye and a soft pink cherry blossom tint on her lips.

Aalto would then nod "Thanks Miss Cleo" 
"No problem Aalto...I'm glad you're alive" said Cleo as she closed the med kit and put it back in the cabinet

"I'm sorry..." Said Aalto as he would then look down sadly

Cleo would smile then say "It's okay Aalto what matters is that you're my husband might think differently but I don't" 

Aalto would smile then get up and go to the living room and play with the dolphin toy 

Aalto nodded. "Thanks Miss Cleo.”

"No problem Aalto, I'm glad you're alive" said

Cleo as she closed the med kit and put it back in the cabinet

"I'm sorry...," Said Aalto as started sobbing uncontrollably. The tears streaming down his cheeks as he’d be trying to catch all of them.

Cleo smiled then said "It's okay Aalto what matters is that you're alive. Now my husband might think differently but I don't.”

Aalto smiled then got up to go find the new toy he got today in the living room.

As Aalto was playing with the dolphin, Charlotte walked up to him.

"Hey, what's that there? Can I play with it?"Said the daughter

"yeah sure Charlotte..." Said Aalto as he gave her the toy

Aalto supervised that toy like a hawk. But sirens started going off in his head when Charlotte started ruffling the toy up. Despite having a ton of her own toys. She found joy in mocking and making Aalto’s life worse.

"H-hey..." said Aalto through a disturbed tone by the way Charlotte was treating the toy

Charlotte continued with roughing up the toy as a smirk painted on her face. Maniac. Devil, thought Aalto.

as Aalto would see this it would start to trigger him as he saw flashes of the toy imagining it like Dorothy...

“H-hey, stop it Charlotte please,” he said through a stutter. Charlotte continued to rough it up more. “Hey, please.” "LEAVE IT ALONE!!" Aalto lightly pushed Charlotte. Almost immediately, Charlotte bursted into tears. 

"I- I'm sorry," said Aalto as he tried to comfort Charlotte

"NO LEAVE ME ALONE I'M TELLING DAD!!" Charlotte yelled as she ran to her fathers room.

Aalto sat on the couch, mind rushing through all the possibilities of what’s going to happen next. If he’s lucky it’ll just be the hand but it could be his belt, the clothe hanger. The possibilities are endless. He hasn’t had a peaceful day ever since he’s been living with that man. Just thinking about all the possibilities sent Aalto into a mental breakdown, curling up into a little ball on the couch, faintly crying.

"AALTO WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!!" Said the man as he came storming down the stairs. Each step he took, the staircase groaned just at his weight. Standing right in front of Aalto was the man who’s the last person he’d ever want to see on earth, and somehow next to him was Charlotte. Holding her dear father’s hand and somehow way more bruised up

“Sir, those injuries were not from me, if that’s what you were here for,” said Aalto

Without explanation, Charlotte's father picked Aalto up by the collar and pinning him against the wall.

“Listen boy, I feed you and clothe you, yet you disrespect me,” said the man on a low tone while Aalto prepared for a slap in the face. Just before the slap came, Mrs Cleo rushed to the man

 "NO PLEASE HE'S HAD ENOUGH,"pleaded Cleo as she tugged on the man’s shirt desperately.

"GET THE FUCK OUT MY WAY WOMAN," said the man as he smacked Cleo right across the face. He picked up Aalto again"I shelter you, let you sleep and eat and this is how you repay me? BY HURTING MY DAUGHTER!?" Said the man furiously as he started to violently shake Aalto.

" I didn't hurt her that at all sir, it was a light push… I’m sorry,” Aalto said through a weak voice, trying to find air and a calm temper so he wouldn’t be crying in front of the man.

"Well young man, that didn’t seem to be just a push" Said the man as he started to choke Aalto slightly 

“Let him go dear, Aalto’s done nothing to Charlotte,” Cleo said again, tugging at her husband’s shirt

“Shut up woman.”

'I'm telling the truth! All I did was a little push because she was messing up my toy! " Said Aalto

The man would then look Charlotte. Although she didn’t look at her father. She did look guilty. 

"Even if you are telling the truth, that doesn’t explain what YOU DID," said the man as he thew Aalto onto the floor putting one foot on his back, trying his best to keep balance. 

“Please stop honey, Aalto’s only 11,” pleaded Cleo again. The man didn’t respond but punch her in the face which seemed hard enough to put her out for a bit. The man was far from done.

There would be blood splattering everywhere as the man was beating up Aalto until he was barely breathing

Aalto sat on the floor, choking and trying to find his breath. The man sighed just to see how

much of a disgrace this boy was.

“Don’t ever do that shit again, or next time. I’ll kill you,” said the man as he gave Aalto a shove

“Don’t do what?” said a random voice out of nowhere. “I checked out your place old man, I got

to say, you need renovations like geesh.”

