Chapter 142:

Morrigan vs Citlalmina

Elyon - Gods among us

Like a comet of light, Citlalmina hurled herself at Ana, who couldn't evade the sacred assault of the Toltec goddess. The attack threw the Irish goddess to the other side of the gigantic comet orbiting through space.

Ana then saw Citlalmina speeding through space. The Irish goddess swiftly got up, spitting blood from her mouth, wiping it away with a grin.

—Without this bracelet, I would tear this girl apart quickly, of that I'm sure— Ana mused to herself, summoning Excalibur and preparing her defense.

Citlalmina, like a comet again, dashed towards Ana, who, just before the strike, met her with the blade of her sword, impaling the Toltec goddess in her chest. A shockwave emerged from the high-speed impact of Citlalmina against Ana's Excalibur. The comet displayed ripples within, its course altered by the powerful clash.

—I'm sorry, but you're no match for my training— remarked Ana, seeing Citlalmina skewered on her blade, blood spewing. Yet, the Toltec goddess still wore a smile.

However, the brilliance of the Excalibur sword dimmed entirely as Citlalmina began to shine like a star. It appeared as though the goddess was absorbing the sacred power of the holy sword.

Realizing her mistake, Ana tried to pull the sword from the goddess's chest, but it was stuck. Citlalmina's brightness grew more intense, eventually detonating like a potent supernova comprised solely of sacred energy.

Ana was hurled to the outer reaches of space, with the comet vanishing due to the Toltec goddess's powerful impact. The Irish deity was severely injured, feeling the cold of outer space freezing her form.

—So it seems, my totema doesn't fully protect me because of Tul's bracelet— thought Ana, feeling her body increasingly freeze. She then looked towards the comet's previous location, noticing Citlalmina gleaming like a celestial body in the distance.

—I need to surpass the barrier before I freeze entirely— Ana continued, levitating in space as she summoned Excalibur once again.

Ana rocketed through space towards Citlalmina, slashing at the Toltec goddess. Still, the deity remained unharmed. Simultaneously, Citlalmina seized her sacral energy-wrapped macuahuitl and powerfully struck the Irish goddess.

Again, Ana was tossed into space, but Citlalmina sped after the goddess, repeatedly smiting her with her weapon. Ana could hardly defend against the relentless barrage. Finally, Citlalmina positioned herself above a battered Ana floating in space and, with a swing of her macuahuitl, sent her crashing into a nearby planet.

Ana struck a vast gaseous planet, creating a massive dent in its thick, stormy gray clouds. The planet was shrouded in darkness, its surface entirely rocky, with thousands of volcanoes dotting the landscape.

Upon impact, creating a vast crater as if a meteorite had struck, Ana collided with the surface of the unknown planet. She was bleeding profusely, bearing the scars of the Toltec goddess's macuahuitl strikes. Nevertheless, she struggled to get upt. Her ichor swiftly mended her injuries, and the intense heat of the planet started thawing her frozen form.

—Where am I?— wondered the Irish goddess, gazing at the volcanic, red sky beneath thick gray clouds. Then she spotted her sword, Excalibur, on the ground.

—Excalibur won't serve me in this fight because that goddess absorbs sacred powers— thought Ana as she made the holy sword vanish, while summoning her twin blades, Caladcholg and Fragarach.

Suddenly, Ana heard a sound of something rapidly approaching. She knew Citlalmina was diving towards the planet, so she readied herself, crossing her swords in an X-shape for the forthcoming onslaught. Using the speed boost from her twin swords, Ana swiftly dodged Citlalmina's charge. The Toltec goddess plummeted to the planet like a comet, her macuahuitl cleaving the colossal planet in half and even slicing through the sky with its impact.

The planet began turning into a sea of magma due to the core's damage, while Ana stood on one of its halves and Citlalmina on the other.

—You can't just go around destroying planets willy-nilly— Ana remarked, raising her dual swords and pointing them at the Toltec goddess, who, in response, lifted her sacred energy-infused macuahuitl.

The two deities clashed, their weapons striking repeatedly, neither able to harm the other, while soaring over the dying planet. Their shockwaves wreaked further havoc on the planet, which now resembled a cluster of asteroids.

Ana leaped above Citlalmina, and joining her twin swords together, she shouted: —Beanna an bháis!—. Twin purple beams burst from her attack, slicing through the Toltec goddess's arms.

The Irish goddess's strike devastated parts of the dying planet. Both deities found themselves floating above a cluster of asteroids, with Ana gracefully landing on one of those floating rocks.

—You're finished— Ana said calmly. —I had hoped you'd be a worthy opponent, but you were a letdown—

The arms of the Toltec goddess, now floating in space, transformed into two spheres of light, circling Citlalmina. She regrew her limbs and took up her macuahuitl once more.

Citlalmina lunged at Ana again, but the Irish deity dodged. However, the two orbs of light that orbited Citlalmina struck Ana from behind.