“Wait, you’re the stranger from earlier,” said Aalto from the floor as his eyes lit up. Before Aalto

could speak another word, the stranger threw a punch at Aalto’s father.

“Don’t ever do that shit again, or next time, the punch is going to be harder,” said the stranger.

Seeing that the stranger was in a better shape than him, the man did nothing but stomped his

foot and stormed off. If he stops again, the floor might break from his weight.

Charlotte walked over to Aalto shaking her head, as if in shame.

“Tsk, tsk, for a second, I thought the old man was going to believe you. Great show though,”

said Charlotte squatting down to Aalto’s eye level clearly satisfied with what she has done.

“You done talking? Or would you like me to throw a punch at you as well. I didn’t comment on

you staring at me in the car, but this, I do comment on,” said the stranger as he stood above

Charlotte. Charlotte said nothing but a tch. Just as she walked off to do her own things, she

turned back to Aalto and pointed at her ripped clothes. Just as Aalto’s eyes widened at his late

realization, Charlotte blew some raspberries then ran off.

A few hours later Cleo was with Aalto in his bedroom, helping him fix his hair and clothes.

“I’m sorry son. I’m so so sorry,” said Cleo as she began sniffling. Just at that moment, the

stranger opened the door and walked in.

“Woah, what’s the occasion? First aid and everything? Here let me help,” said the stranger; with

a click from his hands, some sort of green opaque light formed. Once he sprinkled it onto Aalto,

all his bruises reverted back to their regular colour. Almost as if nothing had happened. Before

anything, Cleo pushed Aalto into her arms.

“I’m sorry you have to go through this, I wish I could get you out but I don’t make enough

money,” said Cleo as she patted Aalto on the head slowly just as he drifted off to sleep. When

she looked up to say her thanks to the stranger. He was gone. Vanished as if.

The next day when the family was having breakfast while Aalto waited in the kitchen, the gray

sky sobbing outside, while the flowers drooped (apparently theres a saying when it’s raining,

satan is beating his wife idk - kao) they got an unexpected knock at the door. An unexpected

guest! Thought Aalto.

“I’ll get it,” said Charlotte as she got up from her chair to go open the door. It was the same man

from yesterday. The stranger that disappeared without a sound. The light curls on his dark hair

with the drowsy blue eyes and the tattoos on his muscular arms which had multiple bracelets

and rings on it. But this time, he was all soaked up and wet in that compression shirt and also a

bottle of alcohol in hand. Taking a sip from it every now and then sticking his tongue out to catch

the last drop. There was none.

“Wherszh ze bathroom??” the man said through a whoozy voice. 

In the Background Charlotte could hear her father yelling and asking who the person at the door was, but she only ignored him

“Hey alice, you mind showing this man the bathroom,” Charlotte yelled down the hall.When Alice appeared to escort the stranger to the bathroom, she noticed that Charlotte was bright pink.

“Hey Charlotte, are you okay?”“I’m fine, now go,” Charlotte said in a muffled voice as she covered her face with her hands.The bathroom was just down the hall, adjacent to the staircase. After Alice made sure thestranger locked the door, she made her way back to the dining room to continue her meal.

 After some time passed, the stranger seems to have shown no signs that he had left the bathroom.

“What the hell is taking him so long?! Inflation is a thing!” said Charlotte’s father while Cleo onlyrolled her eyes at the man she married. He doesn’t do anything around the house other than go hunt some snacks from the pantry every minute he gets. Occasionally if he’s in a good mood, the fat man would go upstairs and make the bed for Cleo and himself but that’s very rare. Only happens once in a blue moon.

“Sir, I finished cleaning my shed,” Said Aalto as he cleaned his hands on his pants while walkingup to his father.

“Good, go check on the guest, boy,” said the man

Aalto nodded then walked stiffly like a soldier to the bathroom, afraid that he might be called out for something again. He knocked on the door.

“Hey, you okay in there?” said Aalto. The stranger gave no reply. Aalto repeated the same sentence, over and over. Still no answer. “I’m coming in sir,” Aalto said as he tried to open the door. 

He cussed slightly under his breath then went to find the spare keys for the bathroom.

Once he opened the door, Aalto was surprised by the stranger, hungover, face in the toiletpassed out. Aalto rushed over to the man, patting him vigorously as an attempt to wake him up.

The stranger groaned as he slowly woke up.

“You okay sir?” Said Aalto

“Yeah, I’m fine kid,” said the man.

“Your hungover sir, please have a glass of water and some crackers to calm it. I’ll go grab itnow,” said Aalto. Before the stranger could reply, clearly shocked by how well this young child knew to take care of a hangover, the little boy left for the kitchen.

When Aalto returned to the bathroom with a tray of water, crackers and cheese followed bysome yelling from the man. Aalto understood the shock on the stranger’s face. He lookedflabbergasted so he sat down on the floor with the stranger, explaining how his adoptive fatherwould always get drunk. Therefore, to no keep him alive, Aalto would sometimes sneak onto the laptop to search the internet on ways.

“Oh, I see. So that old man is your caretaker,” said the stranger, starting to sober up.

“Unfortunately,” Aalto said as he stood up to help the man up, escorting him to the sofa in the living room.

What’s your name kid?” Asked the stranger. Somehow he lost his Irish accent, thought Aalto.

"Aalto," said aalto

“Aalto huh? Nice, the names Ozul. So who named you,” asked Ozul curiously. Aalto replied with

a shrug “Intere-,” said Ozul just before he got interrupted by Aalto’s father.

“Hey why are you still here?!” emphasizing the you awfully a lot as he pointed at Ozul.

“Sorry old man, was just getting my shit together,” said Ozul while raising his hands over his


“And you! I told you to show our guest to the bathroom, NOT STRIKE UP A CONVERSATION

WITH HIM!” yelled the man as he grabbed Aalto by the collar. Aalto started profusely

apologizing. Tearing up. Terrified. As Cleo heard this, she rushed downstairs, rushing to the

living room. But just as she got there and the man was preparing to throw a punch, Ozul,

stopped his fist.

“So, you have been abusing the kid. Tch, figures. Why don’t you chill on him man?” he said. The

man dropped Aalto and quickly threw a punch over to Ozul’s face. Smirking at the punch.

“You think I’m going to let your filthy disgusting hands touch me and get away with it?” said the

man as he started to crack his knuckles. It’s a surprised he’s a germophobe despite his constant

hunt to the pantry like a discord mod.

Ozul only groaned as he got up from the couch.

“Ugh, like I said, the next punch is going to be harder. And it is,” as Ozul threw a punch back to

the man. Throwing him across the room like a small leaf in the breeze. This was the first time

the man got a good, detailed look at Ozul’s face.

“W-wait, you’re-,” Said the man, stuttering through his words.

Ozul’s hair still slightly soaked from the rain outside, but his dark, messy, slightly curled hair

contrasted with his blue eyes and dark skin. He had a compression shirt which outlined every

muscle on his body clearly and military pants that had adventurer gear hanging from it and a fur

coat slung over his shoulder.

“OZUL FEINHART, FIRE BRINGER OF SEVERANCE!” Said the man stuttering through his

words once again.

“Damn, Completely forgot that’s my full alias. Oh well, badass enough,” Said Ozul confidently.

This was like something completely out of a tvs show for Aalto, his eyes lit up like a young boy’s

as he was jumping up and down in his heart.

“You still wanna fight old man? Or you gonna pussy out and run like the pig you are?” snarling at



BLACK MARKET!” said the man suddenly out of rage, his face rising once again to a bright red,

eyebrows furrowed together. The visual representation of. The smile has turned upside down.

“I called you a pig, or is that not in your dictionary?” said Ozul as he squatted down to get on the

man’s eye level.

At that point, the man snapped, getting up as fast as his stubby feet allowed him and charging

at Ozul with a blood thirsty intent. Ozul dodged the fat man’s punches and pulled out his sword

from nowhere, seemingly, Coating it in black flames, then swinging it towards the man.

“Llamas Negras de destrucción (Black flames of destruction) ,” Ozul whispered under his breath then slicing the man in half. The following aftereffects soon followed with the whole living room catching on fire. The clouds in the sky parted their ways for Ozul’s attack, allowing the sunlight to peek through. It looked as if some god came down onto earth and slashed the ground with his own sword. The man turned to nothing but a charred piece of meat, soon, crumbling apart as he turned to dust. 

Aalto and Cleo both started coughing as they stood on the side in shock.

“Well then, I commend him for challenging me, even knowing my name,” said Ozul as he glanced at Aalto then walking over to him. “I apologise about killing him, even though he made your life a living he-,” before he could finish, he found the young boy jumping onto him in tears of joy, saying thank you’s repeatedly.

 Ozul was speechless to say anything but pushed Aalto out of the way just as a knife flew past him and into the wall.

“Who the fuck did that?!” said Ozul as he placed his hand on his sword handle. Eyes darting across the room, his eyes laid on the one whom threw the knife. Charlotte.

“You piece of shit! I’ll kill y-,” Charlotte said angrily just before Alice came down and put her hand across her mouth to silence her sister.

“We should be grateful he’s gone, Charlotte. He wasn’t very nice to me either,” said Alice calmly. “Look kid, Your pops was a bitch, you were clearly his favourite. I’m not a child killer so I won’t fight you,” said Ozul, pushing his sword pack into its sheath, nice and tightly while walking over to Aalto, making sure he’s alright just in case he pushed him too hard.