Ana tried to strike at the light orbs with her swords, but they evaded them. They then returned to their orbits around Citlalmina, acting like her satellites.

The goddess and the orbs attacked Ana together, who struggled to evade the assaults from all sides. But she conjured shields to deflect the orbs while beheading the real Toltec goddess.

Yet the goddess's head transformed into another orb of light, while her head reappeared on her body. Ana realized that the Toltec goddess could multiply these celestial bodies from her body parts, eventually turning herself into a starry sky.

The Irish goddess now had to dodge all four beings. Using her wing's feathers, she crafted knives and threw them at Citlalmina's orbs, but each cut made spawned more orbs from the formidable Toltec goddess.

Behind Ana, there were now dozens and dozens of orbs of light, while the actual goddess charged at Ana, aiming to harm her with her weapon.

Ana then morphed into crows, fleeing the scene at high speed and exiting the dying planet. Outside its surface, she dispelled her twin swords, summoned her sword Gram, and aimed at the planet.

—I'm not sure if I can destroy a planet with my current power, but I'll try to blast that ant goddess to pieces— Ana declared, as she ramped up her power to its peak.

At that moment, the goddess made a mighty cut with Gram as she yelled: —Súil Balor!—. A red beam shot from Ana's sword, collided with the dying planet, and caused it to explode in a tremendous burst. Asteroids floated in space while ghostly colors lingered as illusions where the colossal planetary explosion had taken place.

Ana began to feel herself freezing once again in space, despite having been present in the wake of such a powerful planetary explosion.

—Did it work?— Ana wondered. —It didn't seem strong enough to withstand a planetary explosion... I myself wouldn't have survived with this bracelet— she told herself.

The Irish goddess peered in all directions as her body became increasingly cold. —How can I escape this place and return to the ordeal?— Ana pondered.

Ana contemplated removing her bracelet to survive in the outer space. But then, something terrible happened. Billions of light orbs surrounded the Irish goddess. There were so many lights from the Toltec goddess that they completely obscured Ana's view.

—Is this... a joke?— Ana said with a fearful and incredulous look.

The orbs then began to glow with a white light, just like the way Citlalmina had done when she buried Ana with her sword. All the millions of lights would explode with a surge of sacred energy. Ana had certainly become resistant to sacred power, but power of that magnitude would likely be impossible to survive.

Ana shook her head and slapped her cheeks.

—I will endure it!— the Irish goddess yelled, summoning Excalibur and using it as her defense.

However, the Irish goddess remembered the attacks she had seen Freyr, Freyja's brother, use in his elf form, where he combined sacred power with darkness.

—If that pervert could combine the two most unstable elements in the universe, I must be able to do it too— Ana said to herself while summoning her sword Gram as well.

The goddess recalled the attack she had used against the King of Tula and against Coyote, where she had forced an attack of two elements almost simultaneously. However, this was not a pure combination like the one Freyr performed. She needed to match the power of the Norse god.

Ana took a deep breath and joined her two swords.

—It's repulsive to do something that disgusting Dagda does with his staff, but I think it's what I must achieve to reach my next level— the goddess muttered to herself.

Citlalmina's orbs glowed so intensely that they illuminated the entire galaxy. This phenomenon would be visible millions of light-years away in the distant future across space.

At that moment, all the orbs exploded with a luminous roar that wiped out all existence around them—planets, suns, comets, celestial bodies—everything.

After the explosion subsided, only empty space remained, with distant stars as the only remnants of existence.

Citlalmina reappeared, radiating like a star. The Toltec goddess had brought celestial light to an entirely vacant and dark expanse. Her light shone like the sun at dawn after a long night.

To Citlalmina's surprise, Ana had withstood the attack. Her bracelet had been destroyed due to the immense surge in power.

The Irish goddess had created a black-and-white barrier using the energy of her wings while holding a sword in each hand. The sword appeared to be a fusion of Excalibur and Gram, radiating both light and shadows. Its power was so great that it caused space to distort merely from its presence, as if a paradox had occurred.

—I told you I'd withstand it— Ana said with a smirk.

The Toltec goddess tried to strike Ana with her macuahuitl, but Ana retracted her wings and raised her fused sword.

—This is the sanctity of Excalibur and the bloodlust of Gram; but both share a common trait: Greed— Ana cried out as she delivered a mighty swing that unleashed a wave of black and white energy.

Citlalmina's form vanished instantly under Ana's immense force, leaving only a small white sphere floating in space.

Ana's two swords separated, leaving the goddess feeling winded and dizzy, but with a triumphant grin, having not only shattered the barrier but finally combined light and shadow.

—Gralibur? Does that sound like a good name for the merged sword?— Ana wondered to herself as she picked up the orb that Citlalmina left behind when she vanished.

Finally, space no longer froze Ana's body.