“I’m okay, It’s fine,” said Aalto just as he was getting up, he saw a knife flying towards Ozul, but before he could warn him, Ozul dodged the attack. Charlotte charged at him, swinging thekitchen knife, left and right with her right hand.

“Come on, you can do better than that. I hope,” said Ozul. Just as he was smirking and getting a rhythm out of this dodging game, he felt something punch into his guts, like a fat needle stabbing into him, deeper and deeper. Tearing through his flesh, catching him off guard.

Charlotte had a second knife in her left hand, hidden behind her back.

“OZUL!” Said Aalto in a state of panic. Something suddenly rushed through his veins, coursing through his blood and through his hands, he summed a water from the remaining flowers that laid in the living room. “Vesitykki! (Water Cannon),” Aalto yelled. The pressure of the water pushed Charlotte back into the flames followed by a strong thud sound.

 Soon after, Aalto, collapsed to the floor, seemingly exhausted from what he just did while Alice and Ozul’s jaw dropped.

Just before Alice was going to make a comment, Ozul knocked her out. Then made a noise of relief as he turned around to Cleo, answering her question before she even realized. “I didn’t know he could use magic either. I sensed an unbelievable amount of mana pool. And the fact that it was his first time. This kid has great potential…Wait,” Ozul said before looking down at Aalto. He wore a necklace that had a symbol. It seemed very familiar, then it clicked in Ozul’smind.

The man whom once was a stranger, now a familiar, crouched down to Aalto.

“Hey Aalto, you’ll be alright. It was your first time using a spell so the side effects will be exhaustion,” Ozul said as he sat Aalto up.

“Ugh, okay. I’m okay, you okay. Das good,” said Aalto wearily.

“Hah! I would have been okay, with or without help kiddo,”

“I guess you’re right,”

Ozul grabbed Aalto’s hand then walked together to the hole that he made in the house. Cleo sat on the floor, back against the wall as if she’s lost all hope seemingly.

“What are you gonna do now?” Said Ozul curiously.

“I-I don’t know,” Cleo replied as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “But for now, all I can say is thank you. You have my gratitude.” Ozul only nodded before walked out of the house through the hole. Aalto rushed over to Cleo hugging her as tight as he could, asking multiple times if she’s alright or injured.

“Yes, But you should go. You shouldn’t stay here any longer dear,” said Cleo as her eyes smiled at him. Aalto was speechless from what she just said. Stammering to find the words. Head in an ever ending maze.

“B-but, i want to stay with you,” said Aalto starting to tear up again.

Cleo put her hand against Aalto’s cheek, using her thumb to rub away the tears that were coming from the young boy’s eyes.

“I know, But I don’t want to waste the amount of potential you have. You heard Ozul. You have a gift! Go find a good school, and use your gift to help others and protect the people you love and cherish. Do it? For me?” said Cleo with that bright grin on her face but it has been tainted with dirt from the debris of the house. Aalto nodded reluctantly, sniffling to prevent the runny nose.

“Good, now go pack your bags and go with him,” said Cleo “Hey Ozul! Wait up please,”

Aalto went back to his shed, gathering his not much belonging into the backpack, making sure to place the ship lamp carefully first, then adding his clothes and then his dolphin toy.

 This will be the last time I ever see this slum. The chains on the wall with the thin layer of hay that he’s had many memories on. He closed the door to that shed one last time.

Once he returned. Cleo seemed to be standing and waving her hands around, shedding tears of joy with Ozul already starting to make his way to wherever he’s going.

“Ozul, Wait up!” said Aalto yelling at Ozul as he ran to him.

“Hm? You want to come with me?” said Ozul curiously.

“I made a promise to Miss Cleo just then, that I would train my power, then get strong to protect the people I cherish and love the most. So can you help me please?” said Aalto, all puppy eyed.

The amount of potential this child has is incredible. Added on with education. It will be crazy,Ozul thought.

“Here's the deal Aalto. I have a school in mind, but I have to train you for the entrance exam which is in 4 months. Thus, survive my training and I’ll sign you up. Don’t survive, well you don’t survive,” Ozul shrugged as he said the last words, followed by a long period of awkward silence with Aalto staring into the dirt.

 He looks like he’s staring at air molecules. Thought Ozul.

“Okay! Deal. What’s the school called anyways?” said Aalto as he fixed his gaze back to Ozul.

“Vidarth School of Magic. One of the most prestigious magic school in the whole world,” Said Ozul confidently while Aalto sat there in amazement as if he just saw a cow fly over the moon.

“Time’s tight, let’s get going. Chip chop,” said Ozul as he clapped his hands walking off into the distance with Aalto following closely behind while Miss Cleopatra waved in the distance still shedding tears and Alice nowhere to be found. Perhaps to find her sister. Perhaps ran off.

Chapter Ends